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Understandably, the needs of a patient will differentiate between people. Some may require 24-hour monitoring and care, while others simply need an extra bit of support to keep them going. It is why our facilities offer different levels of care to our patients. An example of this is our outpatient rehab near New York, which allows clients to uphold the lessons they learned in sobriety and maintain their recovery. Read on to learn more about this program with Legacy Healing Center Parsippany.

What Does Outpatient Addiction Treatment Consist Of?

Exactly how outpatient treatment works will ultimately depend on the patient’s needs. When a patient is first placed into this program, their personal situation is evaluated to determine which therapies and treatment methods are right for them. Factors like their physical health, at-home support system, underlying mental health conditions, and how long they’ve abused substances are all considered.

In general, patients can expect to stay in the program between three months and a year after completing a stay at our inpatient program. It requires fewer session hours and time spent at our drug rehab near New York. It focuses more on helping patients maintain their sobriety than achieving it.

The Benefits of Outpatient Drug Treatment

A person may decide to participate in treatment at our outpatient drug rehab center for several reasons.

Benefits of outpatient care include:

  • Lower costs: Although the exact costs will depend on the intensity of the individual patient’s treatment plan, it can be generally expected that outpatient care will take less of a financial toll than full-time residential or partial hospitalization programming.
  • A focus on family: It is understandable that a person’s relationship may be affected by their addiction and behavior while under the influence. Not only do we offer family programming to foster healing from these events, but the additional time working on the family dynamic grants an opportunity to begin repairing these relationships at home.
  • Resuming employment or school: It may be possible to pursue outpatient treatment during off hours, like in the evening, giving participants the valuable opportunity to resume hours at work or school. Although a leave of absence to pursue treatment is protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the time is usually unpaid, making it hard for those who act as their home’s main provider. Outpatient treatment allows these individuals to resume and start making money again.

Learn More About Our Outpatient Drug Rehab

For those looking to continue receiving support for sobriety, Legacy’s outpatient rehab near New York provides this support with the ability to participate in support groups and individual therapy. We offer a number of effective therapy programs that can accentuate a patient’s healing, giving them a chance to process feelings as opposed to succumbing to them. We also offer addiction treatment for a number of substance use disorders, giving people from all walks of life a sincere chance at recovery. There is so much more to life than drug and alcohol abuse, a fact that we work to help our patients accept for themselves.

Contact Legacy Healing Center today to learn more about our options for outpatient addiction recovery near New York.

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