What is Rehab Like (Alcohol & Drugs) for Coral Gables Residents

What is Rehab Like (Alcohol & Drugs) for Coral Gables Residents ?

Alcohol and drug addiction can be put tremendous stress and strain on your health and important areas of your life. The struggles of addiction can make it seem like recovery is impossible; however, effective treatments exist to help you overcome the disease at rehab. So, what is rehab like for Coral Gables Residents at Legacy Healing Center? While an addiction might be an extreme hardship, our rehab in South Florida can help you to beat your addiction with grace and loving support.

At Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, we incorporate all of the most effective forms of clinical treatments so that you can reap the benefits of extensive research and addiction sciences. We also approach addiction treatment differently than most rehabs; we have a whole-patient treatment approach to addresses not only your addiction but any other negative aspect in your life to bring about profound change.

At Legacy Healing Center, we provide personalized treatment plans because we understand that every person is different when it comes to the treatment they need. This is because the factors that led to your substance addiction may not be the same as another person. Furthermore, thanks to our advantageous staff-to-patient ratio, you can get the maximum benefit of holistic, personalized treatments for addiction.

What Does the Average Day Look Like While in Rehab?

From the second you walk through our doors in South Florida, you will walk into a luxury rehab facility that is all about healing and recovery. So, what is rehab like for Coral Gables Residents?

At our rehab facility, you can expect to wake up each morning in a private room. After preparing for the day ahead by washing up and dressing, you will be served food by our in-house chefs. The food that we serve is organic, delicious, and will provide you with the sustenance and energy you need to improve your recovery.

Throughout your day in our inpatient rehab program at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, you will participate in a range of behavioral therapies and holistic healing treatments that are based on your personal treatment plan; the therapies that our healthcare professionals know will work best for you.

At night, you’ll enjoy another delicious meal and then retire to your private room. There you can ponder the day’s events and therapies before getting a good night’s rest.

What Type of Therapies Happens at Rehab?

What is rehab like in South Florida in terms of therapy? Behavioral therapy is the most important part of rehab. When you first begin your treatment program with us, you will likely undergo a medically assisted detoxification. This is a detox that is supported by our healthcare professionals and FDA-approved medication so that your withdrawal can be comfortably and safely managed.

As you start your treatment with us at Legacy Healing Center, we will thoroughly assess all of your treatment needs. We do this by exploring your education, overall health, the extent of your substance abuse, family dynamics, your medical history, your career, and any possible legal issues that you face. With this information, we can create and ideal treatment plan that is tailor-made for you.

Behavioral therapy is what really uncovers the core of your addiction. It is what will help you to prevent relapse in your future because you will learn new ways to cope with triggers and stress, learn alternative behavior, and improve your motivation for positive, lasting change.

The therapies that you will be involved with at our rehab for alcohol and drug addiction includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivation enhancement therapy (MI), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These are all evidence-based therapies that are highly effective at creating lasting positive change and preventing substance abuse.

We also include therapies such as dual diagnosis as a part of our holistic approach, which addresses any co-occurring mental disorder that you might have. Family systems therapy, process therapy, solution-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy are further therapies that we will employ as a part of your personalized treatment plan.

Group Therapy

One of the formats of Legacy Healing rehab for Coral Gables residents will take place in a group. Group therapy can be highly effective in the recovery process because it helps you to see how other people have been affected by addiction, and what they are going through in their recovery. Learning from your peers in such a way can be very impactful because you will likely share many similar experiences and learn how they managed to overcome it.

It can also be a place where you can share some of the issues you’ve had to face, and later in recovery, this can help to strengthen your healing. Teaching others is a great way to learn, too.

One-On-One Therapy

Individual therapy is important in our whole-patient, clinical approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We create a safe space where you and your healthcare practitioner can talk about sensitive topics such as trauma and work on the specific behaviors that need to change for you to achieve sobriety. You will also work on your motivation, and in individual therapy, such motivation can be built with ease through therapies such as motivation enhancement therapy.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Coral Gables

Once you complete any behavioral health program, it’s important to keep busy and keep yourself engaged and entertained in your recovery. Identifying sober-friendly places and events you can enjoy throughout your recovery in  your home city of Coral Gables will be an important part of your ongoing sobriety. Fortunately, Coral Gables in Florida has many great sober-friendly options. Explore the exotic natural beauty of Coral Gables by visiting the Fairchild Tropical Garden or stroll through the Coral Gables Farmers’ Market to enjoy locally grown produce and delectable treats.

Of course, a Coral Cables, FL, experience isn’t complete without enjoying the stunning beaches in the area such as Nixon Beach, Tahiti Beach, Matheson Hammock Park, and Hobie Island Beach Park. Some of the best restaurants that you can dine  in Coral Gables, FL, include Fratellino, Aromas del Peru, and Ortanique on the Mile.

The bravery that it takes to seek professional help for addiction is admirable. Allow Legacy Healing Center to be your guide to an alcohol- and drug-free life through our luxury rehab programs in South Florida. Contact us today at (888) 534-2295 to start your journey to a new life.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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