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Learn What Rehab is Like

Addicts may fear what will happen if they stop using drugs or alcohol; whether it’s the fear brought on by the nature of addiction, dealing with the intense withdrawal symptoms, or how people might respond to them seeking help. But the truth is that these fears are unjustified and through professional help, an addict can find a new lease on life – a new happy way of life that far surpasses the endless substance-abusing cycle they find themselves in.

What is rehab like at the Legacy Healing Center? Our rehab is a place where you can expect a warm welcome by our passionate, highly-experienced staff that has helped countless people to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The power that each one of us has to heal from even the most severe addiction is what we bring to the surface and nurture in all of our patients.

Our services are completely confidential, which means that it will be your choice if you want to let people in your life know about your treatment for addiction. Of course, receiving treatment is something that no person should be ashamed of in the same way that people aren’t ashamed of having other chronic diseases such as hypertension or asthma.

What Do You Do During Rehab?

Substance use disorder, which covers all forms of drug and alcohol addiction from mild to severe, is a mental disease. As such, it is best treated in a clinical setting by qualified professionals, such as the team of skilled practitioners that we have assembled from across the country.

So, what is rehab like in terms of what you do? As an addict in recovery at Legacy Healing Center, the goal that you are trying to reach during treatment is the complete cessation of drug or alcohol use, an improved outlook on your future, improved relationships, and to be a positive influence and part of your community.

To achieve these goals, our patients partake in various forms of evidence-based therapies, holistic healing such as meditation, addiction education, career services to help once the patient leaves the treatment center, and mentoring by our team of experienced sober coaches.

We also have fun outings, creative arts time where you will get to express potentially hidden emotions, and we incorporate the 12-step program.

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What Does the Average Day Look Like While in Rehab?

If you are staying at our residential facilities, you can expect to wake up at a certain time, followed by getting prepared for the day through a normal routine such as showering and making your bed.

Each day is carefully scheduled so that you gain the maximum benefit of the therapeutic environment that we have created. What is rehab like on an average day? You can expect to get back into shape with some fitness classes, which helps to improve your mood and health. A healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner is also something that we provide because healthy nutrition will help your body repair from the damage that addiction caused, and give you the energy needed to meet each day.

On some days, fun outings with the other patients in the treatment program can be expected, which helps to builds friendships and to remind each person that fun can be had without substance abuse.

Of course, there are set times where therapy will take place. This therapy will be with your family, in a one-on-one, or group setting. You might also find yourself talking to one of our career counselors to help you find out the best course of action to take concerning your future career prospects.

What Type of Therapy Happens at Rehab?

What is rehab like in terms of therapy? Therapy, of course, is a crucial part of an effective treatment program. There are specific types of evidence-based therapy that research shows are the most effective ways of treating addiction. However, since each person is different, several types of therapies are available to ensure that each person can be helped, regardless of their unique needs.

The therapy, or combination of therapies, that you might take part in during your treatment program include motivation enhancement therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Many patients also find great benefit from family therapy, and the holistic therapy that we provide.

Group Therapy

What is rehab like? Will I be with other patients? Group therapy has several benefits. We tend to learn best from our peers because we can easily relate to their position and learn in a way that we might not be able to from others.

In our rehab programs, you can expect to take part in group therapy. Group therapy is a place where you will be able to hear other addict’s stories and how they managed to break free from their negative, substance-abusing cycles. You might also offer your experiences and help others to learn, which can be a very empowering experience as well as a way to form bonds with others that might last into long-term recovery.

One-on-One Therapy

One-on-one therapy can be especially important to help a recovering addict to talk about intense emotions and get to truths that might be difficult to share in a group format.

In our one-on-one therapy, you will talk with our compassionate practitioners. This is often the time that many of the specific treatment methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or motivational enhancement therapy will be practiced.

Sober Friendly Attractions near West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. During your free time or during our outings, you might visit beaches including the Ocean Reef Park, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, or Juno Beach.

At night, you can dine at some of the delectable restaurants that West Palm Beach has, such as the popular Avocado Grill, Pistache French Bistro, the Havana Restaurant, or the Hullabaloo.

Now that you have a better idea of what our rehab is like, feel free to contact us today to begin your recovery at our facility. We are ready to help you every step of the way to a new, happy life.

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