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Addiction is a very deep issue that can affect a person mentally, spiritually, and, perhaps most importantly, physically. Many people struggle to break their habits for the simple fact that withdrawals from the substance are just too unbearable. This leads many people to avoid treatment or, worse, attempt to detox on their own. This is what makes our MAT program so useful. Read on to learn more about what this program entails and the benefits it can provide.

What Does MAT Stand For in Addiction?

MAT stands for medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction. It can also help manage symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. It is a multimodal treatment approach that employs our Cherry Hill detox, prescribed medication, and holistic therapy. Said medication is used to help patients avoid the often-painful side effects of drug or alcohol detox.

These medications are FDA approved and are proven to be far less harmful to the mind and body of the patient than their substance of choice. The purpose of this program is to help these patients regain control of their lives without the troubling side effects that so often lead people to relapse. Something important to consider is that while these treatments are beneficial in treating opioid or alcohol withdrawals, there are currently no FDA-approved medications to do so for stimulant addiction.

What Happens During MAT for Addiction?

The first and most important step in our MAT program is meeting with a counselor for an initial assessment. This is where it will be determined if medication-assisted treatment is right for you. To be considered to participate, it is important to commit to regularly participating in therapy sessions. Once it has been decided that you will benefit from this program, during the detox process, medications will be prescribed by a doctor, depending on your personal needs.

MAT medications employed by our Cherry Hill rehab include:

  • Subutex
  • Buprenorphine
  • Vivitrol
  • Naltrexone
  • Sublocade
  • Campral

These medications are intended to curb cravings, block the euphoric effects of specific substances, and help people manage withdrawal symptoms that would otherwise be considered debilitating. Still, there is a significant amount of bias against this useful treatment option.

The Stigma of Medication-Assisted Treatment

There are some people who believe MAT is just replacing one addiction with another. While this program is certainly not intended for everyone, we staunchly oppose this position. Our drug rehab in New Jersey believes in providing our patients with every possible option to recover. The medications we provide are non-narcotics and approved by the FDA and only serve as an additional tool in our curriculum of treatment methods.

This program is meant to help patients recover, and we will do that safely and sufficiently. No matter the level of care a patient is in, we will give them the best chance at success. Choosing to undergo addiction treatment is not an easy decision to make, but we hope that those who place their care in our hands know how important their recovery is to us.

To learn more about our programs for addiction and mental health treatment, contact Legacy Healing Center Cherry Hill today!

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