Rapid Resolution Therapy

What Is Rapid Resolution Therapy?

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that works to help you overcome the problems in your life that can be traced to past traumatic experiences. RRT uses the techniques of hypnosis, guided imagery and motivated communication to bring these subconscious areas of your mind to the forefront. Although you may have gone through some deep-seated trauma in the past, it may be buried in your subconscious, yet it still has deeply affected your life in negative ways.

How Does Rapid Resolution Therapy Work?

Treatment using Rapid Resolution Therapy usually only requires between one and five individual sessions, although the number of your required therapy sessions in RRT may differ. The initial session can last for up to two hours in duration. Subsequent therapy meetings typically take 45-60 minutes. Your therapist will connect with you through the use of stories, metaphors and imagery to help you change your perspective on life and help you replace negative ways of thinking with more positive ones. Humor is often used during RRT to help you eliminate your negative emotions.

Benefits of Rapid Resolution Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Trauma and addiction are very often deeply connected. RRT is a fairly quick way to help you overcome the negative influences associated with trauma and substance use disorder. This type of therapy offers a quick recovery from all types of trauma that may have contributed to your addiction. RRT helps increase self-esteem, alleviates stress and helps you overcome negative behaviors that surround addiction. It also aids in preventing relapse as your desires and motivations for reaching important goals are strengthened by Rapid Resolution Therapy.