Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment at Legacy Healing Center

The opioid epidemic our nation is experiencing has resulted in many individuals needing help to treat their addiction. Because of this, researchers and behavioral health professionals are developing and identifying the most effective treatments. Studies consistently show that medication assisted treatment, or MAT for short, has the highest success rates among all available addiction treatment programs. MAT has been controversial in the past, as there is a stigma around using one medication to treat the addiction of another. However, this is simply untrue.

The medication assisted treatment program at Legacy Healing Center, called Medically Managed Intelligence, uses a multi-modal therapeutic approach to give each and every one of our patients the highest quality of life possible in recovery. Our MAT program is part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Each patient receives customized treatment based on their initial assessment. Depending on the individual and their unique needs, the MAT program may or may not be used, but is always available should the person need it.

The Medically Managed Intelligence program at Legacy Healing Center is one of the most effective ways in helping our patients achieve long-term success against addiction. Continue reading to learn important details about this program and what you can expect if you decide to use it as part of your recovery.

What is Medically Managed Intelligence (MMI)?

Medically Managed Intelligence is Legacy Healing Center’s medication assisted treatment program. It is a multi-modal addiction treatment approach, involving medically supervised detox, medication, and holistic therapy. The use of medication in our MMI program enables our patients to stop using the substance they are addicted to without the painful side effects during and after the withdrawal process. We replace the substance with FDA approved medications that are less harmful to the body and help the patient safely detox and more effectively navigate early recovery. Our MMI program allows patients to gain control back of their life without the side effects that can derail one’s sobriety.

Medication assisted addiction treatment is most commonly used for alcoholism and opioid addiction as there is currently no FDA approved medications to treat stimulant addiction.

Legacy Healing Center’s Medically Managed Intelligence program is so successful for a few reasons. It is a more gradual and comfortable process, it is coupled with our proven holistic therapies, and it helps the mind and body recover over time.

What Happens During Medication Assisted Treatment?

Legacy Healing Center’s MAT program helps to give our patients the greatest overall chance at a successful recovery. Incorporating medication assisted treatment into your recovery plan helps you to remain focused on the steps you can take to remain sober and healthy.

The first step in the process is to meet with your counselor for an initial assessment and to discuss if our MMI program is an option. To be considered for this type of program, it’s important that you have a clear understanding that you must continue to participate in therapy.

Depending on your needs, medications prescribed by your doctor will be used during the detox process, throughout your treatment thereafter and into your recovery. It is important to note that the medication assisted treatments used during this program are not a substitute for the important benefits of the additional therapeutic treatments you will receive.

How Does MAT Help Patients That Struggle with Substance Abuse?

Making the decision to remove the influence of drugs and alcohol from your life is one that is life changing. Our MMI program gives patients a better opportunity to focus on their recovery and not on the discomfort of detox and cravings.

Our team believes that when you remove the added stress of cravings, patients have a better opportunity of addressing the issues that led to their addiction. Through a combination of FDA approved medication and therapy, our MMI program is a highly effective addiction treatment option.

The Stigma Surrounding MAT

The Legacy Healing Center staff of doctors and behavioral health professionals are working to fight the bias attitude that medication assisted treatment receives. Unfortunately, there are many people that are critical of using this form of addiction treatment. Those that oppose this form of treatment are of the mindset that using medication to block the effects of drugs or alcohol is not beneficial to the patient because the medication eliminates part of the “battle against addiction”.

The professionals at Legacy Healing Center are staunchly against this position. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our patients with every possible option to recover from their addiction. The medications provided in this treatment are FDA-approved non-narcotics and are simply an extra tool in our arsenal of recovery treatment methods.

It’s important to remember that MMI is not a cure for addiction. Many times, addiction is the result of a deep-rooted trauma or mental illness that needs to be addressed in order to overcome addiction. This is why our approach to treating addiction does not rely solely on medication assisted treatment but also intensive, holistic therapy in group and one-on-one settings.

FDA-Approved Medications for Alcohol Addiction

The list of FDA-approved medication to help patients with alcohol addiction are similar to the ones approved for patients with opioid addiction. Vivitrol is an example of such a medication. Vivitrol, also known as naltrexone, blocks the euphoric feeling that an alcoholic experiences when he or she begins to drink. This medication is introduced into your body intramuscularly at monthly intervals. If you opt to use Vivitrol, it’s critical that you commit yourself to coming in for your monthly dose to ensure that the effects of Vivitrol remain consistent.

Vivitrol is often used along with other medications that help to reduce some of the withdrawal symptoms that you feel when you stop drinking. An example of this type of medication is Campral. Campral helps to reduce emotional effects of symptoms such as anxiety as well as physical effects including insomnia and restlessness. The medication also helps to restore your brain’s chemical balance which leads to a reduction in cravings.

Legacy Healing Center Can Help

The professionals at Legacy Healing Center commit themselves to providing our patients with a safe and healthy way to recover from the effects of drugs and alcohol. We are excited to share this unique option to our patients. To learn more about our Medically Managed Intelligence MAT program or many other programs, please reach out to us at (888) 534.2295.

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