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Luxury and prescription drug rehabs are often thought of as a way for celebrities to get addiction treatment, but the truth is that our luxury rehab in Margate can be accessible to anyone. It’s not just about being comfortable either; our luxury rehab is a place of serenity and healing, creating the ultimate recovery space in a resort-like setting. 

The goal of our luxury rehab in Margate, FL, is to provide an unparalleled level of care for substance use disorder that incorporates all of the evidence-based therapies and treatments with a holistic healing approach. This level of care is provided to you in an environment that promotes healing and your mental and physical wellbeing. 

One of the main benefits of our rehab apart from the luxury facility and amenities that we offer is the level of personal care that we offer each of our clients. Thanks to the low patient-to-staff ratio, we are able to give you personalized care that is unmatched. We also provide you with tailor-made programs to treat you personally instead of just your addiction.

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What is Luxury Rehab?

So, what makes our luxury rehab in Margate, Florida different from a standard rehab program? There are two main differences; the first is that the setting and services we provide goes beyond just a standard treatment program for addiction. We approach addiction treatment holistically. We explore various areas of your life such as the dynamics in your family, your mental and physical health, and help you to become engaged in community-driven activities that will promote your healing. 

Luxury rehab is essentially the highest level of addiction treatment available with everything possible that can help you to attain a life free from drug or alcohol abuse, in a resort-like setting that greatly improves one’s ability to recover from the troubles of addiction. Recovery is about building a new way of life, and no place is better for that than our luxury rehab in Margate, Florida. 

In our rehab facility, you can expect behavioral therapies and our holistic approach to treatment. Behavioral therapies include the most effective models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Our holistic healing methods include beneficial programs such as health and wellness programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and family therapy among others.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

Who is Luxury Rehab For?

So, who is luxury rehab meant for? The level of care and services that you get at our luxury rehab is for anyone with the means to be able to choose the highest level of private, personalized care that you can get. It is generally aimed at anyone with means to use luxury rehab services such as high-level executes and professionals.

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Have Private Rooms?

As a part of our luxury rehab in Margate, you will be able to have your own private room for the duration of your 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential rehab program. Since you have your own, fully furnished room, you will be able to spend some time alone to consider the experiences of the day. Maybe you had a particularly difficult time in therapy and would just like a time to contemplate it. Your private room can do wonders here, allowing you some quiet reflection time after each day or between therapy sessions.

Do Luxury Rehabs Have On-Site Chefs?

In our luxury rehab in Margate, we have on-site chefs that will prepare organic foods for you on a daily basis. Healthy foods are important in recovery.  Many drugs cause a person to become malnourished through either the suppression of their appetite or just poor eating habits. Much of this malnourishment can be dealt with through an improved diet. 

Our on-site chefs create meals that are not only tasty, but they are good for you, too. This allows you to have the proper amount of nutrition during recovery to ensure that you have the energy to heal and to repair the damage that addiction caused. A healthy diet can also help you to not feel fatigued and stay clear-minded.

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Do Luxury Rehabs Offer Personal Trainers?

One of the holistic treatments that we incorporate in your personalized treatment plan at Legacy Healing Center is exercise. We find that you get the best results from exercise in recovery when you have a personal trainer. As such, we provide you with a personal trainer during your recovery so that you can work on your health and wellness at your own pace. 

Exercise has several benefits for someone in recovery. For starters, it helps to rebuild muscle mass and promotes your health, which is important after substance addiction. It also has other benefits such as a natural way to reduce chronic pain, and exercise can improve your mood and motivation. Finally, exercise in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can help to suppress cravings, naturally.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Margate

Margate, Florida, is a fantastic tourist destination. While you are receiving treatment at our luxury rehab in Margate, you can also experience many of the sober-friendly activities that Florida offers. Among the fine dining establishments that you can enjoy a meal at include NYY Steak, Tavolino Della Notte, and Runyon’s Restaurant. 

Spend some time in the pleasant climate by visiting the Oriole Golf Club or take a walk through the Fern Forest Nature Center. Beaches offer a great way to experience the beauty of the area. Among the best beaches that are near Margate include Gulfstream Park, Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, Pompano Beach, and Keating Beach. 

If you have been fighting an addiction alone but want to get accredited treatment, then Legacy Healing Center can help you. Our luxury rehab in Margate can be your guide to a new, sober you through our intensive, unparalleled treatment services. Reach out to us today at (888) 534-2295.

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