Damaris Gonzalez

Ms. Gonzalez is the Operations Manager at Legacy Healing Center of Margate. Damaris achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from South University in Palm Beach, Florida. As Operation’s Manager, Ms. Gonzalez oversees the administrative office and is also the first point of contact as intake coordinator when clients admit into the program. “When clients’ arrive they are scared, angry and depressed. I want to welcome them, orient them and let them know that they will be ok. I’ve witnessed family and friends, throughout my life, struggle with addiction, and that was what attracted me to the industry.” Ms. Gonzalez plans on furthering her education and becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor so that she may continue to work with, and have a positive impact on those who need it most. “I don’t believe in giving your past decisions the power over who you are in the future. I believe that anyone can achieve their goals if they give it their all.”