Short Term Addiction Treatment Options Near Coral Springs

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Finding the Right Short Term Addiction Options

Drug and alcohol addiction is a progressive, chronic disease that knows no bounds for whom it will affect. Regardless of your demographic, socioeconomic background, or family structure, it can happen to anyone and, often, without intention. While healing from drug and alcohol addiction requires a lifelong commitment to a new way of life, there may be times where spending a prolonged period in a rehab facility won’t work within your life commitments. Having a flexible option like short-term addiction treatment allows you to take the time to look inward at what has been influencing your addiction. It will help you uncover the root causes of your addiction, which is a crucial component of a successful rehab journey. Coral Springs residents juggling their busy lives and working towards sobriety have found great success in the short-term addiction treatment options available within Legacy Healing Center.

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What Is Short Term Addiction?

A short-term addiction program provides patients who are dedicated and committed to obtaining sobriety an option to treatment that only requires a minimal amount of time away from their homes. While in your treatment program, you will have access to all of the comprehensive therapy models offered within our center to assist you in understanding the emotions and traumas tied to your addictive behavior. Legacy Healing Center provides trauma therapy for patients that is extensive and above industry standards. We often find that patients experiencing an addiction often have a background of one or more traumatic events that have negatively impacted their ability to remain sober. 

Therapy modalities that are offered within short term addiction treatment are:

  • Family therapy 
  • Individual therapy sessions 
  • Facilitated group therapy sessions 
  • Evidence-based trauma therapies 
  • Behavioral therapy methods 

Short Term Addiction Treatment Options

There are options available for patients who are ready to dive right into their treatment plan and give it their all to complete it in a short period. Typically, we ask patients to reside within our facility for addiction rehab for a minimum of 30 days. This allows you the time to get comfortable within your new setting and begin to build rapport and trust with your counselor as you prepare to do the deep emotional dive into your underlying reasons for your addiction. 

We ask that patients stay for 30 days as it has been said that to make a lasting change in your life, you will need 28 days to implement it. Thirty days will give you enough time to build your new routine and way of life in our facility. Our on-site staff provides 24/7 support for you in making that change. If you recognize that you want more time within our facility to continue with the emotional growth, you can choose to stay longer in our 60 or 90-day rehab programs. 

What Is the Cost of Short Term Addiction Treatment?

One question that we often hear from patients is how much their treatment program will cost. Our staff is trained in supporting patients to navigate their way through their insurance coverage to find optimal coverage. Should your insurance not cover some of your stays, we provide patients with flexible payment options that are bound to fit within your means. 

Choosing Legacy for Short Term Addiction Treatment

Legacy Healing Center provides residents of Coral Springs with an exclusive approach to addiction treatment within a short-term period. When you enter our treatment center, we hit the ground running to support you in making a lasting change towards sobriety. We believe that addiction treatment requires an individualized lens and approach to healing. We get to know every patient and their story to provide you with an exceptional addiction treatment plan that will have you find your zest for life again. Contact one of our support team members at 888.534.2295 to begin your journey to sobriety today.