Luxury Rehab for Cocoa Beach, FL Residents

Luxury Rehab for Cocoa Beach, FL Residents

When you struggle with a substance abuse habit, rehab gives you the best, medically-proven shot at achieving sobriety. Rehab is a challenging process, however. Often, the idea of accepting treatment in the clinical environment of conventional inpatient rehab can be stressful. If you struggle with an alcohol habit or another substance abuse habit and feel that your treatment would benefit by comfortable surroundings, and creature comforts, Legacy Healing Center in South Florida offers you luxury rehab. With well-appointed rooms, luxurious common areas, excellent, nutritious cuisine, and thoughtfully designed fitness, yoga, and meditation activities, luxury rehab can feel more like a high-end vacation than time spent getting better at a rehab facility.

Rehab no longer needs to feel like a sacrifice, a period of time spent away from the comforts of home in order to get better. Legacy Healing Center is designed to make Cocoa Beach, FL residents feel good about living away from home.

Who is luxury rehab for?

Luxury rehab, while it does come with comforts, is primarily a medical program. This means that your main focus, when you pick a rehab, should aim at determining that the program on offer does come with the best medical professionals, trained support staff in adequate numbers, a compassionate attitude in every caregiver, and evidence-based protocols at every step. When putting together with luxury amenities, such rehab care tends to cost twice as much as regular rehab. If you can afford it, however, luxury rehab can be truly worth the added expense.


Do luxury rehab centers have private rooms?

Legacy Healing has beautiful locations in South Florida. Luxury rehab with your own private room here can truly put you in a relaxed state of mind. A private room with luxuries like your own digital entertainment, and a luxury bed to curl up and heal in at the end of each day of hard work at rehab, can feel completely essential – especially when you get to take advantage of it in the middle of a tumultuous time escaping a drug habit.

Your own private room, of course, affords privacy, above all. Whether you’re a high-profile individual who would like to keep your treatment away from public view, or you’re just someone who values their privacy, having your own room to retire to at the end of each day of rehab can feel wonderful. When you need a place to be by yourself, and heal emotionally, the private rooms of luxury rehab can be a godsend.

Do luxury rehabs have on-site chefs?

A healthy diet tends to take a backseat when you are caught up in addictive behavior. Substance abuse tends to rob the body of essential nutrients, as well. Malnutrition can end up hurting your body’s ability to recover adequately. For this reason, all good rehabs pay attention to healthy nutrition. Luxury rehabs go a step further. Legacy Healing Center has great on-site chefs in place to help put organic, gourmet meals together to make it easy for patients to get their nutritional priorities straight. Whether you have vegan, gluten-free, or other specific dietary preferences, or simply need to have each meal prepared expertly for great taste, our on-site chefs are up to the job and can bring you excitement and joy each time you sit down to dine.

Do luxury rehabs offer personal trainers?

Regular workouts can have a surprisingly healthy effect on the mind when you’re in recovery. Certainly, there are specific health benefits associated with exercise when you’re in rehab – a study done at the University of British Columbia, for instance, has found that intense aerobic exercise has an effect on the brain’s hippocampus, and may help ease problems to do with the memory loss that follows intense substance abuse. It’s also true, however, that regular exercise helps ease pain, gives you a healthy way to structure your time, makes you stronger and better able to stand up to the rigors of rehab, and gives you new ways to connect to people. Legacy offers personal trainers to its luxury clients to help motivate them to put in the physical exertion that they need, on a regular basis. Patients tend to end up feeling better about themselves and to feel hope for the future.

Sober-friendly attractions near Cocoa Beach

The City of Cocoa Beach is on the Space Coast, the term used to describe the 40 miles of sunny, white-sand beaches along the Atlantic, close to the Kennedy Space Center. The region is home to several space museums that allow you to explore its rich scientific heritage. You can have fun on some of the finest surfing beaches in the country, as well, go kayaking alongside manatees, or simply find a private spot by the ocean, and peacefully settle down with a book. At the end of each day of activity at rehab, Cocoa Beach can be wonderfully soothing to explore.

It’s important to understand that scientific, evidence-based treatment is not a given at every luxury rehab. The quality of the treatment offered is the primary consideration that you must go with when you select a rehab. Evidence-based treatment involves medical detox and proven psychological and psychiatric treatment to follow, to ensure that your addiction is tackled both on the physical level and the mental level. Once you do determine that your rehab is handled by professionals, choosing luxury can be a great, added perk. If you’ve been considering the idea of rehab, a call to a friendly professional at Legacy Healing Center can help you make up your mind.

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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