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What Is a Woman’s Drug Rehab Program?

Women and men can be different on many levels, and not just physically. Women and men have different experiences, struggles, and problems. In terms of addiction—a medical condition that is already complicated as it is—gender and society’s perceived gender roles can make treatment even more complex.

For example, women have to deal with issues involving family and children in a different way than a man in recovery would. Women may have issues with past sexual traumas, identity issues, discrimination, career problems, etc. A women’s-only drug rehab program can help address specific areas of life that drive their addictive behaviors.

Women with addiction problems require treatment programs that address life issues specific to them.

Alcohol and drug addiction can have devastating effects on a woman’s life. They can miss work, they can struggle with maintaining their relationships, and they can find it hard to juggle all of their priorities. If any of this resonates, click here to learn more about Delray Beach Rehab options near you.

Importance of a Women’s Rehab Center

Thankfully, addiction is no longer viewed as a sign of weakness or irresponsibility. It is now a well-recognized disease of the body and mind. The effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain can become more powerful the longer a person abuses them.

After developing dependence, a woman may want to change but can’t due to the physical hold alcohol or drugs have on her brain. The same can be said for men because drug dependence alters the way the brain makes decisions.

The life issues women contend with provide many reasons to try and ‘escape’ using alcohol or drugs. Single mothers might be battling with financial problems while trying to take care of their children. Women battling with depression or struggling with numerous sources of stress may want to avoid these negative feelings by taking drugs and getting high. It is easy to find relief in these illicit substances.

Another factor that may drive a woman to use drugs is peer pressure. Women involved with partners who abuse drugs on a regular basis are more likely to develop addictive behaviors compared to women with drug-free partners. Her friends can also be a powerful influence, depending on how much time is spent with the group.

Just like any other type of treatment, there is gender-specific rehab for woman in Florida struggling with alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drug abuse. Other women may have succeeded in their first treatment but have relapsed and are in need of further care. Either way, the patient should understand how the treatment works so that they can participate more actively.

How Women’s Drug Rehab Works

It’s not uncommon for women struggling with addiction to have suffered physical or sexual abuse in the past or in the present. Those who have been the victim of physical or sexual abuse are likely to turn to alcohol and drugs to mask the pain and forget it ever happened.

drug rehab program that is focused on women’s needs should provide the help you need to work through these painful issues. Drug rehab teaches women to replace addictive behavior with healthy, productive activities while helping them cope with their struggles.

Another woman-specific issue involves the roles women take on within their own families. Women with children, spouses, or aging parents may have to contend with a lot of pressure that is not typically expected of men. This is especially true when a woman must provide for her children without the help of a partner.

Some women are also dealing with the fear of having their children removed by the court system—which is enough to drive any person into a panic. A female-focused rehabilitation program can assist you in making whatever arrangements are needed to keep you involved in your children’s lives until you’re able to function as a capable provider.

Beyond this, you can expect gender-specific drug rehab to be essentially the same as traditional.

Our Delray Beach rehab offers a combination of drug detox and behavioral therapy. Medical detox and counseling are used for most types of addiction, including cocaine, heroin, meth, or prescription painkillers, or others. Drug rehab is more than just a detoxing effort. It’s about fully clearing out the drugs from your system, including your mind, body, and spirit.

Medical professionals will treat co-existing health conditions and withdrawal symptoms. Therapists can get to the root of addictive behavior. And for those who want to get closer to God or strengthen their faith, many programs offer a faith-based approach.

All drug rehab facilities have the same goal: that is to free the body from the effects of drugs and alcohol while teaching patients how to cope with a drug-free lifestyle. Therapists can teach you how to live a sober lifestyle and how to deal with cravings more effectively.

By the end of your rehab stay, you will have learned many productive ways to channel your energy. When you get back into the real world, you will not only be sober, but also confident enough to stay sober for the long term.

In order to achieve all of this, you need to find the right treatment facility. Legacy Healing gives patients a healthy and supportive environment while treating them with a comprehensive and personalized plan that suits their specific needs.

Clinical studies have shown that the longer you stay in a supportive environment, such as in a treatment facility, the lower your risk of relapse will be. Short-term programs may last from several days to two weeks, while longer rehab programs may last 90 days or more.

A study by John Hopkins Medicine showed that patients who lived in recovery housing after a 14-day opioid detox program were up to 10 times more likely to stay clean and sober. Even patients who didn’t go through detox had higher rates of abstinence if they were able to live in a drug-free environment for 90 days. Inpatient treatment also keeps you away from your toxic environment.

This just proves that the more time you have to remain substance-free, the better prepared you will be to face life outside of drug rehab. Rehab helps people to practice healthy behaviors, but whether you’re looking for an inpatient rehab or an outpatient clinic, be sure to check whether the facility makes you feel safer.

Once detox has cleansed your system and you begin your process of recovery through rehab, you will realize that drug and alcohol addiction are more psychological than they are physical. This is why psychotherapy is a critical component of any drug rehab program.

A study published in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation found that patients who completed an alcohol rehab program had lower rates of depression, borderline personality disorders, and attempted suicide, compared to patients who did not complete their program.

Beyond just detoxing from drugs and alcohol, a proper rehab program should identify recurring mental health issues, provide specialized treatment for such disorders, and correct repetitive, negative thoughts that keep patients in an addictive mindset.

Therapists know how to defuse the emotional situations that set off the desire to drink or use drugs. These behavioral programs can strengthen a person’s sense of self and allow them to discover a sense of purpose. Motivation and confidence may be lost during addiction, and it is important to restore these things.

After rehab, the patient should be able to build stronger, more authentic relationships with loved ones, friends, and other people. This makes drug rehab an interesting exercise in self-exploration. Psychotherapy can help people reach a whole new understanding of themselves while conquering their addiction.

On top of all these benefits, rehab could help patients find or regain their hopes for the future.

Why Gender-Specific Rehab Is Beneficial for Women

Women-focused drug treatment programs are designed to help patients become self-sufficient while developing a healthy, supportive network of family and friends who can help with their recovery.

Therapy will help teach the women how to set healthy boundaries in relationships and in everyday interactions with others. These are essential skills that help women regain their sense of self and strengthen their self-esteem.

Women-focused drug rehab often provides family therapy, help with domestic violence issues, parenting and motherhood training, and other types of assistance.

A Delray Beach drug rehab, such as Legacy Healing, will place you in a thriving and active recovery community. You will find other people who are dealing with the same struggles.

An inpatient treatment facility offers help 24/7, so this means patients have access to the care they need at all times. This supportive environment helps facilitate recovery, as patients become more motivated to get better.

After your symptoms are managed, the body will begin to physically heal itself. You will become less dependent on the drugs. You will start to crave them less, and you can begin to regain control over your decisions.

Staying sober is the real challenge and some people go through relapse again and again. But those who stayed in rehab longer or participated more have a much higher chance of avoiding relapse.

Remember that aftercare is just as important as rehab itself. This is the part where you begin to apply what you learned. The only difference is that care is no longer round the clock, and you will have to be a bit more self-reliant.

Aftercare involves going back to see the doctor or the therapist every now and then to help you stay on the right track. It is a vital part of any drug rehab program. Most of the time, it takes the form of outpatient counseling, group therapy, and medication therapy if needed. Some facilities offer aftercare or refer their patients to aftercare programs. While rehab helps patients get sober, aftercare helps them stay sober.

Getting reintegrated into your community after rehabilitation can take time. It can even be hard for some people to reconnect with their loved ones. But now that you are free from drugs, you can start the process of rebuilding your life and starting over again.

Delray Beach is a beautiful city with many aftercare opportunities. After rehab and detox, patients need time to breathe and adjust to a regular, drug-free lifestyle. This gem of Palm Beach County has a lot of beautiful attractions, sights, and thrills, to help give people the peace of mind they need to fully enjoy their sobriety. From the contemplative atmosphere of museums, beaches, and restaurants, to the exciting adrenaline-filled environment of cruise ships, miniature golf courses, and nature itself—there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Delray Beach. It has plenty of opportunities for exploration, enjoyment, and healing.

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