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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

A partial hospitalization program is a type of addiction treatment program that offers several session hours during the day, three to five days per week. Clients who participate in this program can expect to meet with therapists for individual and group sessions during the day and return home to their loved ones at night. This program is a step down from our residential treatment program, which is a form of inpatient care designed for individuals who are not medically stable and require Legacy Healing Center detox.

Partial Hospitalization Program Requirements

So how do you know someone needs a PHP addiction program? When someone decides they want to seek treatment for their substance use disorder, it can be challenging to navigate the many options available. Generally, the first step is to undergo a professional clinical assessment to determine the individual’s mental and physical health. 

Once clients have completed their clinical assessments, our specialists can then determine whether the patient meets the requirements for PHP addiction treatment or whether another one of our rehab programs may be better suited to their situation. A person may require a partial hospitalization program if: 

  • – They struggle to function at work, school, or other occupations due to drug or alcohol use
  • – They’re not at risk of harming themselves or others
  • – They’re medically stable
  • – They have previously undergone medically assisted detox
  • – They have an adequate support system at home
  • – They’re motivated to participate in treatment
  • – They suffer from a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder

If you or a loved one is battling a substance abuse disorder and meets the requirements of PHP treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Cherry Hill rehab center to find out the benefits of this program.

What Our PHP Addiction Program Offers

So what does a typical day of PHP addiction treatment look like? A typical day of PHP consists of both individual and group therapy sessions, psycho-educational groups, skill-building practice, and periodic evaluations. These treatments are conducted by our licensed and experienced staff to address clients’ symptoms and help them intelligently cope with recovery outside of rehab. 

There may also be family therapy sessions included in a client’s PHP treatment. Our support services for families of addicts promote individual healing for both clients and their loved ones and help mend relationships broken by substance abuse. Other amenities, such as lunch and recreational activities, may also be offered to our patients, depending on their schedules outside of rehab.

Depending on the needs of the individual, clients in our partial hospitalization program may engage in therapy services like:

  • – Age-Specific Groups
  • – Art and Music Therapy
  • – Family Sessions
  • – Gender-Specific Groups
  • – Group Therapy
  • – Individual Sessions With Therapists
  • – Relapse Prevention Sessions
  • – Trauma Therapy
  • – & More

In addition to a multi-dimensional approach to addiction treatment, other benefits of our PHP substance abuse program include weekly support, guidance, structure, constant access to our specialists and sponsors, guidance in recovery, and a smooth, guided transition from active addiction to treatment to sobriety. 

Finding a Partial Hospitalization Program Near Me

As we previously mentioned, a partial hospitalization program is best suited for individuals who are medically stable or have undergone prior, more intensive forms of treatment. It’s also beneficial for individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or need help sustaining their sobriety. 

At our drug rehab in New Jersey, the level of care or addiction treatment program that the patient undergoes is decided during a clinical assessment. This assessment allows our specialists to determine the patient’s current state of health, how long they’ve been using drugs or alcohol, where they’re at in their addiction or recovery, any previous attempts at detox or quitting, and more. All of these factors can greatly determine the nature, longevity, and intensity of a client’s treatment. 

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