Why Self Love Recovery is Vital in Rehab

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Having confidence and love for yourself is key in recovery.

Addiction often takes away an individual’s feeling of self-worth making it incredibly difficult to believe in one’s self while sober or while using.

Sometimes having low self-esteem can be a trigger for depression and even addiction because using certain substances can make individuals feel more confident and sure of themselves. If consuming substances to feel confident becomes a habit, individuals can quickly become addicted and then is when rehab comes into play.

Unfortunately addressing one’s problems in rehab can be very difficult and even lower self-esteem but that is why self-love recovery and love in recovery, in general, is important for someone struggling with addiction to feel better about themselves and work hard to get clean.

Continue reading to learn the role of love and recovery and what individuals need to find self-love in recovery.

Why Love and Recovery Work Together

Self-love is built from life experiences as well as certain habits and activities. Many of the reasons individuals see themselves in a certain way is because of how others have treated them. In rehabilitation, individuals can know that they will be treated with the utmost respect by showing love in recovery in the following ways:

• Individuals will always be spoken to respectfully

• Individuals will always receive the appropriate attention

• Individuals will always be listened to

• Individuals will have their achievements recognized and their mistakes noted and accepted

Committing to Recovery

When individuals make the courageous decision to get help in a treatment center they are opening themselves to the opportunity of being happy and healthy. No one will feel better the first day of entering rehab but instead, understand that they are on the right track to self-love recovery.

Putting in the work and allowing time for healing can bring more than self-esteem in recovery but also self-love.

Here are our tips for finding self-love recovery:

Learn to forgive yourself, and others is one of the most important parts of recovery while also finding forgiveness for yourself and others around you. Not one person is perfect and forgiving yourself and others help patients find peace and happiness.

Learn how to avoid triggers and difficult situations by becoming educated on how to control feelings, situations, and triggers, while the ability to live sober and safe becomes easier. Certain individuals and situations make it possible for cravings to come up and by understanding your needs, you know that achieving self-love in recovery is possible.

Care for yourself, self-love and recovery work together because it helps individuals become more aware of their mental health as well as physical health. Doing things like exercising and eating well can make you feel better about your body and what you’re putting into it. Self-love recovery means that you’re able to take care of more than your mind, but your body as a whole.

Beginning to understand yourself is one of the more difficult parts of self-love in recovery as well as becoming aware of your personal thoughts and feelings. There will be times when learning to meditate, becoming self-aware and even practice yoga will come in handy. By beginning to understand yourself you can sort the positive and negative behaviors and work towards a more healthy you.

Our final tip is one of the more simple ones and has to do with changing your thought process. Think positive, change your thought process, accept who you are and what you want to be by understanding that mistakes have happened, and then you can work towards healing. By thinking positive you can remind yourself, or your loved one that they are special and deserve to be happy and healthy.

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