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Brookhaven: Best Rehab for Alcohol & Drugs

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can be devastating to your life in multiple ways. When your life revolves around consuming your drug or drink of choice, many other aspects of your life will suffer. For example, you may begin to notice that your friends or family members no longer want to be around you. The reason for that is it may simply be too painful to see you under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they may get irritated or frustrated in being around you when you are in that type of condition. Your work life may also begin to suffer. You will notice that you will start to struggle to do specific tasks that once you could have done without a second thought.

When you are ready to take back control of your life, the Legacy Healing Center team is here to help you to do just that. We work personally with each of our clients to put together an individualized treatment plan that will help you accomplish the goals you have for your sobriety. We take the time to learn more about you so that we can help you develop a plan that makes you feel comfortable.

We realize that when you first come to Legacy Healing, you may have specific thoughts and opinions regarding addiction and recovery. One of the things that we ask every one of our clients is to open your ears, mind, and heart to the things you will learn during your treatment plan. Without question, you will hear specific ideas or thoughts that you may have never considered before. Although you may not always agree with all of them, taking the time to think about them will go a long way in helping you to develop your understanding of addiction.


Drug Rehab Centers Near Brookhaven

One of the critical factors of recovery is changing the people, places, and things around you that may negatively impact your life. In some cases, the people around you may not be trying to be unintentionally impeding your recovery. For example, if you live with a person who does not understand that addiction is a disease, you may not indeed have the support you need to overcome your addiction.

This is where the structured setting that Legacy offers is so invaluable. We strive to break the mode of a “traditional” treatment center. Many clients have the common misconception that every treatment facility looks similar to jail with bars on the windows. When you come to Legacy, you will be met with nothing less from a bright and open environment and the smiling and caring faces of the Legacy team.


Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Brookhaven

One of the struggles that many people grappling with an addiction to alcohol face is that alcohol is so prevalent in our society. You can barely go for a few minutes without seeing a commercial for alcohol on television. Further, it may feel uncomfortable to sit down at a restaurant at any given point, knowing that alcohol is in the vicinity. Due to this temptation, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remain sober without the right kind of support.

The Legacy Healing Center team understands this stress. In fact, many of our team members have personally struggled with addiction, or they have helped a close friend or family member through their own battle. You can rest assured that when you trust the Legacy team to help you navigate your way through your treatment, you will be inexperienced hands that will provide you with the type of environment you need to focus on overcoming your addiction all.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

When you first come to Legacy, there are several decisions that you will have the flexibility to make concerning your treatment plan. Remember, your treatment plan is fluid and changing. If you decide about your program’s detail and need to change it further down the road, we can help you do that.

One of the choices you will need to make is whether you will enroll in our inpatient or outpatient program. Our inpatient program can provide you with the continued around-the-clock care you experienced during detox for clients who first went through a detox program. Our inpatient program is not only for clients that completed a detox program, however. This program was specifically designed for clients interested in changing their surroundings for a set period to truly focus on their own recovery. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are coming to a home away from home when you come to Legacy. You will have a soft and warm bed every night, healthy food throughout the day, and access to our numerous luxurious amenities. Whether you would like to snuggle up with a good book, talk to a personal trainer about an exercise schedule or pick up some ice cream as an afternoon treat, we have everything that you need to feel comfortable.

We realize that not every client has the ability to be able to commit to an inpatient program for one reason or another. Perhaps you have family responsibilities that you need to see or need to work to support yourself or your loved ones. For these clients, we offer the option to enroll in an outpatient program. Our team will work with clients who decide to take advantage of an outpatient program on a schedule that does not hamper these responsibilities. You will come to our facility on specific days and times throughout the week for treatment. We will also encourage you to attend 12-step meetings when you can throughout the week so that the lessons you are learning at Legacy are reinforced when you are not here.

Different forms of therapy will play an essential role in your overall recovery. To overcome your addiction, you must first identify the factors in your life that may have contributed to it. Perhaps you sustained a specific trauma, or you are grappling with certain emotions that you have never been able to accept. Continuous participation in individual therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapy, and even family therapy can help you reach peace with those feelings.

The Legacy Healing Center team is at your disposal any day or time. Although it may feel uncomfortable to talk about certain things, we pride ourselves on providing you with a feeling of comfort and understanding. This is particularly true when it comes to your experiences in individual therapy. Individual therapy gives you an excellent opportunity to open up and share your experiences honestly. It is also a great check-in time to see how you are progressing in your treatment. Would you like to extend your recovery program? Perhaps you have more questions or concerns about the different forms of therapy that you are experiencing. Maybe you are having a bad day, and you want to talk about why you think you are having one. You can always count on the Legacy team to be there for you.


How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost associated with your treatment plan is dependent on a variety of different factors. We do understand, however, that it is something that you may be considered about. Keep in mind that the treatment plan for every client that comes to Legacy will be different. We help you develop a program based on your needs and goals, which will differ from other clients.

Therefore, it’s impossible to provide you with a specific cost of care until we can speak with you more. This is why reaching out to one of our recovery specialists is such a critical step. At Legacy, we believe that every person should have the opportunity to receive the care and support they need to overcome their addiction. If you have any concerns regarding the cost of a treatment program, please let us know. We will do everything that we can to work with you to come to our treatment facility.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

Unfortunately, many people overlook the critical role that a detox program can have on their overall recovery. If you initially speak to one of our recovery specialists and are still struggling with active addiction, we will always recommend that you first go through our detox program. A drug detox program will help you manage the withdrawal symptoms you are sure to feel within just a few hours of no longer consuming your drug of choice.

One of the dangers associated with detox is the fact that withdrawal symptoms are unpredictable. While you may feel as though you are trying to fight off a bad case of the flu, another person may feel extremely nauseous. Regardless of the symptoms that you experience, there is always a high likelihood that you may not be able to take care of yourself during this period which is one reason why it’s never advisable that you try to go through the detox process alone.

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

In most cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms will set it within a few hours of the last time you took your last drink. That is why we must work with you to set up a time for you to come to Legacy as soon as possible once you initially reach out to us. The premise of alcohol detox is very similar to that of drug detox. Most of our clients spend roughly a week in detox and allow their body to rid itself of the alcohol toxins. The height of the symptoms usually appears between the second or the third day. Once you are through the detox process, you can then truly commit to a treatment plan.

How Long Is Rehab?

Before you begin treatment, you must have a firm understanding of the duration options that you will have when you come to Legacy. As addiction experts, we realize that it will take much longer than a few days or even a few weeks. We offer treatment plans that can last 30, 60, or up to 90 days. The decision regarding the length of your treatment program is an important one which is one reason why we strongly recommend that you hold off on finalizing your decision until you can speak to a member of our team. The reason for this is that there are several factors that you may not necessarily see or consider while you are still adjusting to your newfound sobriety.

We also understand that once you are done with your initial treatment plan, you still may want to keep in touch with the Legacy team regarding your therapy or simply have the opportunity to connect with other alumni from Legacy that have completed their respective program. Our Addiction Aftercare program is the perfect way to do this. Enrolling in this program gives you the flexibility to continue working with our team as you adjust to being back home while receiving notifications about different alumni events that we schedule throughout the year. A member of our team can speak with you more about Addiction Aftercare at any time.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

In recent years, the fact that addiction is a disease has become more widely accepted in the insurance industry. Whereas people were forced to completely cover the cost of a treatment plan in the past, insurance carriers are now willing to cover most of, if not all, of the cost of many addiction recovery plans. Legacy Healing Center accepts various insurance carriers, which can significantly help reduce the financial burden associated with a recovery plan.

Keep in mind, however, that the terms of coverage are different for every insurance carrier. Many insurance companies will completely cover the cost associated with both detox and recovery, while many other carriers will only cover a recovery plan and not detox. Additionally, suppose you were recently in a different treatment facility. In that case, there is a possibility that you may need to wait a certain number of days before you can enroll in a Legacy treatment program.

If you are unsure of the terms of your coverage, let us know. Our team is always happy to review your policy with you to build your treatment plan.


Attractions Near Brookhaven

Without question, Brookhaven is one of the most scenic areas in Suffolk county. Understandably, you may feel excited and eager to return home to Brookhaven once you are done with your treatment at Legacy. We always caution our clients, however, to ease back into your at-home routine slowly. While you may want to take advantage of visiting the great attractions in and around the Brookhaven area, one of the first things that you will want to do before you make plans is to locate 12-step meetings throughout the area that you can attend regularly. Once you feel comfortable in your new routine, you can begin to make plans with friends or family members to see some of the great locations that Brookhaven has to offer.

Long Island Jet Ski Rentals

Brookhaven is near the beautiful Long Island waterfront. This is one of the reasons why many people in the area take advantage of Long Island Jet Ski Rentals. The claim to fame of this company is that they maintain some of the fastest jet skis in the area. The company maintains a five-mile radius, and renters will have roughly an hour to enjoy the jet skis. It’s recommended that you make a reservation ahead of time, any time between 9 AM and 7 PM throughout the week.

320 S Country Rd, Brookhaven, NY 11719

Brookhaven Free Library

Registering for a library card is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you get back home to Brookhaven. The Brookhaven Free Library can open a world of opportunities for you. Whether you are interested in reading fiction or non-fiction books or you would like to use a computer to do some research, this library has a wealth of resources that you can use throughout the week. To obtain a library card, all you will need to do is show that you are a Brookhaven resident. The card is free; however, you will need to renew your card periodically.

273 Beaver Dam Rd, Brookhaven, NY 11719

Shorefront Park

Are you planning on spending the day with a special little one, and you need a fun outdoor activity? Shorefront Park is an excellent place to visit. One of the other appealing features of this location is that some activities and events occur throughout the warm spring and summer months. Examples include a 4th of July firework display, carnivals, and different sporting games. You can also visit this park if you want to go for a quick jog or bike ride.

49 Smith St, Patchogue, NY 11772

Coffee Booths

Many people are constantly told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Coffee Booths provides you with an assortment of delicious food choices that will keep you fueled and focused for your day. Whether you are interested in grabbing some biscuits or you would like a large breakfast sandwich, this charming café has everything that you need to indulge in a delicious breakfast. Are you stopping in later in the day? No problem. Coffee Booths serves their patrons until 4 PM six days a week.

226 Middle Country Rd, Selden, NY 11784

Fire Island National Seashore

Located just a short drive outside of Brookhaven is Fire Island National Seashore. Tourists and locals heavily frequent this beautiful area throughout the summer due to its pristine beaches. There is also an assortment of hiking trails in the vicinity, as well as bird habitats. Whether you decide to relax and spend a day in the sun or you would like to explore the different wildlife features, this location is sure to provide you with a full day of family fun.

Ocean Beach, NY 11770

Congregational Church of Patchogue

During your treatment, you may feel like you would like to start focusing on your spiritual life. Remember that our team is always available to talk to you about these new feelings and emotions. When you get back home, you may want to consider visiting one of the area’s churches. The Congregational Church of Patchogue is an example of one of the historical churches in the area. The church dates back to the late 1700s and still holds regular services today.

95 E Main St, Patchogue, NY 11772

A recovery specialist from Legacy Healing Center is available today to help you take the first steps toward developing a treatment plan that will help you accomplish your sobriety goals. This initial phone call is 100% confidential, so we encourage you to take full advantage of asking any questions that you have to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident coming to Legacy Healing. When you are ready, please reach out to us today for more information.