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What is Heroin?

Heroin is an extremely addictive opioid that is made from morphine, a natural chemical derived from the poppy plant native to Mexico, Asia, and Colombia. Infamous for its euphoric effects and potential for dependency, it has remained a consistent threat to the lives of countless Americans. In response to this, addiction and mental health care professionals have done what they can to address these instances while mitigating the damage they continue to cause. Read on to learn about Legacy Healing Center’s heroin rehab program and how Fort Lauderdale residents can obtain this care.

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Dangers of Heroin Use

It may come as a surprise that heroin was initially patented as a wonder drug, with production beginning on a commercial scale around 1898.1 Despite its effectiveness in treating respiratory afflictions, it was soon discovered that the addictiveness of this substance far outweighed its benefits.

Modern users typically inject, snort, or smoke the drug in order to experience its euphoric effects. This commonly results in addiction, along with other devastating consequences, such as:

  • – Severe infection
  • – Abscesses
  • – Kidney and liver disease
  • – Difficulty breathing
  • – Chronic insomnia

What is important to remember is that the effects of only one use are enough to develop into a full-blown dependency. It remains illegal throughout the United States, with hefty legal consequences for those caught partaking in this habit. Still, once heroin has a person in its addictive clutches, it becomes that much harder to shake without the intervention of professional treatment.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

Consistent heroin abuse will typically leave a person in a physically and mentally debilitated state that is indicated by a variety of factors. 

These signals include:

  • – Appearing disoriented
  • – Noticeable weight loss
  • – Scabs and bruises
  • – Track marks at the injection site
  • – Severe mood swings
  • – Isolation from friends and family
  • – Dishonest behavior
  • – Hallucinations or paranoia

It is also possible to recognize heroin use by certain drug paraphernalia, such as glass pipes, used syringes, and damaged spoons. If you suspect that someone you care about is stuck in the midst of active addiction, our Fort Lauderdale detox centers offer treatment programs to address heroin withdrawal in a safe and medically monitored environment.

Neighborhoods We Serve

Legacy Healing’s Heroin Rehab Center 

 If you are struggling with heroin dependency, the first thing we want you to remember is that there is hope. The cycles can feel debilitating, but there are also countless people that have made it out the other side to find how fulfilling a sober life can be. With levels of care ranging from 24-hour residential treatment to more flexible outpatient services, every patient can rest assured that we will meet them where they are in their disease and help to effectively guide them down the road of recovery.

Additionally, our rehab for heroin addiction employs a variety of impactful therapy methods that aid in addressing any underlying factors or repressed traumas that continue to contribute to their drug use. One such example is our employment of cognitive behavioral therapy, which will provide the necessary coping skills that will be useful in helping you abstain from relapse later down the line.

For more information about our options for heroin addiction treatment, contact Legacy Healing Center Fort Lauderdale today!


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