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Amphetamine Detox in Florida

Amphetamines are stimulant drugs used to energize the central nervous system and have sometimes been used as psycho-stimulants. Historically, amphetamines were used to treat conditions like nasal congestion, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, narcolepsy, and even obesity since they can have the effect of curbing the appetite.

When someone asks, what is amphetamine abuse? It’s classified as high doses of amphetamines used in a recreational way, most often to give a person feelings of euphoria.

Abusing amphetamines can lead to dependence on them and they quickly become very addictive. Users become addicted when their bodies build up a tolerance for the drugs. This leads to needing more and higher doses of them to get the same results.

Since the user’s brain becomes more accustomed to high amounts of amphetamines, trying to stop using these drugs can lead to concerning and unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms.

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Symptoms of Amphetamine Withdrawal

Some of the most troubling amphetamine withdrawal symptoms a person can experience are the psychological effects from stopping the drugs. These can include thoughts of suicide, inability to experience anything pleasurable which is also called anhedonia, depression and anxiety. Other symptoms include:

  • Increase in Appetite – Which can lead to weight gain and unhealthy eating patterns
  • Sleeping More – Users trying to stop amphetamine use can experience lethargy and the desire to sleep more
  • Cardiac Arrest – Rare but possible side effect, and can be one of the most serious amphetamine withdrawal symptoms
  • Seizures – Another rare possibility when attempting to stop amphetamine use
  • Cravings – These can range from moderate to severe and can be last for months or even years in some cases
  • Hallucinations and Psychosis – Troubling psychological reactions to stopping amphetamine use, these symptoms are especially frightening
  • Coma – A rare symptom, but is one of the reasons why medical supervision is often advised when a person is withdrawing from amphetamine use

A professional amphetamine addiction detox program is often recommended for those who are beginning their quest to become free of amphetamines. During the program process, medical professionals can monitor the patient during the difficult withdrawal process and supervise the process as well. This is especially important if troubling withdrawal symptoms are presented. Many people can successfully go through treatment with actions like eating well, getting enough rest, and learning alternative ways to relax.

What May Cause a Person to Become Addicted to Amphetamines

A lot of variables go into why people become addicted to amphetamines and these variables can range from a genetic disposition towards having an addictive personality to a troubling childhood or current environment. When other family members also use drugs, it can become even more challenging to break the cycle of amphetamine addiction. Other factors can include:

  • Traumatic Environment – Including early or ongoing abuse, family relationships that are troubled and unhealthy, poor influence of peers, having a record of low academic performance and desires for escape that are acted out in unhealthy ways
  • Biological Factors – People who have a history of anxiety and depression are at higher risk, and males can be more likely to become addicted, although females are also very much at risk. Beginning amphetamine use at a young age can also be a factor that influences how severe amphetamine withdrawal symptoms are
  • Socioeconomic Factors – People who have continually lived in poverty can develop feelings of hopelessness and anxiety about their future. People surrounding the person who becomes addicted are also a factor. If use is rampant and commonplace in the home, a person is more likely to become addicted. People from all walks of life can become addicted

Environment is Crucial to Amphetamine Detox Program Success

It’s strongly recommended that those who wonder what is amphetamine detox treatment like search for a good program featuring medical supervision. Getting a person out of the environment that they were in when they began to use amphetamines is critical to success. The person in a high quality amphetamine addiction detox program will be free of distractions this way. Factors that could contribute to a relapse are also taken out of the equation.

In a well supervised amphetamine addiction detox program, the person trying to break free from addiction will also be closely watched for negative withdrawal symptoms. Any concerning symptoms can be treated right away if they occur. Getting free from addiction is just as taxing mentally as it is physically to the body. It’s not an easy process, but it is a very worthwhile endeavor. The key is to get exactly the right help needed when one is in the process of breaking free from addiction.


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