How Long Does Rehab Last?

How Long Does Rehab Last?

Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is an extensive process, one which provides the catalyst for positive, lasting change in a person’s life that is plagued by the problems of substance abuse. As a chronic, relapsing disease, addiction requires a holistic approach to treatment that tends to multiple needs of recovering addicts. But how long does rehab last in general? 

Drug and alcohol rehab, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse that’s charged with furthering our understanding of addiction and addiction treatment, requires at least three months of consecutive treatment to be able to properly manage. The process of treatment takes time to be properly effective, and there is no overnight cure.

With this optimal treatment length taken into consideration, we will explore the various treatment options that we have at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida. By answering the question “how long does rehab last?” one can get a better understand of just what it takes to achieve long-term recovery from a disease that is known to be persistent.

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What Happens After Rehab?

The general answer to the question “how long does rehab last?” is 90 days, but the longer a person spends on their recovery, actively taking part in support groups and sober communities, the better their chances of a long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol becomes. 

As such, it’s important to consider not only rehab treatment, but also what happens after rehab. Long-term addiction maintenance can be seen as the same as long-term maintenance of other chronic diseases such as hypertension, which have a similar relapse rate as addiction. If a person were to stop the upkeep of their condition through the proven methods of treatment, then they risk the symptoms of their condition returning. In the same way, addiction requires long-term maintenance which can be achieved with aftercare services that we offer at our Riviera Beach rehab location.

After rehab, our clients can be directed to local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These serve as a way to find support and to continue with recovery programs long after intensive rehab has been completed. We also provide alumni activities that include guest speakers that can share pertinent information about addiction recovery, and fun activities aimed at nurturing and building our sober community. 

It is possible that a person may need to work on their recovery from addiction for the rest of their life, but this is completely possible with the various aftercare programs that are made available after completing rehab.

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What Types of Durations Are There?

To better answer to the question “how long does rehab last?” we can explore the durations of the treatment programs we offer at our Riviera Beach location. 

To start, we offer a 30-day rehab program that has all of the types of treatments and the holistic approach to treatment that can help an addict to achieve long-term recovery. The program tends to begin with the much-needed medical detox to ease the process of withdrawal that happens when a physically addicted person attempts to stop substance abuse. 

After a successful detox, the main elements of addiction recovery become the focus in rehab; behavioral therapy, family therapy, mental and physical healing, and other aspects of a whole-patient approach to treatment. 

The next treatment duration that we offer comes in the form of our 60-day rehab program. As with the 30-day program, it also has all of the aspect of effective treatment that one needs to recover. Finally, our 90-day rehab program provides the most comprehensive form of treatment by providing enough time by itself to properly treat addiction.

It’s important to understand that even our 30-day rehab program can be a perfect way to treat addiction when it is combined with other programs. For example, an addict may join our 30-day inpatient rehab program to receive intensive care for addition, and then follow that program with a 30-day outpatient program. Finally, the recovering person can then take part in the aftercare programs that are available to continue with their recovery, and to satisfy the suggested 90 days of treatment required. 

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Benefits of 30-, 60-, 90-Day Rehabs

Our varying treatment program lengths at our rehab in South Florida offer a way for every person to find the treatment they need in a way that suits them. Some people may not be able to take time away from other things in their life for three months in a residential treatment program while others might want to have the best chances at recovering for a severe addiction through a 90-day inpatient rehab program.

The benefits that one can get from a 30-day rehab include all of the benefits that accredited clinical care for addiction can offer. This includes the use of the best evidence-based therapy and programs that have proven to be essential in the fight against addiction.

Our 60-day drug rehab program is one where the intensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is extended, allowing for a greater positive effect that rehab brings about. Finally, our 90-day long-term rehab programs are the ideal way to maximize the effectiveness of clinical treatment in a holistic approach, perfect for treating a severe addiction or when there has been a history of relapse in the patient’s past. 

The 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs can be offered in a residential facility through inpatient rehab, or as an outpatient program that allows a person to maintain their autonomy. Of course, a combination of treatment lengths and settings is often the best option, such as an inpatient program leading into an outpatient rehab program.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida, is an ideal place to find effective treatment. The area is home to stunning beaches such as Ocean Reef Park and the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park and Nature Center. Find a bite to eat at the many local favorite restaurants such as 3800 Ocean, The Capital Grille, and the Nonna Maria Restaurant.

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