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What Is Rapid Resolution Therapy?

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that works to help you overcome the problems in your life that can be traced to past traumatic experiences. RRT uses the techniques of hypnosis, guided imagery and motivated communication to bring these subconscious areas of your mind to the forefront.

The therapist relieves the patient of the trauma discovered with RRT. The purpose of RRT is to help the patient resolve thoughts and emotions that trouble them. It can be used to treat anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and mental health disorders.

RRT can help prevent a person from having triggers that cause them to suffer negative emotions. The therapy enables them to create new thoughts about the triggers and avoid responding the way they have in the past.

If you’re looking to enroll in a rehabilitation program that offers RRT, consider Legacy Healing Center. We have rehab locations in Florida and New Jersey, and our treatment specialist are just one phone call away from providing the compassionate care you deserve.

How Does Rapid Resolution Therapy Work?

RRT treatment works by creating new pathways to the brain when thoughts of the trauma come to mind. Victims of trauma relive the event over and over in their minds, causing fear and other negative emotions. With RRT, the patient learns to build a new pathway without the emotions when the thoughts come to mind. It’s like having a reset button to the brain.

Treatment using Rapid Resolution Therapy usually only requires between one and five individual sessions, although the number of your required therapy sessions in RRT may differ. The initial session can last for up to two hours in duration.

Subsequent therapy meetings typically take 45-60 minutes. Your therapist will connect with you through the use of stories, metaphors and imagery to help you change your perspective on life and help you replace negative ways of thinking with more positive ones. Humor is often used during RRT to help you eliminate your negative emotions.

The therapist may tell a story relevant to your situation or emotions. They will then ask you to play a role in the story and discuss how you felt. The goal is to help you overcome whatever emotions or thoughts that trouble you without making you go through the experiences that caused the trauma.

Benefits of Rapid Resolution Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Trauma and addiction are very often deeply connected. RRT is a fairly quick way to help you overcome the negative influences associated with trauma and substance use disorder. This type of therapy offers a quick recovery from all types of trauma that may have contributed to your addiction.

RRT helps increase self-esteem, alleviates stress, and helps you overcome negative behaviors that surround addiction. It also aids in preventing relapse as your desires and motivations for reaching important goals are strengthened by Rapid Resolution Therapy.

One of the main benefits of RRT is that it allows you to overcome past experiences without the pain of reliving them. You may see positive results almost immediately with most patients experiencing improvement in less than seven sessions.

What Can Rapid Resolution Therapy Help Treat?

RRT can help treat a variety of mental health conditions. It can help patients process traumatic events that they may not have dealt with in the past. When they fail to process these situations, they can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is commonly diagnosed in people who have suffered violence against them.

Along with treating PTSD, rapid resolution therapy is also useful for treating anxiety or depression. It may assist in preventing panic attacks. RRT is also becoming more popular in treatment where drug misuse and mental health issues cause a dual diagnosis. While it doesn’t directly treat the substance use disorder, RRT does focus on past traumas that led to the mental health condition.

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If you are looking for a treatment program designed to help overcome both substance use disorder and a mental health condition, you may ask, “Is there Rapid Resolution Therapy near me?” Legacy Healing Centers offers hope with locations in Florida and New Jersey. Here, you can find the resources for the help you need to enjoy life again, starting with drug detox and continuing through therapy. Many options exist to help you regain control of your life, such as cognitive behavior therapy and RRT.

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