Psychodynamic Therapy

What Is Psychodynamic Therapy?

This type of therapeutic approach is often used along with hypnotherapy to examine the unconscious sources of your emotional and psychological hardships. Psychodynamic therapy places an in-depth, holistic focus on your relationship with the outside world through talk therapy. The aim is to help you discover patterns in your thoughts, emotions and beliefs so you can gain deeper insight into who you are. Identifying life experiences that helped make you who you are can help you to look at problems in your life from a totally different, more positive perspective.

How Does Psychodynamic Therapy Work?

A psychodynamic therapist will converse with you as he or she encourages you to speak openly about any topic at all. Psychodynamic therapy is talk therapy that attempts to uncover your unconscious motivations and how they affect your behavior, mood and the way you function. Past experiences that have helped shape your personality and affect your present challenges are often revealed through this insightful therapy. Your one-on-one sessions typically take place once or twice a week, over the course of several months.

Benefits of Psychodynamic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Psychodynamic therapy is used frequently in addiction treatment. As you continue treatment, your therapist will guide you into exploring your past experiences more deeply in order to help identify patterns and underlying thoughts that may have been at the root of your addiction. You’ll work through your emotions with a professional in order to lessen your chances for relapse once you’re in recovery. Knowing what may have led you to begin using substances can provide you with ways to manage triggers and help you cope with accompanying stress.