Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Philadelphia

Best Rehab For Alcohol & Drugs for Philadelphia Residents

Addiction is something that not only affects the addict but the entire environment around them. When you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse addiction, it is time to seek a certified rehabilitation treatment center to lead the path to recovery. Legacy Healing Center is a premiere behavioral health provider that specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Our client-centered approach works with patients and their families to build hope in a stable environment all while providing an expansive support network to help individuals and their families get the help they need.


Legacy Healing Center offers conclusive treatment programs that help people combating addiction overcome it. Legacy doesn’t provide one program to fix all, but instead offers varying lengths of comprehensive treatment in 30 – 60 – 90-day increments paired with individualized treatment plans to help each unique individual get the help they need.   

Philadelphia has a lot to offer to people from all walks of life, and that also means showing love to those who are struggling with substance abuse problems. Legacy Healing Center in Philadelphia offers world-class addiction treatment therapies helping individuals struggling with alcohol and substance addictions to change their lives for good.  

We make it our mission to lay the foundation for anyone who enters our community to recover. This foundation is aided by getting to the root of underlying issues and ultimately finding a sober lifestyle. When you work with Legacy, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be set free from addiction and re-join society. 

We understand that addiction alters lives and doesn’t discriminate, which is why we are here to help you and your loved ones find the information and ultimately the treatment needed to heal. Call us at Legacy Healing Center today at 888.534.2295 to find out why we are one of the fastest-growing addiction treatment centers in the country.