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Opioid Epidemic

Addiction to opioids has become a growing problem in the United States. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of people that die every day in America as a result of this addiction. If you are struggling with an addiction to opioids, it is not too late to change your path in life. With help from the professionals at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, you can take your first steps toward sobriety. We work with you to design a treatment plan that suits your needs.  

History of Opioid Addiction

Many people mistakenly believe that opioids were only developed in the last few years. The reality, however, is that opioids were first cultivated as far back as 3400 B.C. Different cultures including the ancient Egyptians and Greeks took part in trying this “magical medicine” that suddenly seemed to relieve pain. 

Opioids first took center stage in the United States during the Civil War. With so many soldiers on the battlefield that were injured or dying, doctors were in desperate need of finding something that helped to alleviate pain. They turned to morphine. Morphine is an opioid medication that aided doctors in bringing comfort to their critically harmed patients. The issue was, Civil War doctors did not realize the addictive nature of opioids. Sadly, an abundance of Civil War veterans returned home severely addicted to opioids. 

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In the early 1900s, the United States government realized the serious problem that opioids could cause society if the narcotic was left unchecked. In 1905, Congress went so far as to ban opium. The problem with this step is that it caused a boom in black market sales of the drug. 

Although the medical restrictions associated with opioids have eased over the last 100 years, the same issue still remains. Many times, patients take opioids after sustaining a serious injury and unknowingly become addicted to the medicine. It is just as common to be able to purchase the drug on the street as it is to obtain any other illegal substance. 

How to Detox from Opioids

If you are still in active addiction, it is critical that you go through our medical detox program before you begin rehab. Detoxing from opioids without the assistance of trained medical professionals is extremely dangerous. Once you stop consuming opioids, in a matter of hours, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be potentially severe and include nausea, shaking, and anxiety.  Fortunately, a medical detox program allows you to go through this process safely and much more comfortably. 

What Opioid Rehab is Like?

The main theme of rehab is to learn what you can do to stay sober and to determine the root cause of your addiction. This is accomplished by taking part in different forms of therapy. One type of therapy that you will experience is in a group setting. During these sessions, you have the chance to share what you’ve gone through during addiction. Additionally, you will also listen to the stories and thoughts of other people in the group. This form of therapy is important because it helps you to connect with other people that have had similar experiences. It can also help to give you the basis for a support system when you are done with your program. 

Individual therapy is also an essential feature of your recovery. These sessions allow you to meet one on one with one of your experienced counselors to discuss how you are thinking and feeling about your sobriety journey. If you want to make any adjustments to your treatment plan, if you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, this is the ideal opportunity to talk about it. 

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


How Long Does Rehab Last?

The Legacy Healing Center Luxury Rehab has created a number of programs to suit the needs of every patient. You can opt to enroll in a program that lasts as little as 30 days or a long-term program of 90 days. We also have a middle of the road program length of 60 days. Keep in mind, you also have the flexibility to take part in our residential rehab program or our outpatient programs. Patients that register for our residential program eat and sleep on our beautiful residential campus. Outpatient attendees come to our facility during specific times to take part in therapy and other recovery activities. 

Sober Friendly Attractions in Tallahassee

Once you’ve successfully completed your time at Legacy it will be time to return home to Tallahassee and reintegrate into life there.  In some ways, you’ll be returning to your old life, but in some ways, you’ll be recreating a new better life for yourself.  Often people need to completely relearn how to relax and have fun without the influence of drugs.  It can be extremely helpful to find healthy, positive, sober friendly things to do to help reinforce the progress you’ve made in recovery.  Fortunately, Tallahassee has a lot to offer in this regard.  Here are a few suggestions: 


Goodwood Museum & Gardens

There is no shortage of historical venues to visit in Tallahassee. One of the leading attractions in the area is the Goodwood Plantation. The property is connected to the Marquis De Lafayette who played a pivotal role in helping the United States during the Revolutionary War. The plantation survived the various scourges associated with the Civil War and stands today as a monument to Florida history.  


The Challenger Learning Center

If you have an affinity for learning about outer space, you should make time to visit the Challenger Learning Center. This venue offers a wonderful educational experience and is home to a space mission simulator as well as an IMAX 3D theater and planetarium. If you are planning to visit with a child, try to go on Kids’ Free Day which is the third Saturday of every month. The Challenger Learning Center is opened 363 days a year from 10 AM to 10 PM except on Sundays when the learning center opens at 12 PM. 

200 S Duval St, Tallahassee, FL 32301


You can always count on the caring professionals at Legacy to be with you through every step of the way. From the moment you first call and speak to one of our caring intake specialists, you will feel the difference in our approach. Remember, your call is 100% confidential so please reach out to us today and take the first step on your journey. You can reach us by calling (888) 534-2295.  

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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