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Inpatient Drug Rehab Overview

Drug addiction can become a serious problem. Even though you may want to stop, the changes that occur in brain function can make it very difficult to stop alone. At Legacy Healing Center, we are aware that you may be facing growing problems in your life due to drug abuse. At our inpatient drug rehab in Margate, we can give you the time and the healing space you need to overcome the grips of addiction.

At our rehab facility in Margate, FL, we provide evidence-based therapies with a holistic approach. We understand that every individual has different reasons why they started abusing drugs, and in treatment, their needs are different, too. Therefore, we treat the individual. Our programs in our faith-based drug rehab in Margate are personalized.

Along with the evidence-based treatments that we use in our recovery programs, we understand that a whole-patient approach is required to help our clients to achieve long-term sobriety. We will explore every relevant aspect of your mental and physical wellbeing as well as other areas such as family dynamics and your career to help you not only break your addiction but to improve your overall quality of life. Through this holistic approach to treatment, we can help you to turn your life around and attain long-term sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle. 

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What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab is also known as residential drug rehab. It is a type of treatment program at a rehab for drug or alcohol addiction that gives you the ability to stay at the treatment center during your treatment period. It is, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the most intensive form of drug addiction treatment available.

Our inpatient drug rehab in Margate, FL, is ideal for someone that wants to overcome an addiction, but fear that the support among their friends and family won’t be sufficient, or that the negative influences in their life won’t allow for them to make a full recovery. At Legacy Healing Center, you can stay in a private room in a luxury rehab center. We also have on-site chefs that prepare high-quality, organic foods.

At our inpatient drug rehab in Margate, you can put all of your attention on your wellbeing and recovery. Our therapeutic environment is an ideal place to overcome the hardships of drug addiction. By the time you are ready to leave, you will have all of the skills and motivation you need to prevent relapse and lead a happier life.

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How Long Does Rehab Take?

Not everyone can benefit from the same treatments. One of the aspects of addiction treatment that makes it effective is its personalized nature. As such, rehab length can vary from person to person and should to treat the individual and not just the disease. 

According to research by a non-profit organization such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse, spending three consecutive months in rehab treatment programs is the least amount of time that you should spend in order to overcome an addiction. This time can be completed in a series of programs. For example, you could take part in an inpatient program for 60 days and then further your treatment in a 30-day outpatient program. 

Our inpatient rehab in Margate offers a range of residential programs. You can use our 30-, 60-, or 90-day inpatient program and then continue with your recovery in an outpatient program that we offer. Once your treatments for drug addiction are complete, then you will use our aftercare services to help you to attain long-term sobriety. This will include the 12-step program and our alumni activities.

30-Day Rehab

One of our shortest, conclusive rehab programs is the 30-day inpatient rehab. It covers all of the things that you’d expect from an accredited treatment facility such as a range of behavioral therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, and dialectical behavior therapy.

In our inpatient drug rehab in Margate, we can also help you with other areas of your life. For example, you may be suffering from an untreated mental disorder that may be one of the causes of your drug abuse. We explore these and other areas such as your family dynamics and career.

60-Day Rehab

For a longer stay in our luxury, therapeutic rehab, we have our 60-day inpatient rehab program. With the additional time that you have with us, you can gain an even greater and lasting effect of our clinical programs and holistic treatment approach. 

It is an ideal treatment solution if you have a more severe addiction to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, crystal meth, or amphetamines. During your two-month stay in our facility, you will explore all of the areas of your life that could use improvement, work on your physical health, mental wellbeing, and connect with other people in the rehab.

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90-Day Long-Term Rehab

The longest single program that we have at Legacy Healing Center in Margate, FL, is our long-term 90-day rehab. It provides you with ample time to properly recover from drug addiction. It uses the same evidence-based therapies and whole-patient healing processes, but with the added advantage of more time. 

By the end of your stay in our luxury facility, you will be prepared to face the responsibilities you have and explore a new life that is filled with joy without the need for drug abuse.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Margate

While at our inpatient drug rehab in Margate, FL, you can enjoy what the area has to offer during our rehab outings or with family when they visit. Some of the beaches nearby include Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton South Beach Pavilion, and Keating Beach. Restaurants that you might enjoy having a meal at include La Pizzeria, Bonefish Mac’s Sports Grille, and ethos Greek Bistro. 

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