The Benefits and Downfalls of Humor in Recovery

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Addiction is a very serious disease that can have several devastating effects on a person’s life. It can lead people down a dark path that becomes increasingly more difficult to break away from with time. Despite the gravity of such a situation, it may surprise some to learn that constant seriousness is not the only way to heal. So, is laughter the best medicine? Legacy Healing Center is looking at the triumphs and pitfalls of humor in recovery.

The Benefits of Recovery Humor

There are many benefits associated with laughter and humor while pursuing addiction treatment. It is helpful in both individual and group therapy sessions and allows patients to relax, especially when one is struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety. It is also useful in developing connections between patients, which is crucial when combatting feelings of loneliness during addiction

Some ways that humor in recovery can benefit patients include:

  • Minimizing cross-cultural tension amongst patients or staff.
  • Helping participants find relief from the pain they’re experiencing.
  • Aiding patients in letting their guard down. 
  • Effectively decreasing defensiveness in patients.
  • Decreasing feelings of dread, stress, and anxiety.
  • Preventing boredom or apathy during therapy sessions. 
  • Minimizing anxiety regarding taboo or painful subjects.
  • Strengthening the relationship between counselor and client.

The development of relationships is extremely important during recovery. The community that a patient builds will serve as an additional pillar of support that they can lean on upon completing treatment. Through humor, peers in recovery can find ways to bond over shared experiences, and may even be able to make light of formerly distressing situations. Laughter provides crucial pathways for connection, breaking the ice amongst those who may begin this process as strangers. 

The Downsides of Using Humor to Deflect

Although laughter and lightheartedness are crucial to providing balance and relief, it is important to recognize them as tools for recovery, rather than a crutch. Unfortunately, many people choose to use humor as a defense mechanism, allowing them to maintain the walls they have built for themselves through wit. Ultimately, the time will come when a patient needs to take a good hard look at their situation and see it for what it is. 

A good analogy for the negative connotations of recovery humor is the class clown. This is a character many of us came into contact with at school or work. Although they can get a group giggling, they may not be as inclined to take what is happening seriously. This in turn can greatly affect their performance and can perpetuate a cycle of escapism. It should then come as no surprise that some may attempt to trade one form of escapism (substance abuse) for another. 

It is also worth noting that we do not condone the usage of inappropriate humor. This can refer to telling jokes at the wrong time, jokes told in bad faith, or humor used to hurt another person. Anyone pursuing addiction treatment at one of our Legacy Healing Center locations can rest assured that their dignity and respect are of utmost importance to us. We hope that each of our patients can rediscover their own sense of humor and laughter through our options for individual and group therapy.

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