Learn the Benefits of Men’s Only Detox Programs
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Benefits of Men’s Only Detox Programs

Written By Legacy Healing Center - Oct 25 2019

Benefits of Men’s Only Detox Programs

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Learn about detox programs for men and how they can help you.

If you are seeking help for drug or alcohol abuse, you may have come across detox for men only programs. These are detox programs that cater specifically to the male gender, and being in a program like this could be of great benefit for you. Many people ask why some detox and rehabilitation programs are gender-specific.

This is due to a wide variety of reasons. First, substance abuse symptoms and withdrawal symptoms can be different for men and women. With a gender-specific detox program, you can rest assured you are getting the help and medical care that is focused on your situation and gender.

Being around other men also helps you create social bonds and a support system made up of your peers. These are just a few reasons why detox programs for men can be advantageous; let’s take a look at some others.

The Opportunity to Speak Freely in Detox for Men Only

It has been found that when men are involved in a men-only drug detox program, the conversations in meetings and groups are typically more candid than if women were also in the room. Detox and rehabilitation involve a certain level of vulnerability to truly get as much as possible out of the program, and sometimes people do not feel comfortable sharing their feelings or specifics about their situation if people of a different gender are present.

The goal at meetings and in group therapy sessions is for you to feel comfortable and safe. In a detox for a men-only atmosphere, you may feel more relaxed to share what is on your heart without worrying about being judged or feeling shamed.

Dealing with Fewer Distractions

It isn’t hard to imagine that being in a co-ed detox or rehabilitation program can lead to socializing and possibly romantic relationships. With this possibility, it is likely you will become distracted and won’t have the opportunity to fully focus on your recovery.

While it may seem like meeting someone or the excitement of a new romance is a welcome distraction from all of the challenges you are working through, the mission behind detox and rehab is to have you completely immersed in healing so you can live a life free from substance abuse.

Learn About and Focus on Reasons Behind Gender-Specific Drug Abuse

Another aspect of being part of detox programs specifically for men is being able to dig deep into the reasons men use certain substances. These reasons typically range from the history of trauma or abuse, mental health issues, feeling dissatisfied in work or school, having poor body image, or coming from a home environment where substance abuse was present.

In addition, men rather than women have a higher likelihood to use alcohol or drugs at an earlier age, to help with their performance on the job or in school, and to self-medicate.

At Legacy Healing Center’s detox for me, you will be able to build a support system with other men who are on the same journey of recovery as you are. In addition to detox, support groups and therapy available, you can also possibly take part in activities that many men enjoy.

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