Life in Recovery: Namaste! Visit These Fantastic Yoga Studios in Philadelphia

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Why Do Experts Recommend Mindful Meditation & Exercise During Rehab?

One of the common complaints among people who suffer from addiction is that they feel their brains are constantly working overtime. The need to calm those racing thoughts is one of the reasons why many people turn to drugs or alcohol.

As you begin to adjust to a sober life, you must find specific ways to continue to calm your thoughts during the times that you may be having a difficult day.

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Yoga provides you with the peace and the focus that you need to achieve that sense of calm. Through a series of deep breathing techniques and physical movement, you will learn that yoga can help you decompress after a long day or begin your day with the peace of mind you need to make your way through your tasks.

Why Is Yoga So Great for People in Recovery?

Different forms of activity can help you feel better about yourself mentally and physically. Any time you work out, your brain will release endorphins. These endorphins can not only help you to feel happier, but they can also help you to feel less stressed, which is critical when it comes to your recovery.

Keep in mind that when you come to Legacy Healing for addiction treatment, we offer our clients the option of working out with one of our personal trainers. Whether you want to improve on your yoga abilities or are interested in a different form of exercise, we can set you up with a trainer to help you take steps to achieve your ideal physical fitness level.

Visit These Amazing Yoga Studios

Philadelphia is filled with fantastic yoga studios. Whether you would like to try yoga for the first time or have been practicing yoga for years, various yoga studios throughout the area can cater to yogis of all skill levels. Here are some great recommendations of studios that you can try:

Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness

The Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness team works to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere for their clients from the moment they walk through the door. These classes will incorporate a mix of traditional yoga practices as well as techniques regarding meditation. The Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness studio offers classes seven days a week, beginning as early as 7 AM.

1233 Locust Street, Suite 102, Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse

Although the name of this yoga studio talks about walking up with yoga, Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse is open as late as 7 PM for classes. You can opt to stop in and schedule a time to take one of the classes, or you can check ahead for their schedule through their website. Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse features a variety of trainers that will work with you to fine-tune your yoga skills in a way that is easy for you to understand.

2030 Sansom Street, Floor 3, Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Yoga Garden Philly

The Yoga Garden Philly offers a unique approach to yoga in the sense that they provide the traditional in-studio classes and have options for outdoor classes, which can help you feel more at one with the nature around you. Are you looking to give a fellow yogi a gift for a special occasion? You can purchase a gift card for them or coordinate to go on one of the retreats offered throughout the year.

240 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates

In many ways, yoga and Pilates can go hand in hand. Both forms of exercise help you to focus on your breathing and the movements of your body. Taking classes at Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates gives you the chance to take either class or take private lessons with one of the trainers.

2016 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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