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Tallahassee Drug Rehab for Painkiller Addiction

An addiction to painkillers is something that can negatively impact seemingly every aspect of your life. Sadly, painkiller addiction is something that can begin quite innocently for many people after they are prescribed the medication as a result of an injury or after surgery. Unless a doctor closely monitors this intake, addiction can manifest quite quickly and have life-shattering effects. At our painkiller rehab in Tallahassee, we will help you learn what steps you need to take to overcome this potentially deadly disease.

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When Is it Time for Rehab?

Only you can decide to overcome your addiction finally. If you try to make this disease about everyone but you, there is a strong possibility that your time at our prescription drug rehab will not be successful. It would help if you came to a place in your life where you feel as though you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired as a result of your addiction. The feeling of wanting to change your life for the better is something that you will feel at your core, and as you experience this feeling, the team at our painkiller rehab is here to help.

4 Signs of Painkiller Addiction

Several signs may indicate that you may be suffering from an addiction to painkillers and that you need to come to our prescription drug rehab.

Some examples include:

  1. Issues with your job as a result of your prescription drug consumption
  2. Health problems causing stress and harmful effects to your body
  3. Issues in your relationships with your friends and family members
  4. Mood swings and cravings either when you are under the influence of your drug of choice

If you’re experiencing one or all of these signs of addiction, our team can speak with you further about what steps you need to take to come to our painkiller rehab in Tallahassee.

What Is Painkiller Rehab Tallahassee Like?

It’s important to remember that your time at our painkiller rehab in Tallahassee will be very different from that of another client. For example, if you opt to work through one of our inpatient programs, you will have the opportunity to live on our beautiful campus throughout your recovery program. We will provide you with a home away from home type of environment and go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment with us.

For clients who cannot participate in our inpatient program, we offer them the opportunity to enroll in our outpatient program. This program is ideal for clients that work, go to school, or simply have personal responsibilities that they need to see that may prevent them from fully committing to an inpatient treatment program. It’s important to note that there will be specific hourly requirements each week for an outpatient program. However, we will do our best to formulate a program that accounts for these other responsibilities.

What Sets Legacy Healing Painkiller Rehab Apart From Other Rehabs?

As a leading painkiller rehab in Tallahassee, the Legacy Healing Center team is always available to provide our clients with the addiction care they need to work through their addiction to come to a better and healthier place in their life. We take the opportunity to work closely with every client that comes to the facility and help them put together a treatment plan that suits their individual needs. When you’re ready to make this commitment, please give us a call at 888.534.2295 today to follow us on your path to recovery.