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Unsurpassed Clinical Care

We offer a range of treatment programs to provide the right level of care for each individual’s needs. We aim to provide our clients with the least restrictive programs possible without risking the success of recovery. Many clients who begin at the upper levels of care work their way down after completing each phase of recovery. Our staff is here to constantly monitor progress and modify programs as necessary.

The right level of care is determined by a set of medical, psychiatric and social assessments led by our multidisciplinary team. One of the following levels of care may be recommended:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is often the first step for patients suffering from addiction who are ready to turn their lives around. We offer an intensive, highly structured treatment program including a minimum of 25 hours of clinical treatment per week, community housing in a beautiful residential setting, scheduled evening programs designed to support recovery, 12-step meetings, and relationship building for a sober lifestyle.

This is a 6 days a week day/night program, ideal for patients who may be resistant to treatment, lacking supportive social or family support in their daily life, or prone to relapse.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

For patients who have completed PHP or another form of inpatient treatment, IOP is an ideal solution to maintain sobriety and adapt to the responsibilities of reintegrating back into society. Recovery is a lengthy process and IOP is here for clients when they are most vulnerable to relapse and faced with the challenge of adapting to daily life without using substances.

Our IOP program includes optional community housing in our beautiful residential facility, group and individual therapy, 12-step meetings, sober social activities and relationship building within recovery network. Patients will receive a minimum of nine hours of clinical treatment per week, and we are able to work with clients on a flexible schedule to ensure they are able to meet responsibilities such as work and school.

Outpatient Program

Patients who have completed IOP are strongly encouraged to join OP to ensure long-term success in recovery. This is a non-residential program for clients who are fully integrated back into society, offering one hour of weekly therapeutic care in addition to other recovery activities such as 12-step. OP is highly flexible and offers treatment options for patients who may be working or in school full-time.

OP is highly recommended to all of our clients to ensure a successful transition and cope with the inevitable bumps on the road to being your best self. Our staff is available anytime, day or night for every member of our community, at every step of the recovery process.

Family Program

We understand that families can suffer just as much as the addict, and we are dedicated to giving whole families the support they need. Our family programs offer education and training to families to ensure that they are a positive force for change in the addict’s life, and not unintentionally enabling high risk behavior. Families may engage in therapy sessions with and without the addict to comprehensively address and prepare for the challenges on the road to recovery.


Clinical Therapy

Clinical treatment is centered around a three types of therapy: individual, group and family.

In individual therapy, our clinical staff works one on one with patients to understand and treat the roots, symptoms and externalities of their addiction. Therapy sessions may incorporate a variety of proven psychotherapy techniques tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Group therapy is a highly effective treatment which integrates a variety of psychotherapy techniques while building social skills in a sober setting and fostering trust and support among members of our community.

We consider family treatment a critical part of recovery, promoting positive outcomes for the patient and teaching family members how best to cope while supporting their loved one through transition periods and in the long-term.

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