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Alcohol & Drug Rehab for St. Petersburg Residents

Have you or someone you love been struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, and searching for treatment options that can help? If so, we would love to welcome you to Legacy Healing Center, the premier rehabilitation center for residents of the St. Petersburg area. We provide multiple treatment disciplines that are proven to assist you in overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. If you are in need of our services, you are just a phone call away from beginning your journey back to wellness.

We offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to anyone seeking recovery from addiction, whether you live in Florida or any other state in the U.S. Our beautiful facility offers you a comfortable and nurturing safe haven where you can focus on your recovery without outside influences or interruptions. 

Once you commit to your recovery process, our dedicated staff will assist, guide and encourage you throughout the distinct phases of your journey. We practice a holistic healing approach that seeks to heal the body, mind and spirit for a complete and successful recovery that will empower you to live a happy, sober life. 

The first step of your journey begins with a comprehensive physical and psychological evaluation that will determine the level of care you require for a full recovery. We provide a wide range of evidence-based treatment modalities that are designed to address your specific needs and challenges. 

Our community of professional clinicians and therapists will provide you with the counseling, guidance, inspiration and education you need to meet your recovery goals. Plus, you will also meet other guests that are receiving treatment at our facility, who corporately form a safety-net of mutual support and encouragement.

Your evaluation will consider exclusive areas of interest that must be addressed, and can include:

  •  – Multiple relapses
  •  – Co-occurring mental disorders like: bi-polar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, clinical depression, PTSD
  •  – Physical health problems
  •  – Self-medication for pain and other issues 
  •  – Non-compliance to treatment
  •  – Family and legal issues
  •  – Educational and employment goals

Legacy Healing Center provides a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that is a highly structured, intensive program consisting of a minimum of 25 hours of clinical treatment per week at a beautiful community residence. You will receive a variety of treatment modalities 6 days per week that addresses addiction recovery challenges and provides solutions. This is an ideal program for individuals who have had multiple relapses, who have resisted treatment, or who lack family and/or social support.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to treat individuals who have already completed a PHP or other type of inpatient program, and provides the clinical care and support they need to successfully integrate back into society. Recovery is a process that requires time to develop, and some people need more time to adapt to change than others. 


Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

Our IOP program provides optional residential housing for those that need it. Treatment modalities include a 12-Step program, individual and group therapy, relationship building, and sober social activities. The program offers a flexible schedule where individuals can attend the required minimum of 9 hours of clinical treatment per week. 

Our Outpatient Program (OP) is tailor-made for individuals who have completed the IOP Program and have fully integrated back into society. This non-residential program assists the individual in preserving their transition, and provides one hour of weekly therapeutic care plus other recovery activities. With the on-going 24/7 support of our staff, the individual has a continuous lifeline to assist them in coping with the challenges of everyday life while sustaining sobriety.

The first phase of recovery treatment that the individual receives is typically the medically supervised detoxification procedure. Once that is completed, the individual will receive a variety of recovery treatment and education programs that will empower him to manage his thoughts and behavior. Some of the treatment programs that the individual may receive include:

  •  – Individual and group therapy
  •  – Family therapy
  •  – Cognitive behavioral therapy
  •  – Dialectical behavioral therapy
  •  – Medication-assisted therapy
  •  – Dual-diagnosis therapy
  •  – Psycho-dynamic therapy
  •  – Relapse prevention 
  •  – Aftercare programs

An individual recovering from addiction can experience a relapse at any time, especially when they are vulnerable. To protect oneself from a relapse, there are specific guidelines that can help the individual sustain sobriety. Following a healthy lifestyle, and being mindful of thoughts and feelings is imperative. 

Maintaining healthy habits includes:

  •  – Eating nutritious meals and getting enough rest
  •  – Having an adequate physical exercise routine
  •  – Being in touch with your emotions, and seeking professional counseling when you feel emotionally overwhelmed
  •  – Attending your recovery support group meetings on a regular basis
  •  – Socializing with family and friends, and avoiding isolation
  •  – Taking prescribed medications at the right time and dosage
  •  – Engaging in hobbies and activities that you enjoy
  •  – Practicing your spiritual persuasion on a regular basis to remain centered and empowered
  •  – Being aware of things that trigger you, or tempt you, and utilize relapse prevention techniques to stop their influence

Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs in Florida

Legacy Healing Center is a client-centered addiction rehabilitation facility where you can receive comprehensive treatment modalities for drug or alcohol addiction. As a guest of our recovery program, you are required to follow a structured daily schedule of treatments and other activities. By submitting fully to the program, you are positioning yourself for a successful recovery from alcohol or drug dependence. 

Once you have completed the detox phase of treatment, you will begin a series of other treatments that are designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle that is free from the ravages of addiction. The process begins by identifying and removing a faulty mindset, and replacing it with the correct thought and behavior patterns that create a stable foundation.

Our clinical staff of licensed professionals focus on both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction to create a holistic healing model that engages synergistic well-being. Substance abuse not only affects the physical body but also alters brain function, negatively impacting an individual’s mood, cognitive ability and conduct.


Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Substance abuse can lead to tolerance, which occurs when brain receptors become insensitive and begin to decrease their production of naturally occurring chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine. Once tolerance occurs, more drug or alcohol intake is required to achieve the same desired effects that the individual experienced before tolerance. 

Eventually, the brain will stop producing its natural chemicals and become totally dependent on drugs or alcohol instead. This process creates actual changes in the brain, causing an individual to become physically dependent on the substance being used. It is at this stage that the individual can experience withdrawal symptoms if he discontinues using the substance. A person can be physically dependent on a substance without being addicted. 

Substance addiction, known as substance use disorder, is a behavioral and psychological disorder that is described as the compulsive and repetitive use of drugs or alcohol, despite the negative consequences associated with it. At Legacy Healing Center, our staff of counselors and therapists use evidence-based behavioral health treatments that are known to be successful in treating substance use disorder. 

By employing a variety of specialized psychotherapies, significant changes can be brought about that affect an individual’s thoughts, emotions, behavior, and perspective. In some cases, medications are also used that assist in managing the adverse symptoms of addiction. By relieving the symptomatic constraints, the individual is set free to utilize strategies and techniques that assist in achieving recovery. 

Our professional staff performs a full evaluation of each individual to determine which treatments will work best to address their unique needs and symptoms. A holistic healing model with multiple treatment options provides the most effective addiction recovery success rate.

Drug Rehab Centers for St. Petersburg Residents

If you are in the St. Petersburg area and need help in overcoming drug addiction, Legacy Healing Center’s recovery programs can help you. Our staff of addiction specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of addiction and recovery. Our treatment programs offer you the education and tools that you need to understand what addiction is, how it affects you, and what you can do to manage it and avoid a relapse.

If you struggle with a co-occurring mental disorder, our treatment modalities will help you control the symptoms that can negatively affect your addictive behavior. This can be accomplished by using medications to ease symptoms, and also behavioral techniques that help you manage both addiction and mental illness triggers. 

There are multiple factors at play that can cause drug or alcohol addiction, such as: 

  •  – Peer pressure
  •  – Co-occurring mental disorders 
  •  – Health problems
  •  – Abuse and neglect
  •  – Genetics

Our addiction recovery program uses psychological tools to delve into the reasons why you became addicted. Together, we can identify the root cause of your addiction and this enables us to adequately address the various problems and provide solutions. You will be empowered to confront underlying issues, come to terms with them and ultimately remove their influence from your life.

Here at Legacy Healing Center, we use three types of clinical therapy:

  •  – Individual therapy provides one-on-one engagement with a therapist, where you will explore the nature of and solutions to the underlying causes, symptoms and external expressions of addiction.
  •  – Group therapy integrates a diversity of highly effective treatment modalities that address different aspects of addiction, recovery, and other issues. It creates an open forum for individuals to share their stories, challenges, tips and victories. Group therapy helps individuals re-build their social skills among their peers, and fosters trust, support and friendship within the community.
  •  – Family therapy is a pivotal treatment program that focuses on healing the family unit. As the primary support system for the person recovering from addiction, it is imperative that the family receives instruction on how to effectively support their loved one as he goes through the process of transition from addiction to wellness. 

Our treatment programs will provide you with the support and instruction required to make a successful recovery, and also give you the tools you need to remain sober after you have left our facility. You are expected to join an aftercare program to continue receiving counseling and support. Aftercare serves as a lifeline that helps you attain recovery success and also achieve life goals.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Alcohol Rehab Centers for St. Petersburg Residents

Legacy Healing Center’s accredited rehab facilities are located in South Florida and cater to individuals across the State of Florida and the nation. If you are struggling with an alcohol use disorder, we can help you. Although alcohol addiction is a complex disease, it is treatable. Our professional staff can teach you how to effectively manage your recovery, while retaining sobriety. 

We offer a comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program that is evidence-based and highly successful in treating this debilitating disease. Our committed staff will provide you with the compassion, respect and support you deserve while you are transitioning through the healing process. 

You will receive a holistic recovery paradigm that treats the body, mind, and spirit, and is focused on restoring wholeness to the individual. Areas of concern can also include:

  •  – Addressing education and employment goals
  •  – Developing nutrition and wellness habits to create a healthy lifestyle
  •  – Engaging in your choice of spiritual expression
  •  – Establishing sober-friendly social and recreational activities

Our accredited facility is considered one of the top-rated alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida, providing you with a high level of care in a nurturing environment. Once your physical and psychological evaluation is completed, a treatment plan will be devised that addresses your unique needs and challenges.

The first phase of treatment is the detox procedure, and once that is completed you will begin a series of behavioral therapies that focus on the relevant factors of addiction and recovery. You will also receive a relapse prevention education that will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively manage the various triggers and temptations that can threaten your sobriety.

FL Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

You may be searching for an drug rehab center in St. Petersburg. While it may be convenient to have a rehab facility close by, it may not always be the wise choice. Finding the best rehab facility that is equipped to meet your unique needs is the best choice.

It may also be a good idea to remove yourself from the familiarity of your favorite neighborhood watering holes, drug hangouts, and drinking buddies. Removing yourself from the usual temptations to a new location where you can focus solely on your recovery is a good idea. You deserve a fresh start, so consider the options before you select a treatment center.

How Long Is Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs can last from 30, 60, 90 days or longer, depending on the needs of the individual. People who are struggling with a substance abuse problem may only need a 30-day program to effectively treat their problem. 

Our rehab facilities provide a structured environment that helps the individual focus on their recovery. After the 30-day program is completed, the individual can begin an outpatient or aftercare program to continue receiving counseling and support that will assist in making the transition back into society.

A 60-day rehab treatment program is more intensive than a 30-day program and gives the individual more time to adapt to a sober living lifestyle. He will have more time to process what he has learned and develop relapse prevention techniques that will help him sustain sobriety before going out on his own again.

A 90-day treatment program, or longer, is considered the most effective for treating severe addictions, especially if the individual also has co-occurring mental disorders or has had multiple relapses. Recovery from addiction is a process that takes time, and a 90-day program affords the individual the time needed to make important mental and behavioral changes. 

A 90-day, structured environment focused on healing helps the individual transition to a healthy, sober lifestyle. An outpatient or aftercare program will help the individual remain sober so that he is free to achieve future life goals that he has set for himself. 

A physical and psychological evaluation can determine which treatment program is right for each individual, depending on their situation. Once the individual commits to treatment, he will be able to make the transition from addiction to sobriety.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Most health insurance plans provide coverage for a 30-day rehab treatment program. Legacy Healing Center also offers payment options, and can als-o help you discover if you are eligible for financial support through Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare for veterans. For help verifying your insurance or determining what payment options are available to you, please call us at 888-534-2295 and our experienced team can help you with every detail.

How Does Detox Work?

There is hope in recovering from addiction, and the first stage of treatment begins with a medically supervised detox process. Here at Legacy Healing Center, you will receive the safest, most effective process for being weaned off of drugs or alcohol. Our medical professionals will perform the detox procedure and monitor you throughout the process.

Our team will treat any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience while detoxing, and also keep you safe and as comfortable as possible. Detoxing from certain substances, like alcohol, can create life-threatening symptoms, and should never be attempted without professional medical help.  

The effects of withdrawal symptoms are dependent upon several facts, including the severity of the addiction, the dosage and length of time that substances were used, and the individual’s genetic make-up, physical health status and age. Most withdrawal symptoms usually peak within the first 3 days and then begin to subside, although some symptoms can remain for a long time. 

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary, and may include:

  •  – Increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, tremors
  •  – Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, fatigue, insomnia
  •  – Anxiety, depression, hallucinations, delirium
  •  – Muscle pain, sensitivity to light and sound, numbness

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms could include:

  •  – Headache, nausea, vomiting, fever
  •  – Shaking, profuse sweating, insomnia
  •  – Racing heart, high blood pressure
  •  – Confusion, anxiety, seizures, hallucinations, delirium tremons

Withdrawal symptoms occur because your body is trying to find balance without the influence of drugs or alcohol. The body will react both physically and psychologically, creating a series of distressing symptoms. Medications can be used to treat most of the symptoms, and symptoms usually abate after one week. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near St. Petersburg

After you have completed your recovery treatment program at Legacy Healing Center, you will be able to enjoy some of the sober friendly attractions that are available in the St. Petersburg area, such as:

  •  – The Florida Aquarium in Tampa houses an impressive collection of diverse marine life for you to enjoy.
  •  – If you like surrealism, the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is the place for you. The Museum houses the largest collection of Dali’s work outside of Spain.
  •  – The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art features an extensive art collection, lectures, performances, special events, and family programs.
  •  – You may want to visit the Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, which is the Home of the Baltimore Orioles.
  •  – The Oscar Sherer State Park is a hidden nature preserve for imperiled species. This beautiful oasis offers fishing, swimming, bicycle riding, kayaking, camping, hiking, snorkeling, and much more for you to enjoy.

Imagine enjoying all of this and more from a place of clarity, focus, and sobriety. All of this is available to you with the help of Legacy Healing Center. Call us today at 888-534-2295 to speak with a treatment specialist.