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How Long Does Rehab Take to Complete?

Most people who abuse drugs like heroin start out legally using prescription painkillers. Orlando has been one of the hardest hit among the cities of Florida when it comes to drug abuse. While arrests for heroin use or possession stood at only about 180 in the year 2011, it rose close to 900, five years later, in the year 2016. Nearly every person arrested is between the ages of 25 and 35. In other words, drug abuse mostly affects people in their prime.

Fortunately, addiction is a treatable brain disease. The better you understand the options available to you to get better, the greater is the likelihood that you will accept treatment. One of the most common questions that people have about rehab relates to the length of time for which treatment runs. How long does rehab last?

Benefits of 30, 60, 90-Day Rehabs

It is usually a medical professional at the rehab that you visit, who determines how long your treatment should run. Typically, 30-day rehab is well-suited to individuals who have abused drugs for only under a year, and who are used to consuming small quantities. Thirty-day rehab programs tend to be intensive in nature. You’re prescribed such a program when your health is robust enough to permit such treatment.

In general, the first week of 30-day rehab is taken up by detoxification. You give up drugs in that period and allow your body and brain to recover in their absence. Typically, you experience disturbing withdrawal symptoms at this time. Depending on the drug that you are withdrawing from, you may experience cravings, anxiety, cramps, tremors or seizures. Fortunately, at rehab, you are attended by qualified medical professionals who are able to prescribe you medications that help you deal with these symptoms.

At the conclusion of detox, you have three weeks remaining at rehab. During this period of time, you are put through intensive counseling and therapy. In sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy, among other forms of intervention, you gain insight into how exactly addiction works on your brain, and why you find it hard to cease use even when you can see that drug use harms you.

You learn the psychological reasons why you turned to drug or alcohol use in the first place, and train through therapy to deal with those inducements. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, for instance, you may learn that your mind harbors deep feelings of self-doubt and that it is to escape the insecurities that arise from those feelings that you turn to drug use. You then learn new, healthier ways to address those insecurities.

30-day rehab may be adequate for mild, short-term addictions. If you’ve been addicted for extended periods of time, and are habituated to using large quantities of addictive substances, however, you may find that detoxification for a week and therapy for three weeks is not a program that works for you. You may need to take more time detoxifying gently and gradually, and you may need to attend therapy for longer.

In many cases, people with deep addictions suffer from co-occurring mental disorders. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in the year 2014, approximately 8 million individuals in the United States, who were addicted to substance abuse, also suffered from a mental disorder. Mental disorders contribute to addictions by making it hard for you to live a normal, rewarding life without the chemical assistance of drugs.

When you choose 60-day or 90-day rehab, you give yourself additional time to put yourself through the complex treatment plan that you need to emerge from the difficult mental circumstances that you find yourself in. These treatment plans offer longer, more intensive therapeutic interventions.

It’s important to understand why longer-term rehab is necessary. The fact is that more than half of those who attempt rehab, relapse at some point. They do detoxify and leave their addiction behind for a while, but the powerful cravings are rekindled in their minds, weeks or months after rehab. When you undertake to go through 60-day or 90-day rehab, you give yourself intensive training in recognizing how these cravings come about, and how to counter them.

You may go through family therapy, where the therapist helps you identify and work through family dysfunctions that contribute to your addiction. You may go through life skills workshops to develop marketable skills that you use to be gainfully employed after rehab. You may even receive parenting or anger management classes if issues in these areas contribute to your addiction.

What Happens After Rehab?

Completing rehab is a wonderful achievement. Once you do graduate from rehab, however, you do need to remember that the battle against addiction is never completely won. You need to be on your guard each day, to make sure that the change of mind of relapse doesn’t creep up on you.

Once you are addicted, the drugs permanently change the way your brain works. You may expect to feel cravings even two years after you graduate from rehab. It can help, after rehab, to attend periodic checkups, to go to individual therapy, and to sign up to support groups. You can also put effort into building a rich social life. The fuller and more rewarding your life is, the less your mind will long for the simpler pleasures of addiction.

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Orlando

Not only does Legacy Healing Center offer faith-based drug rehab and world-class facilities, but it also offers you the city of Orlando to explore at the end of each day of hard work getting better, as well.

You have the greatest theme parks in the world to have fun in, and you have a world of other sober entertainment choices, as well. From the wonderful sea life that you get to explore at Discovery Cove, to the alligators of Gatorland and the manatees of Blue Springs State Park, getting in touch with nature is one of the most wonderful parts of being in Orlando. Whatever kind of fun you have in mind, Orlando has an outlet for it.

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