AA And NA Meetings In Delray Beach, Florida

AA and NA Meetings in Delray Beach

One of the cornerstones of recovery from drugs or alcohol is realizing that you are not the only person in the world that struggles with this form of addiction. There are thousands of people all over the world who combat the consequences of addiction.

The list of those consequences could go on and on. For example, it is undeniable that at a certain point in your life, your addiction will begin to interfere with both your personal and professional life. You may come to find that you would much rather choose to have a drink at home and not go out with friends because you are embarrassed by how much you will want to drink. Suddenly, you are calling out of work more frequently because your addiction has grown stronger and you cannot fight off the hangover in the morning.  

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If you opt to enroll in a treatment program at the Legacy Healing Center, a focal point of your day will revolve around taking part in different 12-step meetings. The premise of the 12 steps applies to people that struggle with either alcohol or drugs. While every step plays an important role in your recovery, the first step is unquestionably one of the most critical.  

The first step entails open admittance that you are not only powerless over alcohol but that your life has also become unmanageable. This is an essential factor in your overall recovery. Many people that struggle with addiction and even many family members and friends are often under the mistaken opinion that if you “just stop drinking” that the addiction will go away. The reality, however, is that you need to surrender yourself to the fact that your addiction is not something that you can control without the help of other people that have been in a similar situation and with assistance from your higher power.  

When you are looking at possible meeting locations, it’s important that you keep an eye out for the details of the meeting. Meetings will typically be categorized as being “open” or “private”. An open meeting means that any person can attend the meeting. He or she does not need to be a person that has combatted with addition. For instance, if there is a friend or family member who is interested in learning more about addiction for school or just for their own personal frame of reference, he or she would be able to attend an open meeting without question.  

A closed meeting, on the other hand, is more restricted. Attendees of closed AA or NA meetings are specifically for AA or NA members only and would like to stop drinking. These types of meetings were created to help the person struggling with addiction to feel more comfortable. It’s understandable that there are certain people in recovery that may not feel at ease talking about their addiction challenges in a room where the other attendees are not also personally struggling with addiction.  

Narcotic Anonymous Meetings in Delray Beach

One of the fantastic things about narcotic anonymous meetings is the fact that any person can find a meeting almost any time of day any day of the week. If you are struggling to find a meeting, here are some meetings in and around the Delray Beach area.

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Church of the Palms

The meeting at the Church of the Palms takes place every Sunday morning at 8 AM. This church also hosts other meetings at various other times throughout the week. This is an open meeting and it takes place in a discussion format. One of the benefits of attending a meeting at a church is the fact that just being at the church may inspire you to explore more about your spiritual side.  

1960 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444-4328


The Crossroads Club

The Crossroads Club is another venue that offers regular NA meetings throughout the week. You can attend a meeting at the Crossroads Club on Tuesday at 12:30 PM or at 7 PM. If Tuesdays don’t work for you, you can always opt to go to a meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM 

1700 Lake Ida Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33445-2468

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Delray Beach

Similar to NA meetings, there are numerous AA meetings in and around the Delray Beach area that you can attend at nearly any time during the day. Have you had a difficult day and you would like to go to a meeting at lunch? There is definitely the flexibility to do that when you live in Delray Beach.  

If you are in the beginning stages of your recovery, you may want to consider going to a beginner themed meeting. The Wayside House features a “New Beginnings” meeting every Wednesday night at 8 PM. This is an excellent chance to go and listen to the thoughts and experiences of other people who are on their own road to recovery.  Check out our Sober Friendly Businesses & Things To Do In Delray Beach, article to see what life is like in Delray Beach. 

The Wayside House

378 N Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida 33483


Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church is home to a weekly Sunday meeting which takes place at 7:30 PM. The name of the meeting is called Wine to Water which is a play on a biblical story when Jesus Christ was at a wedding and turned water into wine.  

400 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444 


It’s important to remember that you are never in the battle to overcome your addiction alone. When you turn to the professionals at the Legacy Healing Center, we work with you to provide you with the insight and direct you need to obtain sobriety. We work hand-in-hand with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to suit your individual needs. Whether you are interested in enrolling in an inpatient or an outpatient program, you can always count on the support of our caring staff to walk you through these life-changing moments in your life.  

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