Levels of Care

We offer a range of  treatment programs to provide the right level of care for each individual’s needs. We aim to provide our clients with the least restrictive programs possible without risking the success of recovery. Many clients who begin at the upper levels of care work their way down after completing each phase of recovery. Our staff is here to constantly monitor progress and modify programs as necessary.

The right level of care is determined by a set of medical, psychiatric and social assessments led by our multidisciplinary team. One of the following levels of care may be recommended:


Clinical treatment is centered around a three types of therapy: individual, group and family.

In individual therapy, our clinical staff works one on one with patients to understand and treat the roots, symptoms and externalities of their addiction. Therapy sessions may incorporate a variety of proven psychotherapy techniques tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Group therapy is a highly effective treatment which integrates a variety of psychotherapy techniques while building social skills in a sober setting and fostering trust and support among members of our community.

We consider family treatment a critical part of recovery, promoting positive outcomes for the patient and teaching family members how best to cope while supporting their loved one through transition periods and in the long-term.