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For many who struggle to articulate what they feel, or even understand those feelings themselves, art and creativity can serve as a translator. Music in particular has a sensational ability to help listeners stop racing thoughts and make sense of the moment and what they are experiencing. Legacy Healing Center recognizes this profound impact and encourages our clients to find music that speaks to them and their experiences. Read on to learn about some of our favorite songs for recovery, their intended meanings, and how they can empower listeners.

Our Favorite Songs for Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a disease that is unique amongst those suffering, so it makes sense that no one person will experience it in the exact same way. Some days will inevitably be harder than others, and it is crucial that these days are treated with patience. Below is a list of songs for recovery about overcoming addiction that can help those who find themselves stuck in a difficult moment.

“Sober” – Pink

This rock singer gave up drugs back in 1995, with a number of her songs alluding to past and present struggles. In her own words, “It’s not just about alcohol, it’s about vices, we all have different ones. We try to get away from ourselves, and find our ‘true selves’, and then we do these things that take us so far from the truth.” The main question that the song asks is “How do I feel this good when it’s just me, without anything to lean on?”

“Not Afraid” – Eminem

Eminem’s addiction journey has been well represented in his work, with one of his most famous albums being titled “Recovery”. The song “Not Afraid” serves as an anthem for those living with the daily struggles of addiction and substance abuse. The song addresses both his triumphs and his hardships while simultaneously inspiring listeners to chase the greatness that they are capable of without drugs or alcohol.

“Breaking the Habit” – Linkin Park

As its name suggests, this song expresses the importance of recognizing dangerous habits and taking the steps necessary to break away from them. It portrays the problems associated with drug abuse and was written about the addiction suffered by a close friend of Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda. 

“Hunger” – Florence and the Machine

“Hunger” by Florence Welch seeks to normalize the hunger felt by people for substances they know are toxic. It takes this understanding to help listeners work through similar feelings they have so that they can adopt healthier coping mechanisms moving forward. It is especially helpful to those seeking a sense of comfort or understanding while pursuing addiction treatment.

“Starting Over” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

In this 2012 hip-hop track, Macklemore sings about his relapse after 3 years of sobriety. The lyrics detail what he went through and the steps he took to get back on track in his recovery. It illustrates the prevalence of relapse, and that although it can be disheartening, should never be the end of the journey or a sign of failure.

Find Sobriety with Legacy Healing

This list of recovery songs is great for those looking for a bit of motivation in times of hardship. We hope it reaches those currently struggling with their own substance use disorders and encourages them to seek out life-changing help. For those who are ready to achieve their own recovery, our Legacy Healing Center locations offer various options for addiction treatment, giving people from all walks of life a real chance at recovery. The therapies offered at our facilities are dedicated to giving patients a space for healing so that they can apply the coping mechanisms learned in treatment throughout their everyday lives.

For more information on the options for healing and recovery we offer to patients, call us today at 888-534-2295.

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