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Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Coral Gables Residents

An addiction was previously thought of not as a disease but rather as a result of poor choices, and treatment for addiction was seen as a luxury. Today, addiction is understood to be a chronic, relapsing mental disease and treatment is seen as essential to helping people overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. Rehab has essentially become a right of every American, as displayed by the inclusion of rehab treatment in even the most basic of health insurance plans.

Addiction, or substance use disorder (SUD), is a problem that affects nearly every demographic and age group in the United States. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals the extent of substance abuse in the country. In 2018, as many as 16.6 million people over the age of 12 were considered heavy drinkers, and 67.1 million people were binge drinkers. In the same year, one in five people used an illicit drug. Every year, millions of people are initiated into substance abuse, adding to the ever-present addiction cases throughout the country.

However, an addiction is a condition that can be treated and beaten. Through our clinical addiction treatment services in South Florida, you can undergo significant changes and form a new way of life that frees you from the oppressive grip of addiction. Our hand-picked healthcare professionals are supportive and understanding of your condition and can provide you with the key elements of recovery to help you achieve your long-term sobriety goals.

Coral Gables Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs

It is easy for a rehab to claim that their services are the best, but what can you do to determine if a rehab can follow through on their promises? One of the best ways to tell if a rehab is worth the cost is whether or not they are certified.

Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, has been fully accredited by the Joint Commission. In fact, our services have been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval. We achieved this award thanks to our specialized treatment services that are an ideal treatment solution for substance addictions to prescription pain relievers, heroin, meth, cocaine, benzos, alcohol, and MDMA among others.

Another critical aspect of effective rehab programs is their adherence to the principals of effective treatment, as set out by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Their guidelines to addiction treatment include providing personalized treatment plans for addiction, treating not only the addiction but also other important areas of a person’s life, and providing treatment programs that are long enough to take effect. Behavioral therapy is also a key component to treatment along with medications for detox and long-term maintenance, continual assessment during treatment, and providing more than just a detox program.

Legacy Healing offers drug rehab for Coral Gables and has all of these elements, which makes our rehab programs highly effective at helping you to overcome the struggles that you have with addiction. Our luxury, therapeutic setting combined with all of the elements that make our rehab programs effective is the reason why Legacy Healing Center is the best place to find addiction treatment services.

Drug Rehab Centers for Coral Gables Residents

Addiction treatment is best carried out at accredited rehab facilities such as Legacy Healing Center in South Florida At Legacy Healing Center, we take a personalized approach to each person who seeks our help. We understand that every person may have different treatment needs, and together with a favorable staff-to-patient ratio, our personalized treatment plans can help you or someone you care about to finally break the destructive cycle of addiction.

Addiction treatment has many important aspects. Our rehab in South Florida can help you by providing a medically assisted detoxification, evidence-based behavioral therapy, relapse prevention plans, a sober coach, and other holistic healing programs. Our holistic healing programs are essentially aimed at helping to improve every area of your life to assist you in preventing relapse in your future. This includes providing treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, a platform for community engagement, health and wellness programs, and aftercare services among other programs.

Legacy Healing Center, and it’s resort-like setting, is an ideal place to rediscover your life after substance abuse has caused problems to multiply. We understand what you are going through, and with our hand-picked healthcare professionals, your life can undergo a transformation from substance addiction to a fulfilled life free from drugs.

Alcohol Rehab Centers for Coral Gables Residents

Alcohol is one of the most-widely abused substances in the United States. According to substance abuse statistics from 2018, 6.6 percent of people over the age of 18 reported heavy drinking within the last month, and a further 26.45 percent reported binge drinking in the last month. Alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) was evident in as many as 14.4 million adults in 2018.

Alcohol is not only widely abused, but it is also a dangerous substance that can lead to death. According to the CDC, alcohol is the cause of around 88,000 deaths each year. In order to avoid these severe consequences and the problems associated with alcohol use disorder, Legacy Healing Center in South Florida can provide you with all of the aspects of effective addiction treatment to help you stop abusing alcohol for good.

The first thing that you’ll do in rehab is to deal with your withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal is a serious condition that usually requires medical care. Your withdrawal symptoms in our medical detox program can be safely managed by providing you with various medications. Medical supervision also makes sure that serious health risks are closely monitored.

After detox, the core of your treatment can start. A major part of overcoming an addiction for good is behavioral therapy. We incorporate many of the best-known behavioral therapies that are based on years of evidence and research. Therapies for alcohol use disorder in our rehab in South Florida include solution focused therapy, family systems, process therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.

Alcoholism is often accompanied by a second mental disorder. In rehab, this is known as a dual diagnosis. If you were to suffer from the untreated symptoms of a mental disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder from an event in your past, then you may turn to alcohol for relief. Of course, this provides nothing more than temporary relief as symptoms of both your mental disorder and addiction become stronger as time goes by.

Our Legacy Healing Center in Coral Gables offers alcohol rehab. A part of our whole-patient approach to treatment is treating conditions such as PTSD. These treatments occur simultaneously with behavioral therapy for addiction.

We also explore your career during treatment, offering career counseling where appropriate. The goal of our treatment programs is to help you to build the right foundation for a new way of life that isn’t trapped by alcohol abuse.  By the end of rehab with us, you will be prepared and feel confident in your ability to prevent relapse.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Are you looking for a drug and alcohol treatment facility near Coral Gables, FL? At Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, you can gain access to crucial elements of treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. Legacy Healing Center is ready to help guide you or someone you care about through the initial stages of recovery all the way to long-term sobriety.

Our rehab in South Florida, can offer you residential and outpatient treatment services for alcohol and drug addiction. We understand that not everyone is able to take 30 to 90 days off work or their other responsibilities to get help for addiction, but through our outpatient rehab programs, you can receive the evidence-based, clinical treatments to help you gain control of your life again.

Residential rehab is one of the most effective ways to treat an addiction. This is because it allows you to stay at our luxury facility and be surrounded by supportive people and enveloped by our healing environment. In residential rehab, you can focus on yourself and the healing that you need to recover from an addiction. All other outside influences including the access to drugs and alcohol is removed, allowing you to have a real, unimpeded chance at long-term recovery.

While our rehab programs are among the best for addiction treatment, we do not end our support once rehab is over; you will have access to a sober coach for the rest of your life. We also provide alumni activities for you to be a part of after your rehab program in South Florida. We frequently invite guest speakers to our alumni events to help reinforce and improve our clients’ long-term recovery.

To get access to fully accredited rehab treatment programs in both inpatient and outpatient settings, contact Legacy Healing in South Florida, today at (888) 534-2295. We are standing by to help guide you through your recovery with compassion and understanding.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

If you have experienced withdrawal symptoms from drugs, then you are well aware of how overwhelming they can be. From the intense cravings that you have to the many uncomfortable symptoms that you experience as your body is struggling to cope, withdrawal is not something that can be taken lightly if there is a physical dependence present.

You may have heard about a drug detox in rehab that can help. Our medical detox program is the best way to deal with drug withdrawal. To better understand why a medical detox program can help, we must explore the cause of withdrawal.

Withdrawal from drugs is caused by your body trying to return to normal function. During frequent substance abuse, your body adjusts to the presence of the drug. This adjustment along with the changes that drugs have on your brain chemistry and function leads to physical dependence and tolerance to the drug’s effect.

However, when you abruptly stop using the drug, then your body is left in this adjusted state. In general, it takes about a week for your body to return to a more normal functioning state, and while this happens, you experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms include intense cravings, insomnia, mood disturbances, and many other symptoms that are commonly experienced based on the drug that the person is reliant on.

A medical detox treats these symptoms by providing you with medications that can help to taper you off the drug, and medications that help to alleviate certain uncomfortable symptoms, such as anxiety or insomnia. The medications that we use are FDA-approved and vary depending on the specific drug that was abused and other factors such as resistant symptoms.

Along with the various medications that we frequently use during detox, we also ensure your physical well-being through our medical supervision. This supervision is especially important to monitor and treat prior medical conditions that may cause additional complications during detox when your body is undergoing significant strain, such as an elevated heart rate or high blood pressure.

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

One of the lesser known facts of alcohol addiction is that stopping an alcohol dependence abruptly without medical supervision can have fatal consequences. It is for this reason that when seeking professional guidance, a person is often advised to not stop drinking until they enter into a medical detox program.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is caused by the effects that constant heavy drinking has on the body. The symptoms that are most commonly felt during withdrawal from alcohol include vomiting and nausea, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, sweating, and tremors in the limbs. They can begin to appear after just six hours and take roughly a week to dissipate.

In alcohol withdrawal, there are also very dangerous symptoms known as delirium tremens. These symptoms can lead to death in rare cases and require around-the-clock medical care. Symptoms include a fever, profuse sweating, high blood pressure, intense hallucinations, and confusion.

Fortunately, there are several medications that can treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which are FDA-approved. This is the core of a medical detox: medications to treat the withdrawal symptoms and the condition as a whole. The body is essentially trying to find balance again in GABA and glutamate production. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is increased during alcohol consumption, and glutamate is the counterpart to GABA; instead of producing relaxing feelings like GABA, glutamate causes increased stress on the body leading to anxiety and other symptoms.

Some medications such as benzodiazepines can help to reduce the impact of this sudden drop in GABA to prevent the high levels of glutamate from causing anxiety and other uncomfortable symptoms. Several medications including prescription and over-the-counter medications may be used during your withdrawal to help ease your symptoms. We want to make you as comfortable as possible during your detox.

Along with the medications that help to treat your symptoms, we also ensure your safe recovery by providing you with 24/7 medical supervision. This supervision ensures that prior medical conditions and the possible appearance of delirium tremens doesn’t cause serious health risks.

A medical detox, while effective and breaking a physical dependence, is not a cure for addiction. After detox, you will need to partake in our various therapies and treatment programs in order to establish the cause of your substance abuse, and then to learn how to cope with triggers among other things such as building motivation for change.


How Long is Rehab?

With all of the research and data collected regarding effective addiction treatment by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it’s possible to give a general treatment length. According to their research, 90 days is the least amount of time that you should dedicate to your recovery for treatment to be effective in the long term.

However, each person is different in terms of their rehab needs. Through our personalized approach to treatment at Legacy Healing Center, we create the ideal treatment plan for you. This plan may require you to spend even more time in rehab if it will help you to stay sober.

In order to satisfy the suggested treatment length of 90 days, as an example, you can start your recovery in a 30-day inpatient treatment plan at our South Florida rehab, followed by a 30-day outpatient program to help you transition into a normal daily routine. Finally, you can partake in aftercare services such as our alumni program and 12-step support groups to achieve the 90 days in treatment.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

One of the questions that you might have when considering a rehab program is what the cost might be. There are several factors that contribute to the cost of rehab. Firstly, the length of the treatment program can have a significant effect on the cost. Some programs are only 30 days long while others are 90 days or more.

Another cost factor is the types of treatments that are ultimately needed to help you overcome your addiction. This includes behavioral therapy and other holistic healing programs. The amenities that the facility offers can also contribute to the cost of rehab.  Finally, the treatment setting can have a significant influence on the cost of rehab; residential rehab tends to incur more costs than outpatient rehab.

There is no single treatment for alcohol or drug addiction that can help everyone. The treatment of addiction needs to be personalized for it to be truly effective. To find out what rehab will cost you, call Legacy Healing Center at (888) 534-2295 to receive a no-obligation consultation to discuss the potential costs that will be involved with your treatment.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Rehab can be costly, especially if you require an inpatient rehab program. However, this cost can be greatly offset by the coverage that most insurance plans have for rehab. It is now required that every health insurance plan provide some level of coverage for addiction treatment such as outpatient services, a medical detox, and even residential rehab. This includes both private and public health insurance plans.

To establish your level of insurance coverage for rehab, get in touch with your insurance provider and ask them how they decide what they will cover with regards to rehab. Ask them which types of treatment programs they cover, such as inpatient or outpatient rehab, medical detox programs, and behavioral therapy. You should also find out about your copays are and out-of-pocket expenses.

We do not want you to have any surprises when it comes to billing, and before you begin your treatment plan, we will discuss the costs and payment options with you. We work with many leading insurance providers to make our rehab accessible. Contact us today at (888) 534-2295 if you would like us to help you verify your insurance coverage for rehab.


Sober-Friendly Attractions near Coral Gables

Once you complete any behavioral health program, it’s important to keep busy and keep yourself engaged and entertained in your recovery. Identifying sober-friendly places and events you can enjoy throughout your recovery in  your home city of Coral Gables will be an important part of your ongoing sobriety. Fortunately, Coral Gables in Florida has many great sober-friendly options. Explore the exotic natural beauty of Coral Gables by visiting the Fairchild Tropical Garden or stroll through the Coral Gables Farmers’ Market to enjoy locally grown produce and delectable treats.  

Of course, a Coral Cables, FL, experience isn’t complete without enjoying the stunning beaches in the area such as Nixon Beach, Tahiti Beach, Matheson Hammock Park, and Hobie Island Beach Park. Some of the best restaurants that you can dine  in Coral Gables, FL, include Fratellino, Aromas del Peru, and Ortanique on the Mile.

The bravery that it takes to seek professional help for addiction is admirable. Allow Legacy Healing Center to be your guide to an alcohol- and drug-free life through our luxury rehab programs in South Florida. Contact us today at (888) 534-2295 to start your journey to a new life.