Inpatient Drug Rehab

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

If you are struggling with addiction, it’s critical to keep in mind that you do not have to combat your addiction alone. The Legacy Healing Center team is here to provide you with the support you need to work through your addiction issues and help to get you on a healthier and more fulfilling life.  

Our inpatient treatment program is one of the tools that we use to help you overcome your addiction. If you enroll in this form of treatment, you will eat, sleep and take part in different activities that help you learn more about the root cause of your addiction and what you can do to remove the influence of drugs from your life.  

How Long Does Rehab Take?

It’s important not to overlook the importance of factoring in going through our detox program before you begin your rehab journey. It is never advisable to attempt to detox from any drug unless you are under the supervision of a trained medical professional. The withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can be severe and typically includes an increase in your anxiety, shakiness, and nausea. However, there is always a possibility that withdrawal symptoms could result in a seizure or other potentially life-threatening consequences. When you come to the Legacy Healing Center faith-based drug rehab, you can rest assured that our team monitors you around the clock to ensure that no serious harm comes to you during your time in detox.  

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Detox typically only lasts a few days. Once you complete your detox program, it is then time to focus on planning the details for your treatment plan. We offer both inpatient and outpatient programs that last anywhere 30 and 90 days. One of our counselors will speak extensively with you to determine which course of treatment is right for you.  

30 Day Rehab

A 30-day rehab program gives you the chance to break the cycle of addiction. Our facility provides you with a safe and comforting environment where you can begin to learn how to overcome your addiction. One of the focuses of your program will be therapy. Our facility offers a number of different forms of behavioral therapy to help you understand the effects of addiction on your life and recover from them.  

60 Day Rehab

Our 60-day program is an extension of our 30-day program and supplies you with more of a chance to establish healthy activities and routines. You will continue to take part in therapy and different activities throughout your day that will help to further cement your commitment to sobriety.  

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


90 Day Long Term Rehab

We usually always recommend that patients take part in our 90-day long-term treatment plan. Although this program is uniquely designed for patients that have struggled with a long-standing addiction, it provides tremendous benefits for any person that is combatting addiction.  

An understandable concern among many prospective patients is what happens once they are done with their program. We always encourage each patient to take advantage of our Addiction Aftercare program. This support program provides you with the opportunity to take part in therapy and connect with other alumni. Do you need help in finding 12-step meetings around your area? Just let us know. Our Addiction Aftercare team will do everything they can to give you the tools you need to sustain long-term sobriety. 

Sober Friendly Attractions in Gainesville, Florida

When you return home to Gainesville after treatment, it’s important that you immediately incorporate the lessons and tools that you learned during your time at our facility into your everyday life. While finding and attending meetings should always be your leading focus, we recommend that you take time to explore the numerous sober friendly attractions in and around the Gainesville area. Here are a few of our suggestions.  


Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

If you are an art lover, you should consider a visit to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. The museum is located on the campus of the University of Florida and features a 112,800-square-foot building that is filled with incredible pieces of art including temporary and permanent exhibits. The collection includes contemporary art as well as Asian and African pieces. The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday between 11 AM and 5 PM. On Saturday, the museum is open between 10 AM and 5 PM.  

3259 Hull Road, Gainsville, Florida 32611.   


The Matheson History Museum

Would you like to learn more about this history of Gainesville? The Matheson History Museum can provide you with great insight. The complex includes not only the museum but a library with archives as well as the 1867 Matheson House. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 minutes to explore this venue which makes it perfect if you are looking for a quick excursion. Keep in mind, the Matheson History Museum is open between Tuesday and Saturday between 11 AM and 4 PM.  

513 E University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601.  


Depot Park

Sometimes, all you need is a little fresh air to help you clear your head after a long and stressful day. Depot Park gives you a peaceful and relaxing setting where you can sit by the water and feel the warm air on your face. There are also sections of the park that feature a splash park, a playground, and other family-friendly activities.  

200 SE Depot Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601.  


The professionals at the Legacy Healing Center are here to provide you with the around the clock support and encouragement you need when you are ready to overcome your drug addiction. Our intake specialists are available right now to help you begin the process of enrolling in any one of our recovery programs or to answer any questions that you have regarding treatment and recovery.  

Please reach out to us today at (888) 534-2295. Every call is 100% confidential. We look forward to helping you during this important transition in your life.  


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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

Jacqueline C.

Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

Avi S.

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