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Prescription Drug Rehab

An addiction to prescription medication is not something that should be taken lightly. Many people mistakenly think that drug addiction is specific to illegal narcotics such as cocaine or heroin. The reality is, certain prescription medications are highly addictive which makes prescription drug addiction just as severe and dangerous as any other type of addiction. 

The trained and experienced professionals at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida understand the complexity and stress associated with an addiction to prescription medication. We work personally with each patient to design a treatment program that helps you to combat your addiction and provide you with the tools you need to lead a sober life. 

Understanding Signs of Prescription Addiction

If you suspect that a loved one is struggling with an addiction to prescription medication, there are certain physical and emotional signs that you can look out for. For example, a side effect of ingesting opioids is drowsiness and confusion. An addiction to anti-anxiety medications can result in slurred speech or difficulty concentrating on certain tasks. 


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There are also psychological and emotional signs of addiction. If you question your family member or friend about their habit and that person becomes defensive or withdrawn, that could be an indicator that they are trying to hide their addiction. While you cannot force this person to stop, you can always provide them with resources they can use, such as our phone number, to get them help. 

Why Prescription Addiction is On the Rise

Sadly, there has been a continuous incline in cases of prescription drug addiction. In many cases, Prescription drug addiction starts off innocently. For example, a patient may sustain an injury or need surgery and as a result, a doctor may prescribe an opioid to help numb the pain. This type of medication is only meant to be used on a short-term basis because of its addictive qualities. 

If one doctor stops filling the prescription, the patient can always go to a different doctor to try to refill the prescription. If that’s not possible, there is always the option of obtaining the drugs through a street dealer. 

The Most Abused Prescription Medications

One of the most commonly abused prescription drugs falls under the category of barbiturates. Examples of barbiturates include Nembutal and Seconal and are typically prescribed to a person that has anxiety or sleep problems. However, there are serious side effects if you take more than your prescribed dose. An overdose could result in trouble breathing and issues with consciousness. 

Another highly addictive prescription medication falls under the category of benzodiazepines. Valium and Xanax are both designated as benzodiazepines. These drugs are used to combat conditions such as panic attacks or anxiety. The dangerous feature of benzodiazepines is that it does not take long to develop an addiction to the medication, therefore, they are not meant for long term use. 

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


You may be surprised to learn that many sleep medicines have addictive qualities. Ambien and Lunesta are examples of medications that are not meant to be used indefinitely. The medicine is only meant to help a patient develop a healthy sleep pattern. Once that goal is accomplished, a patient should stop using them. Many times, however, patients begin to become unknowingly dependent on the medication and feel as though they would not be able to sleep without it which leads to addiction. 

Dangers of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription addiction can have a dangerous impact on every aspect of your life. When your body and mind are consumed with addiction, there are other parts of your existence that tend to become neglected. For example, your addiction could potentially impact your professional life because you may be unable to complete certain tasks at your job. Your personal life may falter because the attention that you normally give to your friends and family is now redirected toward your addiction. 

It’s critical to remember that you should never try to detox from prescription drugs without the help of a medical professional. Along with rehab programs, we also offer the option of a medical detox program. This provides patients with the peace of mind of knowing that they can remove the influence of the drug in a safe and more comfortable environment. Our team monitors your vitals as well as your physical and mental well-being around the clock to ensure that no serious harm comes to while you detox. 

Sober Friendly Attractions in Tallahassee

A common mantra among people that are in recovery is that they feel as though they have lost themselves while they were in active addiction. Once you have successfully completed treatment with us and returned home to Tallahassee, its important to rediscover how to have fun without drugs.   Positive sober friendly activities help you reinforce the healthy behaviors and coping skills you’ve learned in rehab.  Fortunately, Tallahassee has lots to offer in this regard.  Here are a few suggestions:


The Tallahassee Museum 

The Tallahassee Museum is a perfect example of a venue that has a little bit of everything. The museum features an ideal mix of history about Northern Florida as well as nature and wildlife. There are 30 permanent exhibits at the museum as well as four to six traveling exhibits that are displayed throughout the year. Fourteen historical buildings call the Tallahassee Museum home and have incredible information associated with the development of the region. When you are done looking through the historical exhibits, make sure to save time to enjoy the zip line and the aerial adventure course.  The museum is open every day of the year, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 


Fun Station

Are you looking to visit a place that has an activity for nearly any member of the family? You should definitely make time to visit Fun Station. Fun Station is filled with awesome activities both indoors and outdoors. If you would like to stay inside, you can play any one of the over 70 arcade games and grab a bite to eat at the pizza kitchen. There are also options to take a ride on go-karts, play a game of mini-golf or hit a ball in the batting cages.  


Just like with any addiction, prescription drug addiction is potentially deadly. The professionals at Legacy Healing Center understand the struggles associated with prescription addiction. We work with you personally to put together a treatment plan that suits your long-term sobriety goals. When you take the first step of speaking to one of our intake specialists, you are taking the first step toward a new life. Please reach out to us today at (888) 534-2295

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