Addiction Treatment And Recovery For First Responders

Individualized Care and Programs For First Responders

First responders and union members face special challenges and unique pressures stemming from their work culture. The credentialed and certified staff of our first responder program is well-trained and successful in identifying and resolving the following challenges to help first responders recover.

  • Work-related traumatic events
  • Guilt about breaking public trust
  • Acute and chronic pain from injuries incurred in the line of duty
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Drinking culture
  • Difficulty asking for help
  • Mistrust in mental health professionals
  • Fear of losing their jobs or pay
  • Fear of disappointing their co-workers or their departments

As a result of our understanding of the unique needs of first responders, we’ve created a curriculum specifically designed to address their individual challenges.

Legacy Healing Center treatment program for first responders; where we bring hope and healing to our brothers and sisters on the front lines.

Programs that Understand First Responders Needs

On a daily basis, police officers, search and rescue personnel, paramedics, firefighters, and EMTs voluntarily place themselves in traumatic situations during their service to others. These first responders witness situations that an average person may never be exposed to.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that as many as 30 percent of first responders struggle with their mental health as a direct result of the stress that their jobs entail. This figure is as much as 50 percent higher than the general population.

Untreated mental health problems are one of the leading causes of substance use disorder. First responders are often affected by depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. At Legacy Healing Center, we understand the unique situation that first responders face in the line of duty and how untreated mental health problems can result in substance abuse as a means of self-medication.

Our specialized first responder treatment plans can not only assist you with clinical behavioral therapies, but we approach your recovery holistically, which includes treating conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dedicated To Serving Those Who Protect And Serve Others

The treatment programs for first responders at Legacy Healing Center are backed by our team of dedicated healthcare professionals comprised of people who have been first responders and therefore understand what you are going through.

We are dedicated to serving those who serve others.

Our behavioral health and recovery programs are customized to treat your specific needs. Some of the ways in which our clinical and holistic approach to recovery is different includes the following:

  • Identification and treatment of co-occurring mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Treatment alongside other first responders or union members
  • Behavioral therapy and treatment plans that are customized for first responders or union members
  • Healthcare professionals with experience as first responders
  • Comprehensive treatment plans that address physical dependence, mental health, and holistic healing needs

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