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Pompano Beach Inpatient Drug Rehab

Addiction is an extremely complex disease. It is a mental disease that doesn’t have a cure, but there are effective ways that one can manage the disease. One of the best ways is through an inpatient rehab program. If you are struggling to get your life back on track because of an addiction, then our inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach, FL, can be your lifeline. 

Legacy Healing Center has received full accreditation for the treatment services that we provide. In fact, we have been given the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission because of our excellence in addiction treatment. 

Through our intensive inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach, Florida, you can gain access to the highest level of clinical care that adheres to all of the major principals of effective treatment, as described by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. You also get unlimited access to support through your personal sober coach to help you stay sober in the months and years to come. 


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What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that a person seeking recovery from Inpatient drug rehab, also known as residential rehab, is the most intensive form of drug addiction treatment there is. Because of the effects that negative influences in your life can have such as peer pressure, and the availability of drugs, triggers can make preventing relapse in early recovery difficult if you attempt it alone. However, in our residential rehab program, all of the things that can make it difficult for you to make a full recovery from substance abuse are removed, such as drug availability and drug-abusing friends.

Our inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach, FL, can provide you with all of the support that you need to create a foundation for a healthy, happy future. Our programs are designed to treat specific addictions to drugs such as crystal meth, amphetamine, cocaine, crack, MDMA, prescription drugs, heroin, and alcohol among others. The therapies that help you to achieve this include evidence-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, process therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, and solution-focused therapy. 

We also explore other important areas for your long-term recovery goals. For example, it’s common for someone with an addiction to be affected by another mental disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or an anxiety disorder. In such a case, it’s important that both your addiction and the mental disorder that you suffer from receive the appropriate treatment to prevent one from affecting the other in your recovery. 

At our inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach, we can provide you with conclusive therapy and holistic treatments that are able to help you in all of the relevant areas of your life, including family dynamics, dual diagnosis treatment, career counseling, and more.

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How Long Does Rehab Take?

The duration of your rehab program is reliant on several personal factors. For example, the severity of your addiction, prior relapse, the range of treatments that you need such as dual diagnosis, and the response to treatment. 

At our inpatient rehab in Pompano Beach, the inpatient programs we have include a 30-, 60-, and 90-day program. Therefore, you can expect rehab to last as long as one of our inpatient rehab programs do. 

addiction should take part in rehab programs and aftercare services for at least three months. This amount of time allows for treatment to be effective.

30-Day Rehab

If you need help with an addiction to drugs, then our 30-day inpatient drug rehab program can assist you. The program includes aspects of your recovery such as a medical detox, behavioral therapy, and holistic healing. 


Medical detox is a program that we offer that can help you to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. Each drug produces specific symptoms when you try to stop using it and have already become dependent on it. These symptoms can be reduced with the FDA-approved medications that we can give you.

Behavioral therapy includes evidence-based models such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. We also make use of other powerful therapies such as process therapy, family therapy, solution-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. 

If it is deemed necessary, we can help you with career counseling or dual diagnosis, which is a treatment for co-occurring mental disorders such as bi-polar and addiction.

60-Day Rehab

At our inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach, Florida, we also offer a 60-day drug rehab program. This inpatient program provides the same treatments that our 30-day rehab does, expect you have even more time to solidify your resolve to stop drug abuse and to learn to coping skills to prevent relapse. 

Having additional time in rehab also means that your transition from drug abuse to a normal way of being can be smoother. You will be supported by our caring staff during the entire time with us. Support in recovery is important to help stay motivated to make a positive change in your life.

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90-Day Long-Term Rehab

Our 90-day drug rehab is the longest program that we offer to help you through your recovery from drug abuse. It provides you with ample support and professional care to help you to attain sobriety. You will develop the tools you need to be able to prevent relapse through our behavioral therapies and holistic healing programs.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Pompano Beach

Florida has always been a popular tourist attraction. Its warm climate and spectacular beaches can rejuvenate you. Pompano Beach is a perfect example of the beauty that Florida has. Some of the best beaches that you can visit during your time at Legacy Healing Center include Fort Lauderdale Beach, Pompano Beach, and Las Olas Beach. 

You can also enjoy some of the delicious food on offer such as at Café Brie, Calypso Restaurant, Miyako Japanese Buffet, and Gianni’s Italian Restaurant. 

Get the support and professional care you deserve to beat your addiction through our inpatient drug rehab in Pompano Beach. Reach out to Legacy Healing Center today at (888) 534-2295 to gain access to accredited inpatient rehab programs.

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