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Alcohol Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you or a loved one has been drinking more frequently than usual or has more than just a couple of drinks on a regular basis, it may indicate a dependency or addiction to alcohol. Help is always available at Legacy Healing Center’s Fort Lauderdale alcohol rehab program.

The incredible news is that you don’t have to keep living this way — YOU are in the driver’s seat. YOU are the one who can ask for help and regain control. Stop the destructive hold alcohol has on your life by pursuing sobriety at a local Fort Lauderdale alcohol rehab center, such as Legacy Healing Center.

Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Treatment Center

It may sound a little scary to go to rehab treatment for alcohol addiction in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Maybe you don’t think you need rehab or you may be unsure of what to expect. We are here to walk you through every step. Going to rehab is actually a lot less scary than continuing to live, work, drive, attend school or try to do other activities or maintain relationships under the constant influence of alcohol.

When you first reach out to Legacy Healing Center, your rehab treatment specialist will listen and try to guide you to the right option. For many, the right first step is alcohol detox. When you stop drinking, your body and mind react and respond. The withdrawal symptoms, physically and mentally, can be difficult to manage on your own. This is why relapse is so common, especially in the early days. With medically supervised alcohol or drug detox, you will be surrounded by compassionate people who want you to succeed. You will be given the support and tools needed to safely withdraw from alcohol.

Next, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan that could be inpatient or outpatient rehab therapy. Because alcohol use disorder (AUD) often stems from a deeper issue, the alcohol use will not be addressed alone. Instead, through individual therapy tailored to your specific need as well as the community support and encouragement found in group therapy, the underlying causes of your AUD will be treated as well. You’ll be given coping skills to help you handle the good and the hard things that you will face in life without alcohol.

Even once you’ve completed alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale or at our Pompano rehab center, it’s important to continue getting support through ongoing programs, whether individual therapy or group support such as a 12-step program.

Alcohol Rehab Programs in Fort Lauderdale

Legacy Healing Centers offers personalized treatment plans with our Fort Lauderdale alcohol treatment centers.

The process begins with detox in Fort Lauderdale, FL to help cleanse your system of the alcohol, so that you can begin treatment. With medical detox, we will help you deal with withdrawal symptoms and avoid any dangerous side effects. In some instances, you may need medications to prevent the symptoms from occurring.

Once detox has been completed, you may decide that an outpatient treatment program is right for you. This style of the program allows you to continue working, going to school, or caring for your family with regular meetings around your schedule. If you’re in need of more structure in your treatment, our inpatient rehab may offer the support you require.

Once you have completed your treatment program, we offer aftercare options. These programs help prevent relapse with ongoing support as you get back into society. It’s important to continue with 12-step meetings and other aftercare programs because alcohol addiction is a disease that has no cure, but it can be managed with the right treatment plan.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Alcohol use disorder is an issue for many residents of Fort Lauderdale. A study from SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, from 2005 to 2010 indicated that 21.3 percent of residents aged 12 and older in the Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area had at least one episode of binge alcohol use in the past month. This is just below the state and national percentages¹.

How to Find Alcohol Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re tired of fighting your alcohol addiction alone, you can seek help at Fort Lauderdale alcohol treatment centers. You want to find a program that meets your needs, whether you require the flexibility of an outpatient program or the structure and support of inpatient alcohol rehab.

It’s important that you seek help with detox rather than attempting it on your own. Legacy Healing Centers offers medically assisted alcohol detox to help you manage the withdrawal symptoms. We can help you begin the path to recovery.

When to Seek Help for Alcohol Addiction

How do you know when it’s time to seek help for alcohol addiction? You’re the only one who can ask for help and honestly answer the questions.

There are sure indicators and signs of when it’s the right time. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I drink more, longer, or more often than I mean to?
  • Have I tried to cut down or stop, but been unable to?
  • Do I keep drinking, even though it causes problems with my family and friends?
  • Has drinking or being sick from drinking interfered with work or school?
  • Have I found myself in dangerous situations because of drinking, such as driving under the influence or engaging in unsafe sexual situations?
  • Do I have blackouts or memory gaps of what happened while I was drinking?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, NOW is the right time to seek help for your alcohol addiction. Even if you haven’t had blackouts, DUIs, or hurt someone (including yourself) in a car crash or through a dangerous sexual situation, it’s best to get help before these things happen.

Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

What exactly are the signs of AUD? How do you know if you have this disease? Review the following list of common signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder. If you can relate to these, reach out to Legacy Healing Centers and begin your recovery journey.

  • Increased tolerance
  • Inability to stop
  • Unhealthy, obsessive focus on alcohol and getting the next drink
  • Harm to relationships
  • Physical illness if you don’t drink (shaking, sweating, nausea)
  • Acting irresponsibly or ignoring responsibilities
  • Becoming isolated

Alcohol addiction is not something that happens overnight. Typically, the root cause of alcohol addiction is the result of a deeper issue that has not been addressed. For example, many of our patients have suffered from some type of physical or emotional trauma. If you were never given the opportunity to heal from these events, you may find yourself turning to alcohol to help find comforts in emotions that you cannot navigate.

Another reason why a person may turn to drinking is due to an undiagnosed mental illness. It is not uncommon for alcoholics to experience feelings of depression or anxiety. However, alcohol is never the answer to addressing these serious issues.

When you first reach out to our 30- day drug rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale, you will discuss your current situation with one of our intake specialists. Our admission team works to enroll you in our detox program, if needed, and coordinate with you to settle on a program that works best for you. Legacy Healing Center offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Keep in mind, that you have the flexibility to change your treatment plan at any time with the assistance of a member of our team.

Overcoming Addiction with Therapy

Therapy is an essential aspect of overcoming addiction. Our opioid rehab programs incorporate various forms of therapy to help you manage your thoughts and feelings regarding addiction and your own recovery. An example of one of the types of therapy you will experience in rehab is group therapy. Group therapy helps to show you that there are other people that you can look to for support who have struggled with similar issues. During group therapy, you have the chance to share your personal experiences associated with addiction as well as listen to those around you that can provide greater insight into your recovery.

Another type of therapy that you will participate in at our facility is one on one therapy. While group therapy is important, there may be aspects of your life that you do not feel comfortable sharing with your fellow patients.

It’s essential to remember that when you begin your recovery journey, it is something that you commit to for the rest of your life. We encourage every attendee to take part in our Addiction Aftercare program. Our Addiction Aftercare provides you with continued guidance so that you can achieve life-long sobriety. We can assist you in locating support groups and 12-step meetings to ensure that you always have access to treatment.

We also encourage you to take part in our alumni program which connects patients that have completed their respective rehab program. This is an excellent way to build relationships with other people that are in recovery and can provide you with the reassurance that you need to stay on the path to sobriety.

Legacy Healing Center

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Sober Friendly Attractions Near Fort Lauderdale

There is no shortage of beauty in the Fort Lauderdale area. Part of your ongoing recovery is learning that there are numerous venues in and around Fort Lauderdale that are sober-friendly. Here are some of the leading locations.

Fort Lauderdale is home to one of the largest museums in the state. The Museum of Discovery and Science is frequented by thousands of visitors who enjoy learning about space and wildlife. It is filled with a mixture of permanent and rotating exhibits and is opened seven days a week. The museum provides guests with a place to grab a quick bite to each in between exhibit explorations as well as an IMAX 3D theater that starts shows as soon as the museum opens.

The Museum of Discovery and Science is located at 401 SW 2nd Street.

Another popular museum in the Fort Lauderdale area is the Naval Air Station. This museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to an abundance of exhibits from World War I and World War II as well as a naval aviation mural that was signed by President George H.W. Bush, John McCain and a Medal of Honor recipient. You should plan to dedicate a few hours to your visit to fully appreciate the extent of the history in the museum.

You can visit the Naval Air Station at 4000 W Perimeter Road.

The Legacy Healing Center team understands the struggles associated with alcohol addiction. We take a personalized approach to treatment and provide you with a unique program that caters to your recovery goals. Our team of trained professionals work hand-in-hand with each patient to ensure that they feel comfortable. Start your rehab journey today by calling us at (888) 534-2295.

Get Help at Alcohol Detox Centers in Fort Lauderdale

You’ve taken the best first step — acknowledging the issue so you can face it head-on. When you contact us at 888-534-2295, you’ll talk to a rehab specialist who will help you take the next step, finding Fort Lauderdale rehab. Please note that we also offer drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale.

When you arrive, you’ll quickly find that you are safe here. You’re not your addiction or disorder. You’re a person and will be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. At Legacy Healing, you are welcomed among Ladies and Gentlemen, caring for Ladies and Gentlemen as you make your way on your journey to be healthy, whole, happy, and sober.


  1. SAMHSA. Substance Use and Mental Disorders in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach MSA.
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