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Inpatient Drug Rehab for Tampa Residents

It’s often difficult for someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol to quit while they are surrounded by a life that has formed around their substance abuse. Substance-abusing friends, strained family situations, and the easy-to-access drugs and alcohol can sabotage your attempts to stop an addiction. In this situation, there is no better solution than an inpatient drug rehab in South Florida, such as the accredited Legacy Healing Center facility.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, the government-funded institute aimed at furthering addiction science, considers inpatient rehab programs to provide the best high-level care for addiction where around-the-clock care can be given in a resource-intensive setting. The highly structured environment can achieve recovery results where other less intensive programs may not.

At our inpatient drug rehab in South Florida you can benefit from our hand-picked practitioners who boast a combined 150 years of addiction recovery experience. Our clinical, healing environment is the ideal place to recover from the throes of addiction. A stay at our luxury residential facility coupled with our evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment methods can be the catalyst to a new, healthy way of life after addiction.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab at our Legacy Healing Center Tampa refers to a residential stay at our facility while you receive clinical care for your addiction. It is the most resource-intensive form of treatment that utilizes every available treatment method and a therapeutic environment to bring about a profound change in a person suffering from addiction.

Our residential facility is well-maintained and fully furnished – located right next to where you will receive treatment on a daily basis. Private rooms are available to give you a safe space to collect your thoughts at the end of the day after the various treatment programs that you’ll partake in.

Inpatient drug rehab is ideal for people who can take time away from their responsibilities such as school or work to put all of their focus on their healing and wellbeing. Since alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited, the possibility of relapse is eliminated; a problem that many people in outpatient rehab programs face.

Inpatient rehab is also advised for individuals who have a severe substance addiction that requires an intensive approach to properly treat and manage. Without inpatient rehab, many addicts may not be able to make a full recovery, such as those who are heavily dependent on opioids or alcohol.

Inpatient rehab assists with the resocialization aspect of addiction recovery; through the therapeutic community at our inpatient drug rehab and our dedicated staff, patients can learn to live their life in a healthy community again.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

It is highly advised that you avoid rehabs that promise to cure addiction in just a few days. Based on the evidence that the National Institute on Drug Abuse has provided, the advised amount of time that a person suffering from a mild to severe addiction to drugs and alcohol needs in treatment is around three months.

Addiction recovery is not a quick process; it requires a multi-pronged approach that aims to treat and assist with every area of the person’s life, behavior, and thinking in order for the person to be able to manage their addiction and avoid relapse in the long-term.

The exact treatment length that an addict needs will also be affected by the type of drug they abused, previous relapse, their health status, and the severity of their dependence and addiction. As treatment progresses, a patient’s plan might change based on the response that they have to the current treatment; more time or a different treatment approach may be deemed necessary.

In general, the 3-month period suggested by research can be achieved through a series of programs starting from an inpatient program to an outpatient program, and then finally aftercare programs to assist in maintaining sobriety.

60-Day Rehab

One of the programs that we provide at our inpatient drug rehab is a 60-day program. It entails all of the most effective methods of treating addiction, including behavioral therapies, holistic treatment, family therapy, career counseling, a sober coach, and a range of other proven treatment methods.

Treatment will start with detox in our partial hospitalization program allowing you the benefit of having around-the-clock medical care with access to medications to ensure both a comfortable and safe early physical recovery. Following the detox, the rest of the time in the 60-day program will be dedicated to the various therapies and programs that address the addiction itself in order to achieve long-term sobriety.

By the end of the 60-day program, the recovering addict will then begin with an outpatient program or move straight into our aftercare services, based on the needs that the patient has.

90-Day Longterm Rehab

One of our longest programs at our inpatient drug rehab is the 90-day long-term rehab program. It is ideal for someone with a severe addiction to a substance. It can take the person out of a negative home or social situation and provide them with ample time to break the addiction and establish themselves again with confidence.

With the added time available in this program compared to our shorter programs, more time can be dedicated to the healing and reintegration process of recovery from substance use disorder. By the end of the program, a patient will feel ready to take on the pressures of their life and equipped with the skills needed to be happy in their life without drugs or alcohol.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Tampa

Tampa, FL, is an idyllic location to reside in during your treatment. During outings or free time between treatment, you can enjoy the stunning beaches such as the Davis Island Beach, Ben T. Davis Beach, or the Apollo Beach Nature Reserve.

If fine dining is what you’re looking for, then there are restaurants such as Bern’s Steak House, Edison, or Ruth’s Chris Steak House to choose from. Or enjoy some of the local favorites such as Datz Tampa, On Swann, Daily Eats, or Al’s Finger Licking Good Bar-B-Que.

If you need the best care available for yourself or a loved one, then call Legacy Healing Center today to start your recovery journey in our luxury rehab facility in South Florida.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Caring for Ladies and Gentlemen.

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