Brain Paint and Vibroacoustic Therapy

What is Brain Paint?

What happens in the brain has a profound impact on all aspects of a person’s life, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of trauma and addiction. Substance use disorder and trauma often go hand in hand and healing is an integral part of healing the other.

One of the tools Legacy Healing Center is employing to heal the effects of trauma and substance abuse on the brain is a type of neurofeedback treatment called Brain Paint. If you’ve already heard of Brain Mapping, Brain Paint is very similar. While Brain Mapping lays out what’s happening inside the patient’s brain, Brain Paint goes further, seeking to make real lasting changes in a person’s thoughts and actions.

Brain Paint is an evidence-based EEG therapy that is used at Legacy Healing Center to heal the effects of trauma and substance abuse on the brain. It can play an important role in addressing the deeper underlying causes of addiction. Brain Paint is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you think, feel and behave by improving your brain function. It is a non-invasive, drug-free process. Brain Paint doesn’t change who you are, it works to heal your brain and help restore you to a happier healthier version of yourself. It’s also important to note that Brain Paint is an adjunct treatment to more traditional forms of therapy, not a replacement for it.

How Does Brain Paint Work?

Like Brain Mapping, Brain Paint is designed to address deep trauma that has had a lasting effect on the brain, giving those who have been suffering all their lives a new way forward. Brain Paint is a very intentional process during which patients are asked a series of questions to help your practitioner customize and fine-tune a treatment protocol tailored for you.In this careful step-by-step process, the answer to each question will determine what the next question will be, creating a kind of path that therapists and other medical professionals will be able to follow.

Your Brain Paint practitioner will place sensors on your ear and scalp. These don’t hurt and they don’t put anything into your brain. They only pick up electrical signals from your brainwaves.During the 25-30 minute Brain Paint procedure, the patient’s brain is carefully monitored, allowing the medical team to “paint a picture” of which areas light up, which parts of the brain are over-stimulated and which areas are under-stimulated. Brain Paint provides feedback letting you know when you have achieved the perfect state of “relaxed attentiveness” with your awareness in the present moment. The end goal is to normalize brain function and help patients attain a healthy relaxed mental state.

Most patients find Brain Paint sessions to be very relaxing. In the vast majority of cases, patients will see results in just three to four sessions. When used effectively, Brain Paint creates real lasting results, not just temporary quick fixes.

What is VibroAcoustic Therapy?

VibroAcoustic therapy, or VAT, uses low-frequency sine waves, passing carefully tuned vibrations through the body with the help of embedded speakers. Developed in Norway, this alternative form of therapy has shown great promise for the treatment of a number of serious medical conditions.

How Does VibroAcoustic Therapy Work?

VibroAcoustic therapy involves the use of sound waves, but not just any type of sound. At the heart of this unique form of therapy is the so-called “serenity bed”, a uniquely designed platform that facilitates the movement of special sound waves, all with the goal of healing the mind and the body.

The Importance of Trauma Therapy in Addiction Treatment

When understood as a brain disease, alcohol, and drug addiction are far less mysterious than they may initially seem. In many cases, the use of drugs and alcohol is not intended to be self-destructive, rather substance abuse is an attempt at self-medicating and coping with something deeper.

By addressing the root causes of addiction and treating drug addiction at its source, therapeutic methods like Brain Paint and VibroAcoustic Therapy can be powerful forms of healing, addressing not only the end results of addiction but also their starting points.

When done in conjunction with traditional talk therapy, these complementary forms of trauma therapy can be remarkably effective. If you feel someone you care about could benefit from Brain Paint or VAT, we encourage you to give Legacy Healing Center a call to learn more (888) 534-2295.