Support After Care

Addiction Aftercare

Addiction does not end when you walk out our doors, and neither does the care that you receive while you’re with us. We understand that the road to a better life is long and riddled with challenges but with a complete addiction aftercare support system our clients can truly thrive. Anytime you need us in the weeks, months and years after you first come to Legacy, we’re here to help you with long term sobriety.

Continuing Care (PHP)

The time immediately following treatment can be extremely difficult, however the risk of relapse decreases significantly among those who participate in ongoing aftercare programs. Prior to completing our programs, clients will work with our clinical staff individually and in groups to develop a plan or blueprint for success in the days, weeks, months and years following initial treatment.

We offer services including continuing therapeutic support, alumni support groups, family support groups, 12-step fellowship and a range of regional activities to ensure the success of our community.

Recovery Coaching


Prior to leaving Legacy, clients will have developed a relationship with a personal recovery coach who will be there to provide support and guidance through the transition back to society. This person will help to implement long-term recovery plans and will provide assistance with things like applying for jobs or school and navigating relationships with family and friends. Most importantly, this person will be a caring, consistent ear to talk to and shoulder to lean on.

Alumni Community


Upon completion of treatment, clients are strongly encouraged to join our alumni programs which connect people at all stages of recovery. Our alumni community is invited to participate in programming including social outings with fellow alumni, weekly meetings, support groups, guest speakers at our facility and more. In addition to promoting positive recovery outcomes, our alumni program aims to foster lifelong friendships and stable bonds within a sober community.



We understand that families can suffer just as much as the addict, and we are dedicated to giving whole families the support they need. Our family programs offer education and training to families to ensure that they are a positive force for change in the addict’s life, and not unintentionally enabling high risk behavior. Families may engage in therapy sessions with and without the addict to comprehensively address and prepare for the challenges on the road to recovery.

Sober Community

Participation in a sober community can be helpful for those who may find it difficult to have fun without drugs and alcohol, or for those lacking a strong support network in their everyday lives. We seek to build a stronger sober community in Margate that will provide a safe, nurturing support system for those on a road to long term sobriety. Alumni also have the opportunity to give back by supporting recovering addicts at more vulnerable stages.