Gainesville Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs

When you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel as though you are falling through a dark hole with no end in sight. Addiction is a cunning disease that can lead you down a road you never would have imagined. Your personal and professional life will likely suffer. You may come to find that friends that you have known for years do not want to speak with you and beloved family members start to want to distance themselves from you. There is no doubt that addiction can make you feel as though you are completely and utterly alone.  

The reality is that you are never alone in your fight against addiction when you turn to the professionals at the Legacy Healing Center for help. We strive to provide you with personalized addiction treatment that suits your individual goals and needs. Our holistic treatment programs are designed to supply you with the tools, insight, and resources you need to live a life that is no longer defined by your addiction.  

Throughout the span of your program, it’s essential that you keep an open mind to all forms of treatment. Communication is key during the time that you are at our facility, so we always encourage you to reach out to us at any time.  

Drug Rehab Centers Near Gainesville

Similar to any other type of addiction, an addiction to drugs can be crippling. Unfortunately, one of the psychological features of addiction is that it warps your thinking. The addiction makes you feel as though you are completely alone when it comes to working your way through the different facets of your addiction.  

When you are ready to overcome your drug addiction, you should always choose a drug rehab center that helps you to feel welcome and at ease. When you trust the Legacy Healing Center team with your recovery, you can count on a group of professionals that are here to cater to all of your recovery needs. We understand that addiction can affect every aspect of your mind and body which is why we not only provide you with different forms of therapy but options for nutritious and delicious meals throughout the day. Our team also believes that physical activity is an important component in your recovery which is why we also give you the opportunity to workout with one of our personal trainers.  

Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Gainesville, Florida

One of the sad realities of fighting against addiction to alcohol is the fact that a person can go out at seemingly any point in their day and legally purchase alcohol. Most liquor stores open at 9 AM and do not close until very late. As long as you have the money to purchase your drink of choice, the clerk at the store will not think twice about selling it. Attending an alcohol treatment program gives you the opportunity to remove yourself from the temptation of venturing out to the liquor store. Additionally, you will learn what you can do when you get home to avoid falling back into your addiction habits.  

Sadly, there is a common misconception associated with attending rehab. Many prospective patients mistakenly believe that when they step foot in our facility they are walking into a place that looks like an extreme lockdown floor in a hospital. We work to make our treatment center different. The Legacy Healing Center alcohol rehab is designed to be a relaxing and supportive environment that helps to ease your anxiety or fears from the moment you step foot through the door.  

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Other than making the decision to take part in treatment, one of the most important decisions that you will need to make is regarding the type of program that you would like to enroll in. We realize that recovery cannot fall into the category of “one size fits all” which is why we work personally with every person that comes to our treatment center to develop a plan that works best for them.  

There are numerous advantages to attending a recovery program through our treatment center. While it is true that our team will provide you with the insight and resources you need to achieve long-term sobriety, we work to also provide you with a source of comradery. When you truly commit yourself to take part in different aspects and programs that the Legacy Healing Center has to offer, you open yourself up to meeting different people that have undoubtedly had similar experiences. There is a strong possibility that you could meet and make friends with people that may become a lifelong source of support. If you are having a hard day or you would like someone to go to a meeting with, you can call on this person and visa versa.  

Another pivotal part of your recovery is learning more about yourself. One of the sad consequences of addiction is that the individual suffering from the disease tends to lose their sense of self. He or she becomes so consumed with finding their next drink or the next time they can take their drug of choice that they forget about their likes, dislikes, and anyone around them. Coming to our addiction treatment center gives you the time not only to learn about the root of your addiction but begin to learn more about yourself again.  

An aspect of life that many people in recovery tend to explore is their spirituality and religion. When you are in the middle of addiction, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else other than your addiction. Once your mind begins to clear, you may realize that you want to move closer to a meaningful relationship with your higher power. Our team is here to provide you with the support that you need to move in this direction. We are happy to speak to you about your growing sense of spirituality and the positive affects that your spiritual awakening can have on you and your recovery.  

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

A reasonable concern among many patients that are thinking about coming to our treatment facility is the cost associated with their program. First and foremost, it’s critical that you remember that when you attend rehab, you are making an investment in yourself and your future. Addiction leads to nothing but pain and heartache. When you reach out for the help that you need, you are taking the first step toward a better life.  

Legacy Healing Center drug rehab does accept numerous private insurance. There is a strong likelihood that if you have private insurance, the entity may cover part of or all of your stay at our facility. If you do not have private insurance, our team will work with you to work out a payment plan so that you can receive treatment.  

How Does Drug Detox Work?

Although you may be struggling with addiction when you first reach out to our facility, it’s essential that you remove the influence of your drug of choice before you begin your program. When you stop consuming that drug, your body will begin to exhibit certain withdrawal symptoms. While it’s impossible to hypothesize what withdrawal symptoms you will experience, you can count on the fact that you will feel very sick.  

The severity of your symptoms is typically dependent on the length of your addiction as well as your drug of choice. For example, if you are grappling with an addiction to an opioid such as heroin, codeine, or oxycodone, you will typically experience a loss of appetite as well as chills and possibly diarrhea.  

One of the leading reasons why you should never attempt to withdraw from any drug by yourself is because your withdrawal symptoms could quickly become fatal. You should not have to worry about anything else other than recovering during these difficult times. When you opt to take part in our detox program, you will remain under the watchful eye of a member of our team. You can rest assured that you will always be in excellent care 

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

Regardless of the severity of your addiction, you will typically begin to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms within hours of taking your last drink. In many cases, the most common withdrawal symptom is nausea coupled with shakiness and sweatiness. Although these symptoms may seem to like something that you could manage at home, we strongly recommend that you never attempt to detox from alcohol without the assistance of our team.  

The average time that you will spend in alcohol detox is typically not more than a few days. More often than not, the first day or two is the most difficult for many patients. Once you are done with your detox program, you can begin to focus on developing a more detailed treatment plan with one of our counselors.  

How Long is Rehab?

The length of your stay at our treatment facility is something that you will discuss with one of our counselors. Ultimately, how long you receive treatment is a personal decision, however, treatment programs typically last anywhere between 30 and 90 days.  

If possible, we recommend that patients take part in our Partial Hospitalization Program, also known as PHP. Participants in this program will eat, sleep, and take part in treatment at our facility for a set period of days. During the course of your stay, you will take part in 12-step meetings as well as cognitive behavioral therapy when needed. You will come to find that 12-step or group meetings will play a critical role in your overall recovery. They supply you with the opportunity to speak with other people that have struggled with addiction and share your own personal experiences. You can also participate in different activities that take place regularly around our campus.  

Once you have completed a PHP, you have the option to continue on your path toward recovery by enrolling in our Intensive Outpatient Program. Commonly referred to as IOP, this program was uniquely designed for patients that finished an inpatient program and are ready to transition back to a normal way of life that incorporates their recovery. You will still spend the majority of your day at our facility and take part in different activities and therapies that you did during PHP.  

Our outpatient program is well-suited for individuals who have personal or professional responsibilities, but they realize that they also need treatment for an addiction. Patients that enroll in this program will come to our treatment center during certain times on certain days to take part in treatment. You can still expect to take part in the same type of treatment that participants in an IOP or a PHP receive, just on a different type of schedule.  

Keep in mind, there is always the possibility of changing your treatment plan if needed. For example, if you begin with a 30-day program and you would like to extend your program, one of our counselors is always available to speak with you about your options.  

We also understand that addiction tends to affect every member of your family, not just the person struggling with the addiction. The Legacy Healing Center provides attendees with the option to reach out to their loved ones and invite members of their family to come to family therapy. This is an excellent way for you and your family to address certain issues or concerns that they have and begin to work toward moving into a healthier place in your relationship.   We realize that your journey toward lifelong sobriety does not end when you are done with your treatment program. With this in mind, we created a program called Addiction Aftercare. Would you like to continue receiving therapeutic support? Perhaps you are having problems finding meetings in your area or you would like to keep in touch with fellow Legacy Healing Center alumni? Addiction Aftercare provides you with a continuously growing group of clinical and alumni support.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

There are numerous private insurance companies that will fully or partially cover the cost of your treatment program. The Legacy Healing Center is proud to accept and work with numerous private insurance providers so that you can receive the care you need to overcome your addiction.  

There are important details you should remember, however, if you do have private insurance and you are looking at your recovery options. For example, if you were recently in a program at another facility, there is a possibility that your insurance provider will not cover another treatment plan until a certain amount of time has passed. Additionally, there are some insurance providers that may cover the cost of rehab, but they will not cover a detox program. If you are unsure of what your insurance company covers, we recommend that you call them for the details. Another option is to provide us with the details for your insurance policy and we can work with you to determine the answer. Our team will always do everything they can to ensure that you receive recovery treatment.  

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Gainesville

When you are done with treatment and return home to Gainesville, it’s critical that you develop a healthy daily routine. While this schedule should focus on finding and attending meetings, you should also take the time to visit the numerous sober friendly attractions in the Gainesville area. Doing so provides you the opportunity not only to learn more about the fun things to do in Gainesville but also allows you to learn more about your likes and dislikes as a sober individual.  

Florida Museum of Natural History

The museum is filled with a combination of permanent and temporary exhibits that help visitors understand more of the history of our planet and the Gainesville area. Are you planning to visit the museum with little ones? Don’t miss out on exploring the children’s gallery. The museum is open six days a week between 10 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Saturday and 1 PM to 5 PM on Sunday.  

3215 Hull Road, Gainesville, Florida 32611 

Devil’s Millhopper

Do adventures in the great outdoors help you to clear your mind after a challenging day? If you are in search of a beautiful and relaxing place to visit, you may want to consider a trip to the Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park. One of the most notable features of this park is the large sinkhole toward the middle of the property. Additionally, it is not uncommon for visitors to report that they found different fossils such as shark teeth and marine shells. The part is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM.  

4732 Millhopper Road, Gainesville, Florida 32653 

Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

If you are an animal lover, be sure to make time to visit the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. Although the zoo is open every day, it is only accessible to visitors between 9 AM to 2 PM. The zoo is home to a variety of incredible animals such as ocelots, a southern three-banded armadillo, and a guanaco. There are also different educational events that the zoo hosts throughout the year. The zoo also features a program that helps interested persons with a way to become a zookeeper.  

3000 Northwest 83rd Street, Building Z, Gainesville, Florida 32606 

Matheson History Museum

The Matheson History Museum is one of the well-known historical venues in the Gainesville area. The museum features a variety of temporary and permanent exhibits that help visitors to understand more about the development of the area. When you step into the Matheson house it is almost as if you are taking a step back through time to the 1860s. The Matheson family has a rich history associated with Gainesville which is part of what makes the museum and house so prominent.  

513 E University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32061 

Possum Creek Park

Possum Creek Park is a great place to visit if you are interested in a fun family outing. This park is filled with baseball fields and luscious green grass where you can throw frisbees or fly kites. Let the little ones in your family climb and play on the playground while you sit in the shade of the numerous trees on this expansive park. Do you have a furry friend that you would like to bring with you? Not a problem. This park is pet friendly. If jogging or walking is more your speed, this park will not disappoint. Don’t forget, there is also a skate park that you can ride into at any time.  

4009 NW 53rd Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32653 

Our team of caring professionals around available around the clock to provide you with the support and care you need when you make this critical decision in your life. The Legacy Healing Center team realizes when you are on the road to recovery, you cannot always walk alone. We work to provide you with the support you need to make it through the first difficult days of sobriety. Our intake specialists are available around the clock to supply you with the answers to any of your questions or concern associated with treatment. Remember, every call is 100% confidential so we encourage you to not hold back regarding the detail associated with your addiction.  

Please call us today at (888) 534-2295. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.