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The Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs for Miami Residents

The beautiful city of Miami is known as one of the top locations in the world thanks to its breathtaking beaches, renowned art galleries, Art Deco architecture, famous eateries, fishing and watersport opportunities, five-star shopping, and more. It is estimated that more than 15 million people visit the area each year, making it a hot tourist attraction and vacation spot.

While Miami has many affluent neighborhoods and top-tier educational institutions, one might get the impression that addiction isn’t as widely present in this city as compared to others. This is not accurate, as the area is currently dealing with high rates of addiction and substance abuse. Anyone can succumb to the grips of drug and alcohol addiction, regardless of their education or socioeconomic standing. Being a port city, Miami has a long history as a primary point of entry for drug traffickers, and cocaine, opioid, and alcohol addictions are common here among all races and ethnic groups.

The team at Legacy Healing Center understands Miami’s current substance abuse and addiction landscape. Offering unique and patient-centric detox and rehabilitation programs, Legacy Healing Center in South Florida provides hope and healing to anyone who believes they have to fight addiction alone. No matter what type of addiction someone is facing, our team wants to come alongside the person battling substance abuse and walk with them on their journey to sobriety.

Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Miami drug rehab can help you overcome the challenges of sobriety. With the choice of inpatient and outpatient treatment and multiple programs, such as 12-step meetings, you can find the level of support you need to succeed. You will find facilities that allow you to meet during the day while others hold meetings in the evenings to fit various needs.

Many of these programs offer aftercare to help you avoid relapse. Some will assist you with a job search and help in other practical ways to get you back on your feet. Some provide family therapy as you work to mend broken relationships caused by addiction.

Getting Sober from Drugs and Alcohol in Miami, FL

Getting sober from drugs and alcohol isn’t always easy. You may deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you decide to stop using. Some of these symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening.

With medical-assisted drug detox, you have medical professionals to help you through this process. They can provide medications to help alleviate some symptoms. With certain types of drugs, they may prescribe medications that slowly wean you off the drugs rather than stopping all at once. With drug rehab in Miami, FL, you don’t have to try to get sober all by yourself.

Drug Rehab Center in Miami, FL

With increased access to more and more drugs over the years in the city of Miami, plus higher numbers of residents and visitors, it is no surprise that drug addiction cases have spiked. In addition to cocaine, meth, and opioid addictions, people are seeking drug rehab help for substance abuse issues relating to Flakka, Molly, synthetic marijuana, and more.

Anyone who is battling a drug addiction issue will be happy to learn that Legacy Healing Center is a comprehensive treatment facility located right here in South Florida. Using a holistic healing treatment approach combined with high-end amenities and unique recovery activities and techniques, breaking free from drug addiction is possible with our help.

Our drug rehab center is designed so that people feel like they are in the comfort of their own home, while also feeling safe from triggers and outside stressors. Our medical detox programs are led by leading medical personnel and counselors who complete a detailed evaluation with each person and specifically tailor every detox to an individual’s needs, allowing them to safely and gently wean from a substance. Once detox is complete, the next important step of drug rehab will take place, and this is rehabilitation.

The drug rehabilitation options at Legacy Healing Center are designed to provide people with drug addictions long-term support and education on how to move forward in recovery. Through a combination of individual and group counseling, support group sessions, cognitive behavior therapy, sober activities, and more, patients begin to enjoy the freedom and clarity that comes along with sobriety, offering them a chance to enjoy the benefits and attractions of Miami from an entirely new perspective.

Our state-of-the-art drug rehab is ideal for anyone in or near Miami who wants to stay local during treatment. Enjoy a relaxed environment filled with activities and people who will offer you encouragement, support, and hope during this crucial season of your life.

Miami Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol addiction affects millions of people throughout the United States and can wreak havoc on one’s physical and mental well-being, as well as his or her family dynamic, career, and relationships. Anyone who is seeking an alcohol rehab center , Florida will want to check out Legacy Healing Center.

The specialists at Legacy Healing Center understand how difficult it is for someone to stop abusing alcohol. Quitting alcohol cold turkey on one’s own should never be attempted, as it can be unsafe and could cause a variety of physical symptoms. Depending on what type of alcohol someone uses, how often they use it, and how much they are drinking, withdrawal symptoms can occur when alcohol has been withheld for a short period of time.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to very serious, and each case is unique to the individual and their drinking history. Alcohol rehab centers such as Legacy Healing Center provide medically-led detox under the care of leading medical personnel who are trained to look for and deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can begin anywhere from two hours to several days after the individual stops using alcohol. Mild symptoms may include sweating, loss of appetite, restlessness, insomnia or feeling shaky, whereas more intense symptoms can include tremors, increased heart rate, seizures, or hallucinations.

Once someone undergoes detox at an alcohol rehab center, their body is rid of the substance but it is important for them to continue on in the next phase of treatment so they can remain sober. This is where an alcohol rehabilitation center comes into play.

Legacy Healing Center is located in the heart of South Florida and has a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs that will fit into your schedule, needs, and responsibilities. With our help, breaking free from alcohol addiction and getting on the path to sobriety is just a phone call away.

Legacy Healing Center

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How to Choose The Right Addiction Treatment Center in Miami, FL

When researching addiction treatment centers, it is important to understand that treating someone for alcohol addiction is going include different methods and techniques than treating someone for drug addiction. Because of the difference in addiction treatment protocols and also the unique needs of each patient, it is crucial to seek treatment in a center that is experienced in a variety of treatment programs and is proficient in the various detox needs and methods.

Legacy Healing Center is an addiction treatment center that is located in South Florida and is easily accessible to anyone in the area. Through a unique evaluation process, each patient is provided an addiction treatment program outline that is specifically designed with this individual’s needs in mind. For some people, detox might be the first step in the addiction treatment process. This will consist of a medically-supervised detox that is given under the care of top-tier physicians and medical personnel. Our gentle detox methods allow someone to rid their body of the substance in a calming, safe environment. If any withdrawal or detox symptoms do occur, our medical staff can assist through numerous interventions.

While detox at an addiction treatment center is the safest choice in helping someone get drugs or alcohol out of their system, it is only the first step in the recovery process. Rehabilitation is the next step and teaches people how to remain sober even in the midst of life’s stressors and triggers. Our rehabilitation programs not only incorporate therapy, support sessions, and behavioral techniques and education, but also includes a nutritional aspect, numerous outings and activities, a fitness protocol, medical treatment, faith-based and mindfulness components and more.

Anyone searching for an addiction treatment center will want to consider Legacy Healing Center’s comprehensive rehabilitation programs that are located in the heart of South Florida. With the help of a rehab program that includes a variety of therapies, resources, support, and educational techniques, someone can learn the tools needed to maintain sobriety long after rehabilitation has ended.

Reach out to Legacy Healing Center today to learn about the differences between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and the various lengths of addiction treatment programs that are available.

How Much Does a Miami Drug Rehab Cost?

One of the most common questions that come up when it comes to addiction treatment centers is how much does the rehab cost? The cost of drug and alcohol treatment is dependent on a variety of factors. These include if the individual is going through detox alone, detox and rehabilitation, or just a rehabilitation program. Also, there is a significant difference in costs if someone decides to enter into an inpatient rehab program versus an outpatient rehab program.

Keep in mind that you should not choose a rehab program solely on its cost or if it is “cheaper.” For most people, research shows that taking part in an intensive inpatient program that lasts from several months up to a year or more offers the best chance of that person maintaining his or her sobriety.

Once you find the right program for you, the treatment center can help you determine possible ways to pay for your stay. Many facilities, such as Legacy Healing Center, accept insurance, offer some type of financial aid, or have financing options available.

Some insurances that may help you cover all or part of the cost of addiction treatment include Medicaid, Medicare, State-funded insurance programs, private insurance, and even military insurance in some cases.

It is important to recognize however that not everyone has health insurance. This is where financing options and payment programs come into play. While some people may get nervous about taking on the cost of an addiction treatment program, it is crucial to look at detox and rehab as an investment that could literally save your life and provide you with a fresh start you need that will help get your life back on track.

How Does Drug Detox Work in Miami, FL?

It isn’t uncommon for someone who is struggling with an addiction to wonder how does drug detox work and if it will work for them. Detox is a crucial first step in breaking free from drugs, but it is important for someone to understand that detox alone won’t help them stay off the drugs for good. To do that, rehabilitation is usually the next step and it is in rehab where someone will learn about his or her triggers, how to change thinking and behavior patterns, and how better to manage stress.

But before rehabilitation takes place, a detox must occur so the body is rid of the offending substance. At Legacy Healing Center, we help people every day successfully complete a drug detox in a safe, medically assisted environment. Drug detox is different for everyone, and depending on the type of drug used and how much and how long it was used for, withdrawal and detox symptoms can differ.

There are several goals set for each patient during drug detox. First, the detox facility staff will want to ensure that the individual is eased of any discomfort or side effects that may occur as withdrawal takes place. Second, medical personnel and staff will be on the lookout for any serious medical complications or symptoms, which will be immediately addressed. Third, every individual undergoing detox will have access to emotional and/or spiritual support that will help provide encouragement as detox is taking place. And fourth, detox personnel will want to encourage the individual to continue with long-term drug addiction treatment via 30-day drug rehabilitation in Miami.

When someone is ready to take that first step toward recovery from drug addiction at Legacy Healing Center, he or she will undergo a drug detox evaluation. During this time, they will be assessed for drug use, they will report any additional medical issues or concerns, their mental health status will be evaluated, and a detailed and uniquely tailored strategy will be created for their needs.

Drug detox is a terrific option for anyone who has previously tried to detox on their own but dealt with withdrawal symptoms, who is also dealing with other physical or mental health issues, or who doesn’t have a lot of support and help in their home environment. Trying to detox from certain drugs on your own can be dangerous and even life-threatening in certain circumstances. If you are looking for drug addiction treatment and detox, you owe it to yourself to check in to a safe and top-tier facility such as Legacy Healing Center that has your best interest at heart.

How Does Alcohol Detox Work in Miami?

With the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence estimating that more than 17 million people have an alcohol addiction, it is common for people to be curious about how alcohol detox works. There is a misconception that people dealing with alcohol addiction can just withdraw from the substance on their own, but the truth is, this can be a dangerous endeavor. Depending on what type of alcohol someone drinks, how much of it, and how often they use it will all factor into what type of withdrawal symptoms they might exhibit and how severe those symptoms are.

An alcohol detox is necessary when someone becomes addicted to the substance and their body exhibits withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld. When drinking consistently, the human body will develop a tolerance to alcohol, meaning the person will need to drink higher quantities of the substance in order to achieve the feeling they are looking for. Then, if alcohol is suddenly withheld, the body begins to have withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the individual and their alcohol intake history, withdrawal symptoms can begin within a few hours to a few days. More common alcohol detox symptoms can range from insomnia and sweating to feeling anxious or nauseous. If someone exhibits moderate to more severe symptoms, they may show signs of tremors, fast heart rates, or seizures. Because some of these symptoms can be severe, it is crucial that an individual does not try to detox alone.

At Legacy Healing Center, anyone searching for alcohol detox programs near Miami will be pleased to know there is a safe, structured environment in which they can be supported through the detox process. Not only does our medical staff help manage the physical symptoms of detox, we also offer emotional and mental support throughout the process and beyond.

Alcohol detox is the first step in a lifetime journey of freedom from addiction. When detox is followed by the completion of one of the rehabilitation programs at Legacy Healing Center, research shows that the probability of relapse is decreased compared to someone who completes detox only.

How Long is Rehab at Legacy Healing Center Miami, FL?

Another common question that people ask when searching for addiction treatment centers is how long does rehab take? This question has a different answer for everyone, as one person’s addiction treatment journey is going to be different than another person’s journey. Depending on the facility, the length of rehab can range from a 30-day program to 90 days to a year or longer.

When you are at the point of choosing which addiction treatment program you will attend, remember it is vital that you choose the length of time that will offer you the greatest chance of long-term success. In fact, a John Hopkins study showed that individual’s who attended a rehab or were immersed in an alcohol or drug-free environment for more than 90 days had higher rates of abstinence.

Discover what is the ideal length of rehab for your individual needs by speaking with an addiction specialist at Legacy Healing Center inpatient drug rehab.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

One of the greatest sources of hesitancy when it comes to someone attending a drug or alcohol rehabilitation is worrying how they will pay for treatment. If you do have medical insurance, you will be happy to learn that in many cases, insurance does pay for some or possibly all of the treatment costs, as rehab involves treating a disease.

Every rehab facility is going to have its own unique cost, with its location, amenities, programs, and length of time of programs all being main factors in this cost. For some people, outpatient programs may be more affordable than inpatient rehab programs. With outpatient programs, the individual will live at home but return to the rehab facility daily to attend classes, therapy, support sessions, activities and more. In some cases, outpatient rehab is the best choice because it allows for an individual to take care of their responsibilities at home such as childcare, etc. But just because outpatient is a cheaper option, doesn’t mean it is the best option for you.

This is why it is crucial to work with an addiction specialist to determine which type of program and length of time would be best for your individual needs. Once you have this figured out, you can begin to look at the cost and determine if and how much insurance is going to cover.

Every addiction treatment center has its own finance department that will work with you and your insurance to help you get the assistance you need. In some cases there may be out of pocket costs or payment plans if insurance does not cover the entire amount of the program. Look at these options as an investment in your recovery and the opportunity to start off with a clean slate in your recovery journey.

Attractions Near Miami

Attending an addiction treatment center near Miami offers you a variety of sober events and activities that can lift your spirits and allow you to have some fun. Detox and rehabilitation are hard work, and many facilities allow for some free time or have dedicated events or activities you may want to take part in. In addition, when you have completed rehab, you will want to discover sober and safe places and environments where you know triggers will be kept to a minimum.

The beautiful city of Miami is the sixth most densely populated city in the United States with more than 6 million people living in its metropolitan area. It is famous for its arts, mix of cultures, beaches, water activities, media, entertainment, and dining.


Enjoying fun in the sun is one of the top past times whether you live in or are visiting the city of Miami. If you enjoy relaxing in the sun or spending some time in the water, you won’t want to miss South Beach, which not only provides an incredible beach experience but has countless restaurants, shops, boutiques, galleries and hotels. Surfside Beach and Miami Beach are also considered top spots by residents and visitors.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

An ideal sober activity that is perfect for anyone who loves history, museum, architecture or gardens, is a day trip to Vizcaya. This National Historic Landmark provides guests with 10 acres of lush gardens and 32 uniquely decorated rooms inside the estate of James Deering. Located in Coconut Grove, visitors will enjoy the Italian influence in the design of both the home and the gardens. Open to the public, you can tour Vizcaya on your own or through a more formal guided tour.

Miami Seaquarium

Located in Biscayne Bay on Virginia Key, the Miami Seaquarium is the perfect place for animal and marine life fans. Situated on 38-acres, visitors can enjoy exhibits and shows, in addition to seeing dolphins, sea turtles, penguins, manatees and other marine mammals up close. You can even have more up close and personal encounters such as being kissed by a seal or taking a dive in the onsite reef.


No matter what your culinary preferences, there are mouthwatering eateries throughout the great city of Miami. If you want to try distinctive tacos, you won’t want to miss Taquiza, known throughout the city for their handmade blue masa corn tortillas that are overflowing with pastor, tongue or chicken.

If Vietnamese is more your style, stop on by Phuc Yea where Vietnamese takes on a Cajun twist. Here you can enjoy seafood curry, caramel pork riblets, or lip-smacking bao buns.

If breads and bakeries are more your style, stop by Zak the Baker where you can find a wide variety of pastries, sandwiches and even soups. Be sure to try the chocolate babka, quiche, cinnamon roll platter, or walnut and cranberry sourdough bread.

Addiction Treatment for Miami Residents

Miami is home to beautiful weather, relaxing beaches, and a never-ending list of activities and sight-seeing. The city is the perfect backdrop to continue your aftercare once you have completed detox and rehabilitation. 

Aftercare is a crucial component to staying on track and maintaining sobriety, and some common aspects of aftercare include continued counseling sessions, support group meetings, stress management activities, and in some cases, medication. 

Stepping back into a non-rehabilitation environment is a delicate process but one that comes with an enormous amount of excitement as you are now drug or alcohol-free. Legacy Healing Center and its team will be with you every step of the way, from the second you enter into one of our programs throughout your recovery journey. 

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