New York Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in New York

An addiction to drugs or alcohol makes an unmistakable impact on your life. Every aspect of your life is affected. Before long, your boss is calling you in and telling you that you simply are not living up to your professional responsibilities. All of a sudden, your friends and family members begin to distance themselves from you because they notice that something is very wrong. If they don’t become distant, you may find that you are suddenly arguing with them a lot more because you are grasping at straws to protect your addiction. If there is one way that would describe the chaos that addiction tends to cause, it would probably be tiring.

Using drugs or excessively drinking alcohol to manage or deal with life, physical pain, trauma, to get through bad days, or even to celebrate good days can have an unmistakable impact on your life. Every aspect of your life is affected. When you add the pressure of working or living in New York City, everything is magnified. Work may suffer. Relationships with friends and family change or end. Even your relationship with yourself changes.

Whether you’re suffering from alcohol addiction or another substance of choice, help is closer than you think. The Legacy Healing rehabilitation center in NYC is staffed with caring professionals ready to help you break free of addictions and live the life you always knew you could.

Addiction Rehab Treatment in New York

The professionals at Legacy Healing Center believe there is always hope after addiction. We provide you with the care, consideration, and support you need when you are ready to leave the influence of drugs and alcohol in your past.

There will undoubtedly be parts of your recovery that may make you feel emotionally uncomfortable. That’s because at Legacy, we believe in a holistic approach. Getting off the substance is part of it.

If the underlying emotional causes of the users aren’t addressed, the results work through those feelings, and an amazing thing happens: you become more confident you can have a full life without the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

Our addiction treatment services are customized to your needs. Depending on the substance and severity of the disorder, your treatment may include:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Individual counseling with a licensed therapist
  • Group therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New York

Finding a New York rehab center may require some courage. But New Yorkers, and residents of the NYC metropolis and surrounding areas, are nothing if not fiercely strong and courageous. You can do hard things, like getting clean and sober.

Legacy Healing Center tries to make it a little easier. When you come here, you won’t find a scary place, but a bright, beautiful, inviting place that welcomes you into safety and recovery. We strive to create a comfortable yet luxurious environment, which we believe contributes to the possibility of accomplishing long-term sobriety.


New York Treatment Support Services

Your treatment includes support services while you’re getting treated here and afterward. One of the leading forms of therapy that you will experience during your time at Legacy Healing Center is group therapy. Our group therapy sessions are modeled after a traditional 12-step meeting. Group therapy is guided by one of our counselors, during which time you will have the chance to talk about your addiction experiences while also listening to other people’s thoughts in your group.

Substance abuse also has the potential to break down family relationships. Another addiction treatment support service is the opportunity to focus on family relationships. At the New York drug rehab families can come together in a neutral setting with a trained Legacy staff member to discuss concerns and emotions in a relaxed manner.