Choosing the Right Heroin Rehab for Your Loved One

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When a loved one is finally ready for heroin addiction rehab, you’ll probably feel relieved—at least initially. Then, like many people, you could start to feel anxious about helping your loved one find the best possible addiction treatment program. If this sounds like you, we understand. There are so many different options to choose from and they all promise the same thing.
In this post, we’ll help you narrow down your search with three important questions to ask any Florida drug rehab center. Let’s get started.

Important Questions You Need to Ask Every Heroin Rehab Center

  1. What is the staff-to-client ratio and what training has your staff had?
    It goes without saying that a strong staff-to-client ratio is important. That’s because it could indicate more one-on-one face time with the rehab team. But, you’re also going to want to see diversity in the staff. Look for a full range of clinicians, including psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and even nutritionists. Finally, find out how much real-world experience the staff offers. One way to find out is to speak with the director of the treatment center. His or her passion for addiction treatment should come through loud and clear.
  2. What does the rehab center treat?
    Obviously, heroin addiction is on the list, but what else? Remember, you shouldn’t think of addiction as only a substance use disorder. Rather, think of addiction as a complex mental health condition with co-occurring disorders and underlying factors that must all be addressed simultaneously. For example, if your loved one is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, it would be almost impossible to treat the heroin addiction without also addressing the PTSD. A great heroin rehab center will treat your loved one as a whole person, taking their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing into consideration.
  3. Can you describe the average day at your heroin rehab center?
    This one might sound inconsequential compared to the last two, but think about this: Imagine that your loved one finally commits to heroin rehab only to bail out before the end of the program. Sadly, it happens more than you might think. At Legacy Healing Center, we’ll be the first to tell you that our programs may not be the right fit for you. This is why we strongly encourage you to personally visit all of the Florida rehab centers on your short-list. If you can’t visit, make sure you get a thorough answer to this question. If the facility doesn’t sound like a place you’d like to spend time in, there’s a good chance your loved one won’t either.

Remember what Really Matters

In addition to the considerations we’ve already explored, you also need to think about location, cost, insurance coverage, and length of stay (research shows that 90 days is best). But really, these are just logistics when you get right down to it. What you’re really looking for is bigger than that. You’re looking for a heroin rehab center that will do everything humanly possible to help your loved one get better.

Find Hope for Heroin Addiction at Legacy Healing Center

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