Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs for Cleveland, OH Residents

When you are struggling with an addiction, you may feel like you are in a black hole. As a result of your addiction, seemingly, every aspect of your life suffers. Your personal and professional life will likely falter as the people around you begin to realize that something is not quite right in the way you are acting. You may start to pull away from the people around you that you were once close to as a way to protect your addiction.

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is not something that has to define you, however. When you are ready to overcome your addiction, the Legacy Healing Center experts in South Florida are here to help you navigate your path. One of the leading reasons why many of our clients opt to come to Legacy for treatment is because we take a personalized and holistic approach to recovery. We work with our clients individually to help them put together a treatment plan that meets their recovery goals.

However, before you start your journey, we always recommend our new clients begin this unique part of their life with an open mind and an open heart. You will probably hear specific thoughts and ideas connected with addiction and recovery that you have never heard of before. Although some of these concepts may feel uncomfortable or hard to accept at times, we encourage you to consider them and speak to a team member about how they may feel as you begin to work through your treatment plan.

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Drug Rehab Centers for Cleveland Residents

When you are ready to take steps to remove the influence of drugs from your life, you must look to addiction professionals’ help. When you come to Legacy, we strive to provide you with the structure you need to overcome your addiction. While most of your day will be spent taking part in different forms of therapy, we will also provide you with access to other amenities that will help make your time with us more enjoyable.

For example, taking part in physical exercise can go a long way in aiding your recovery. Often, people don’t know where to begin when it comes to putting together an exercise routine, which is why we work with physical trainers that can help you put one in place. Our overall goal is to supply you with a sense of calm and peace to better focus on what you need to do to put your life together and move in a healthier direction.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

Alcohol Rehab Centers for Cleveland Residents

Alcohol addiction can be difficult to overcome since there are so many temptations to drink alcohol found in our society in general. Typically, you can’t go that far out of your house before seeing a restaurant that serves alcohol or a liquor store. Even if you decide to stay home, dozens of television commercials run throughout the day that features alcohol.

When you decide that you are ready to free yourself from alcohol addiction confines, you must find a safe and protected environment where you can concentrate on yourself and what you need to regain your health and sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Centers
for Cleveland Residents

At Legacy Healing in South Florida, we use various forms of therapeutic techniques to help you find the root cause of your addiction so we can begin to help you craft a plan together not only to overcome it but to maintain your sobriety in the future. One of the main types of therapy that you will participate in during your treatment is group therapy. Talking to other people who have been combating their addiction is an excellent way to help you make connections and have a better understanding of your triggers. During these guided sessions, you will have the chance to share what you think about these critical topics and listen to the thoughts of those around you.  

Individual therapy, also known as one-on-one therapy, is another example of counseling that will play a central role in your recovery plan. There may be certain events in your life that you don’t feel comfortable talking about in a group setting. For example, if you experienced a physical trauma that may have led to your addiction, it may take time for you to feel at ease talking about it in the presence of other people. Individual therapy provides you with the opportunity to speak with one of our counselors in a private setting. During these sessions, you can begin to detail these events as you work to overcome them.  

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that your family will suffer in some way, shape, or form due to your addiction. It’s not uncommon for the relationships with your family members to suffer and breakdown because of your addiction. When you become sober, however, and you are in recovery, you may come to realize how valuable these relationships can be. Family therapy gives you the chance to begin to reconnect with your loved ones. These sessions will take place in a neutral setting so that both you and your family members feel comfortable with open conversation.  

It’s not uncommon for mental health issues to play a factor in addiction. Sadly, there is a negative stigma associated with mental health to the point where a person tends to feel ashamed of admitting that there could be struggling with something more than just addiction. Behavioral therapy gives you the chance to explore the possibilities of underlying mental health issues and address them accordingly.   

How Much Does Rehab Cost?  

When you come to Legacy Healing in South Florida, you will receive the personalized attention that you need to begin to work through the different facets of your addiction. Therefore, the cost associated with your care will be specific to your recovery needs. We believe that every person that is invested in their sobriety should have the chance to participate in one of our programs. Therefore, you have concerns about finances, be sure to let one of our recovery specialists know. We work with clients with private insurance and do everything we can to put together a plan for you, even if you don’t have private insurance.  

How Does Drug Detox Work?  

When you are ready to get sober, it’s never advisable to stop taking your drug of choice. Once you have developed an addiction, your body has gotten used to consuming your drug of choice regularly. Therefore, there is likely to be a physical effect on your body when you stop, known as withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, clients have reported that they feel they are fighting against a bad case of the flu as they go through the withdrawal process.  

In some instances, it’s possible that withdrawal symptoms can turn deadly. This is why you should never try to go through the detox process by yourself. Instead, it would be best if you turned to our team of experienced medical professionals. Our team has been uniquely trained to monitor your withdrawal symptoms to avoid any risk of the possibility of fatal consequences. 

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?  

The premise of alcohol detox is the same as that of drug detox. When your mind and body are influenced by alcohol and take that alcohol away, you will have a physical and emotional reaction. Withdrawal symptoms come on quickly and usually begin to manifest within a few hours of the last time you had your last drink. Clients typically complain of feeling nausea, tiredness, and an increase in anxiety.  

As is the case with drug withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can also present potentially fatal consequences. Sadly, when withdrawal symptoms are so severe, they can trigger seizures or other potentially deadly symptoms, making it all the more critical that you don’t try to undergo this process on your own.  

How Long Is Rehab?  

You will have to make several significant decisions once you commit yourself to a treatment plan. One of the most critical choices you will need to consider is your recovery program’s length. Our team realizes that addiction can never fall into a “one-size-fits-all” model. This is why we offer treatment plans that can last 30, 60, or 90 days.  

There are tremendous benefits to each program duration. First and foremost, by simply enrolling in a treatment program, you are taking a definitive step toward developing a healthier life for yourself. Additionally, you are changing the people, places, and things around you that may be feeding your addiction. For example, if you live with friends or family members that do not fully understand that addiction is a disease or they are struggling with their own obsession, changing your environment for some time can help you gain control of your own addiction and give you the strength that you need to continue to maintain your sobriety once you return home.  

Before you finalize your decision regarding the length of your treatment program, we strongly recommend that you speak with a member of the Legacy team. We can provide you with insight or direction that you may not have initially considered and help you make the most out of your time at our treatment facility.  

Regardless of your treatment plan’s length, another important decision that you will need to make is whether you would like to work through our inpatient program or our outpatient program. You must consider the various aspects of each type of plan. For example, if you decide to enroll in our inpatient program, you will live on our campus for a set period of days. One of the benefits of taking advantage of our inpatient program is that we will provide you with a safe and comfortable room, excellent food, and an environment conducive to your recovery.  

However, we understand that our inpatient program is not a viable option for every person, which is why we also have an outpatient program. Our outpatient programs provide you with the flexibility to develop a treatment plan for your schedule. You will work with a team member to put together a plan that allows you to come to Legacy Healing for treatment at specific days and times. This process will enable you to see your responsibilities still and allows you to receive the help you need to overcome your addiction. Don’t forget that our entire team will continuously be checking in with you as you progress through your treatment plan. If any adjustments need to be made, we will collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the most benefit from the time you are with us.  

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.
Does My Insurance Have
Coverage for Rehab?  

In recent years, most major insurance carriers have realized that addiction is not something that any person wants. Instead, it’s a disease that requires professional intervention to overcome. Legacy Healing Center works with and accepts several insurance carriers. Your private insurance coverage may help to reduce or eliminate any out-of-pocket cost connected with your treatment plan.  

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that there may be certain restrictions on your coverage. For example, some insurance companies will cover a full residential treatment plan. However, they will not cover any cost associated with a detox program. Also, it’s typical that if you recently attended a different recovery program at another treatment facility, you may have to wait a certain amount of time before your insurance will cover your stay at Legacy.  

Trying to figure out the terms of your insurance carrier can be frustrating and overwhelming. If you have any trouble with cutting through the red tape of your coverage, a member of our team will always help you. We recommend that you let one of our recovery specialists know when you first call in.  

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Cleveland  

Returning home to Cleveland once you complete your program is something that you will likely look forward to. We do have clients, however, that do feel wary about the concept of going back home. This is part of the reason why we developed our Addiction Aftercare program. This program allows you to remain in touch with the Legacy Healing Center staff for any reason, including continuing in your therapeutic sessions or attending different events throughout the year, specifically for Legacy alumni. Our team members can speak with you more about our Addiction Aftercare program at any point during your treatment.  

Once you do return home to Cleveland, you must commit yourself to develop a healthy routine. This process should always include attending regular 12-step meetings. You will notice that a 12-step meeting will closely model the group therapy sessions you attended while at Legacy. 

Attending these types of meetings will help you begin developing your support system now that you are home. It will also help reinforce the important lessons you learned regarding addiction and recovery. It’s critical not to overlook the impact that seeing some of the sober friendly attractions in and around the Cleveland area can have on your overall recovery. Once you feel as though you have developed a healthy routine now that you are back home, here are some great suggestions of places that you should visit around Cleveland.  

“A Christmas Story” House

Are you a fan of the famous movie “A Christmas Story”? If so, then you should make time to see the house that took center stage during the movie. The house itself has been completely restored to represent the layout that you saw in the film. Directly across the street, an excellent museum features an array of costumes and props used in the movie. The hours of operation do vary, so you should always check ahead before you go.  

3159 W. 11th Street, Cleveland, OH 44109  

USS Cod Submarine Memorial

The USS Cod was well-known during World War II as the submarine responsible for sinking an enormous number of Japanese ships. Roughly 30,000 tons of Japanese ships were sunk during the war by this impressive submarine. Today, the USS Cod is on display for visitors to see first-hand. You will have the chance to learn more about the day-to-day life of sailors on board the USS Cod as well as the inner workings of the ship.  

1201 N. Marginal Road Cleveland, OH 44114

James A. Garfield Monument

Before becoming president, James A. Garfield called Cleveland home. Sadly, Garfield’s life ended early when an assassin gunned him down. His family decided that his body should be back home and bury him in a monument designed explicitly for him. The memorial is a stunning piece of architecture and pays tribute to Garfield’s life. The James A. Garfield is open to the public only during certain times of the year depending on the season.  

12316 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

One of the most popular attractions in Cleveland is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This unique venue pays tribute to the different rock and roll musicians throughout the years that have made a lasting impact on the genre. There are a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits that are housed in this museum. Each year more is added to this venue as the class of honorees continues to grow.  

1100 E. 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44144

Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Cleveland is home to a variety of family-friendly attractions. If you are looking for something to do with a child, a trip to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland would make for a fun family day. This museum was specifically designed with exhibits that children can both play with and touch. It provides children with the freedom not only to learn but also to let their imagination grow.  

3813 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115

Cleveland History Center of Western Reserve 

Are you interested in learning more about the development of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio? The Cleveland History Center of Western Reserve Historical Society is filled with a variety of exhibits that will help you learn more about the city’s growth. This venue also hosts several educational programs throughout the year for visitors of all ages.  

10825 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44106

When you are ready to commit to overcoming your addiction, you should never do so alone. The experienced team at Legacy Healing Center is here to help you navigate your recovery and provide you with the reassurance that you need to know that you can live a healthy and productive life. If you are struggling with addiction, we recommend that you don’t delay reaching out to one of our addiction specialists. They will help you put the framework of a treatment plan and provide you with the critical information you need to become a Legacy Healing Center client. Please call us today at (888) 534-2295.