Luxury & Executive Addiction Treatment for Miami Residents

Benefits of Luxury Rehab for Miami Residents

When someone is searching for an addiction treatment program but doesn’t want to feel like they are living in a hospital-like setting for months, they may want to consider searching for a luxury rehab in South Florida. Luxury rehabilitation facilities cater to people searching for inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug treatments with more of a resort or hotel-like atmosphere. In addition to a more aesthetically pleasing ambiance, luxury rehabs typically have higher-end amenities and offerings such as unique nutrition and dietary options, luxuriously appointed rooms, fitness and sports activities such as yoga and meditation programs, and more.

Legacy Healing Center provides those who are in need of drug and alcohol treatment a serene and beautiful setting at our luxury rehab facility. Soak up the Florida sunshine and relax in a beautifully appointed facility that is specifically designed so you feel as comfortable as you would on vacation or in your own home. By being away from your everyday environment that may prove challenging when quitting drugs or alcohol, you can get the peace and clarity you need to succeed in sobriety when you enter into our luxury rehab.

We have a variety of detox and rehab programs that will be tailored to your specific needs and addiction. After a comprehensive evaluation, we will create a detailed treatment plan using our program pillars, offering you the greatest level of success on your treatment journey. Long gone are the days of receiving treatment in a cold, sterile and uncomfortable environment, thanks to luxury rehab facilities that are designed with the patient’s comfort, peace of mind, and needs in mind.

What Is Luxury Rehab?

There are literally thousands of addiction treatment facilities operating in America, each with their own protocols and environment. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is the right fit for you or your loved one. For people who are specifically looking for a unique and well-appointed environment that feels more like a resort setting than a clinic, a luxury rehab might be the perfect fit.

“What is a luxury rehab?” is a question asked often in the addiction treatment world. Many of these types of centers provide patients with private rooms, high-end amenities, five-star cuisine and nutritional options, customized programs, and even top tier recreation and entertainment. And while the atmosphere and environment of luxury rehabs may be similar to one another, people considering these types of facilities for treatment also need to look at specific aspects that have to do with treatment.

So, what is rehab like in Miami? When choosing a luxury rehab, be sure to learn more about the facility’s recovery rate, which is usually expressed as a percentage and is indicative of how many people have recovered after completing this rehab program. You will want to find the highest success rate possible. In addition, ask questions about the rehab services. For instance, are any alternative therapy and treatment methods used in the protocol or does the rehab only stick with traditional methods? Are detox and aftercare support services available in addition to the rehab program? And last, inquire about the accommodations, pricing, and payment options, as these will vary between luxury rehab centers. Discovering the answers to all of these different areas involved in treatment will allow you to discover the right luxury rehab that will meet your needs.

Legacy Healing Center

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Read What Our Alumni Has to Say

Legacy really changed my life for the better. I was down and out, my life in shambles and didn’t know what to do. Legacy showed me there was a light at the end of the tunnel and gave me the tools to get there. The staff at this facility are genuine and truly care and it shows.

- Daylan Conner

Kaleb was well on his way to being another death sta-tistic victim to Heroin addiction. God led us to Legacy Healing Center. They treated him with love and respect. Showing true concern and patience. Kaleb is a life saved. He is thriving and making positive life choices. His potential is unlimited!

- Tammy Koop

Words cannot describe my experience with Legacy, but I will try. This place has, and continues to change my life. From the start at detox, the staff was very welcoming and caring while I was in a very dark place physically and emotionally. This treatment continued at the PHP and IOP levels. I have been to 5 other treatments facilities, but have never experienced the care and compassion I received at Legacy. Of course the staff is caring, but they are GENUINELY invested in their clients recovery.

- Michael M.

Wonderful staff, the treatment program was excellent. They really treat you like family here and genuinely care about you. The 4 months I’ve spent here have been great, I’ve learned a lot about myself and ways to cope with my struggles.

- Jeff Hornig

I've been to a few treatment centers and this one is by far the best from the living quarters to the clinical and therapeutic experience. 5/5 would recommend. They continue to reach out and stay in contact.

- Andrew V.

Legacy Healing Center saved my life. The entire staff focuses on every individual as a separate case. No one is left behind. I wouldn't be here without the staff at Legacy.

- Grace D.

Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

- Avi S.

Who Is Luxury Rehab For?

There are numerous answers to the question, who is luxury rehab for? For starters, it will need to be determined that rehab is the right option for someone dealing with a substance abuse issue. Addiction is considered to be a disease, and by looking at a set of criteria created specifically for addiction treatment, you can discover if you are in need of rehabilitation.

Criteria that need to be met for drug or alcohol rehab to be an option include:

• Using a particular substance in larger amounts than you originally intended.

• Spending a large portion of your time recovering from the substance’s effect, or trying to obtain or use the substance.

• Not being successful in cutting down the amount you use or quitting altogether.

• Experiencing strong cravings to use the substance.

• Isolating yourself from friends family, and even once-beloved hobbies because of your substance use.

• Becoming tolerant of the substance, meaning that you need more and more each time to reach the desired effect.

• Becoming unable to fulfill, family, school, or work responsibilities because of your substance abuse.

• Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to back off from the substance.

If you have experienced several or all of the criteria listed above, entering into a rehabilitation program will benefit you. Because there are so many to choose from, you will need to decide if a luxury rehab is a right option for you. What makes a luxury rehab stand apart from a traditional rehab is the atmosphere and environment, plus the amenities and add-ons that are available.

Enrolling in a luxury rehab is the right choice if you prefer a more resort or hotel-like atmosphere that includes a strong focus on the latest nutritional and dietary options, fitness and exercise options, specially designed private rooms, unique recreational activities, and a serene, well-appointed space that will allow you to relax and focus on the task at hand – healing.

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Have Private Rooms?

Another popular question that is asked when it comes to addiction treatment is if luxury rehab centers have private rooms. Often times, luxury rehabs centers will offer patients the option of having a private room or a shared space with one other person. There is no right or wrong answer on which of these options is better but is more a matter of preference.

Some people are particular about their privacy and want a quiet, tranquil setting where they can relax after a long day of therapy and other rehab activities. And while private rooms are often available, it is important to also consider the benefit of a shared space that allows you to have someone to express your struggles, thoughts, and feelings as you both progress through the program together.

Legacy Healing Center’s luxury rehab has a wide variety of program options and amenities, ensuring you receive the help you need in the environment you desire.

Do Luxury Rehabs Have On Site Chefs?

Many luxury rehabs do have on-site chefs. Often times with addiction, an individual does not eat on a regular basis or ingest high quality, nutritious food. This can cause nutritional deficiencies and can have a negative impact on one’s physical and mental state. Healing through high quality, naturally detoxifying foods is a critical aspect of the holistic healing approach you will find here at Legacy Healing Center.

Do Luxury Rehabs Offer Personal Trainers?

Exercise and physical activity not only strengthens the body but also release powerful feel-good endorphins. Unfortunately, exercise has usually been neglected when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Depending on which luxury rehab you choose, you will likely have access to personal trainers and a variety of exercise and fitness programs and activities, including yoga, tai chi, meditation, Pilates, and more.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Miami

There are so many sober-friendly activities to enjoy in Miami. The breathtaking city of Miami is known for its unique history, dining, shopping, museums, stunning beaches, arts and culture and more. Miami’s variety of cultures and nationalities are displayed through art, music, food, scenery, and clothing.

Anyone hoping to take in a world-famous beach experience in Miami must spend some time in South Beach. Here you will find picturesque beaches, shopping boutiques, original Art Deco hotels, cafes, fine dining, museums and more. If you prefer a quiet day at the beach, consider Lummus Park or Crandon Park where you can still enjoy fun in the sun on a low-key level.

If you prefer to explore culture, art or history, make your way over to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Bayfront Park, Coral Castle, or take in a show at the American Airlines Arena. If you are an animal lover, you won’t want to miss the shows and exhibits that can be found at the renowned Miami Seaquarium or Jungle Island.

There are so many places to explore, restaurants to try, and things to do in Miami from a sober-minded perspective. Enjoy the newfound freedom you find in sobriety in this incredible city.

Call Legacy Healing Center today to learn more about its luxury rehab program and see if it is right for your needs.