Cocaine Addiction

How to Get Coke Out of Your System

The effects of cocaine on your body can have negative consequences.

How to get coke out of your system is a difficult process that should be managed within a drug recovery center.

Cocaine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system giving off a high energy, euphoric feeling. Cocaine is fast-acting but short-lasting and normally is out of the system within 12 hours of the last use, depending on the amount used.

It can take up to 72 hours for cocaine to leave the system if high doses have been used but neither of these time frames is for sure or can be guaranteed.

You may be wondering how to get coke out of your system and whether you may experience cocaine detox symptoms.

There are various ways to allow yourself to flush it out of the system but detoxing from cocaine, depending on the severity, may be best at a treatment center.

Here we will give some ways how to get coke out of your system plus the best treatment possibilities for detoxing from cocaine.

Flushing it Out: Detoxing from Cocaine

While we cannot be certain of how long it will actually take for the body to get rid of any cocaine in the system, there are some factors that directly relate to how to get coke out of your system:

  • How frequently cocaine is used
  • The weight of the user
  • How much cocaine is used each time
  • How well the user’s body functions

Getting rid of the cocaine in the body is the same thing as detoxifying the body. Detoxing from cocaine allows the body to rid its self of all the traces of the drug as well as allow itself self to get back to regular health.

By changing a few habits, such as the following, the body will be able to have fewer cocaine detox symptoms and recover quicker:

  • Add more water to your diet. By adding more water, the kidneys are able to filter the blood better and flush out any toxins.
  • Add more exercise to your routine, no matter what it is. By adding more exercise, the body is able to not only remove the drug more quickly but also become healthier.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol mixed with cocaine makes it hard for the drug to leave the system.
  • Try also to avoid drinks that contain caffeine because it also makes it more difficult for the cocaine to leave the system. The best bet is to stick to water.
  • Add more healthy foods to your diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The better you eat, the better your body will work and feel.

Overcoming Cocaine Detox Symptoms

If the struggle with cocaine is more than you can handle, detoxing from cocaine can also be accomplished in a treatment center. Oftentimes, cocaine detox symptoms can relate directly to withdrawal and if there is a severe addiction, having round the clock care and help can help make the process much easier.

These cocaine detox symptoms can sometimes be severe or even intense and in order to make individuals more comfortable, drugs that counteract the symptoms will be administered.

Detoxing from cocaine is the most important step in getting clean, but also the most difficult. This step allows the body to rid itself of all the toxins and allow it to start with a fresh, clean slate.

While in a treatment center, the individual will be evaluated by doctors and trained staff on a regular basis to ensure that they are moving forward and doing what is best for them.

This can be in the form of counseling, education, or training and once they are able to leave they will be able to follow up with counseling to work with strategies to manage sobriety.

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