Family Addiction Program in South Florida

It is no secret that addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Their finances, professional standing, and reputation can all take a serious hit. But perhaps the most impactful damage occurs in a person’s relationships. This disease has the power to tear entire families apart, especially when its many destructive impacts are left unaddressed. Legacy Healing Center Pompano Beach offers a family addiction program in South Florida to help mitigate this.

Addiction Family Roles

Not every family member will react to a loved one’s addiction in the same way. Just as each member has a part to play in that family dynamic, the same can be said for those whose loved one suffers from a substance use disorder.

The family roles in addiction include:

  • The Addict: As the name suggests, this is the individual suffering from a substance dependency, often becoming the focal point of the family unit. They are the main source of conflict, and their loved ones will attempt to live with their damaging behaviors.
  • The Caretaker: Often referred to as the enabler, this member will do everything in their power to “care for” the addicted individual. This can even include providing them with their substance of choice or covering up their bad behavior. While many do this because they feel responsible for keeping everyone happy, it only adds fuel to the fire.
  • The Hero: This is a person who may be self-sufficient to a fault, never relying on those around them for fear that everything will crumble. They may see themselves as the glue holding everything together and may attempt to restore the dysfunctional dynamic themselves.
  • The Scapegoat: This family member is likely to act out either in hostility or defiance. Often referred to as the problem child, their actions may divert a significant amount of attention from the addict’s behavior.
  • The Mascot: In response to the stress created by the addict’s behavior, the mascot or comedian of the family will attempt to mitigate the stress through humor and lightheartedness.
  • The Lost Child: Finally, this quiet wallflower will often fly under the radar, acting as a silent fly on the wall, observing the chaos around them.

Why Support for Families of Addicts Is Crucial

Something crucial to remember is that no matter how well a person may appear to be doing, living with an addict or alcoholic can take a monumental toll on the well-being of those around them – especially their families. This helps to explain why so many of those who reach out to our Pompano Beach drug rehab are family members of the prospective patient. With South Florida addiction being such a major issue, it is crucial to take a comprehensive approach to heal all those that have been affected.

It is also worth noting that, especially in the case of children of addicts, witnessing these behaviors can have a detrimental effect on a child’s own mental and physical health. Addiction is referred to as a family disease, meaning that it is not uncommon for other members of the family to develop their own substance use disorders. Whether they do so to medicate the pain away or just don’t feel like considering the consequences of their actions, it can turn into a destructive cycle when left unaddressed.

As the participants of our family addiction program in South Florida work through their own trauma, their loved ones will take part in a number of effective therapy programs that promote healing and recovery. Each level of care we provide ensures that the experience can be personalized to the patient, giving them the best chance at success.

To learn more about the treatment programs we offer, contact Legacy’s South Florida rehab center today. 

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