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Not all rehabs that provide treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol offer the same level of care. Some rehabs may make extraordinary claims about the quality of their service, but are unable to follow through when it comes to properly treating a mild to severe addiction. If someone who is in need of potentially life-saving rehab treatment, it’s important to understand just what to look for when trying to decide on the best rehab for alcohol or drug addiction.

One sure way to determine if a rehab can provide quality healthcare for addiction is to find out if they have been accredited by the Joint Commission, which is a non-profit organization that accredits all of the various healthcare programs and rehab centers in the United States. Legacy Healing Center in South Florida has not only been accredited by the Joint Commission, but we have received the distinguished Gold Seal of Approval. The Gold Seal is a testament to our ability to provide the best evidence-based treatments for drug and alcohol addiction.

Another way to gain insight into a rehab’s ability to provide the best possible care for addiction is to examine the types of therapies and services they provide. The Principles of Effective Treatment have been established by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which outlines the processes and treatment approaches that are required to effectively help addicts overcome their addiction.

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Some of the most notable effective treatment principles include the use of medications as a means to treat the initial withdrawal symptoms and as a long-term treatment, providing a personalized treatment program, creating treatment programs that last long enough to be effective, participation in behavioral therapies (group, family, and individual formats), attending to multiple patient needs, providing medically-assisted detox programs, and the continual assessment of the patient’s progress throughout their treatment.

These principles are what guide our team of healthcare professionals at Legacy Healing Center. We have incorporated four important pillars in our treatment programs: evidence-based behavioral therapies to help motivate change and provide the coping skills needed to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse, a wellness program which includes personal fitness instructors and various holistic healing approaches, a recovery action plan that covers everything that a recovering person needs through their treatment process, and a personal sober coach to help our patients for their whole life.

All of these elements combine to make our rehab the best drug and alcohol treatment facility that one can get.

Drug Rehab for Boynton Beach Residents

A drug addiction is understood to be a mental disease that requires professional care to be able to effectively manage the symptoms and negative effects it can have on a person’s life. The process of treatment is complex because the disease of addiction is complex and it has no quick fix or cure. However, it can be managed effectively to allow a recovering addict to enjoy their life and be a helpful member of their community without the need to constantly abuse drugs. 

When a person needs help with an addiction to drugs such as prescription pain pills, meth, molly, cocaine, or other dangerous substances, they generally require help to overcome their withdrawal symptoms, improve their behavior and motivation for positive change, learn new coping skills to prevent future drug abuse, possible treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, and access to aftercare services that can help them to maintain this new drug-free way of life after rehab. 

In our rehab facility in South Florida, we address all of the patient’s needs, including their needs that are directly related to overcoming drug addiction, and other areas of their life that may need to improve after an addiction has ended, such as help with their career, their physical wellbeing, family dynamics, and reintegration into normal social settings. 

This whole-patient approach to treatment is what makes our rehab programs so effective at helping to not only break the addiction in the first place, but also to establish long lasting positive changes in an addict’s life. What makes our whole-patient treatment approach so effective is the clinical assessment that is conducted by our healthcare practitioners when an addict first starts with their rehab program.

Our detailed admission process helps our team to understand the exact needs that a client has, such as their health status, the severity and complexity of their addiction, possible mental disorders that are present with the addiction, their family dynamics, history of substance abuse, and other areas of their life that may have an impact on their abuse of drugs, or areas that may be affected by their drug addiction. By creating a personalized treatment program for each patient, our clients are able to reap the full benefits of clinical care for addiction.

Furthermore, we continually assess the progress that a patient has made in their recovery to ensure that the current methods of treatment align with their evolving needs in rehab.

Alcohol Rehab for Boynton Beach Residents

Alcohol addictions claim the lives of roughly 88,000 people in the United States annually. It is a substance that while accepted in society as a way to socialize and relax after a long day can also have severe negative effects on a person’s life if it is abused. When abuse of alcohol is frequent, then it can have drastic short- and long-term effects that tend to become worse over time as the addiction to the physically addictive substance intensifies. 

While an addiction to alcohol may lead to one’s death if left untreated, even stopping drinking can have fatal consequences. Alcohol addiction is something that requires professional care to beat because the drastic changes that take place physically after stopping can lead to severe withdrawal effects known as delirium tremens, which can lead to a medical emergency. 

Upon finding an accredited rehab facility that is suitable for alcohol addiction treatment, such as Legacy Healing Center, you can expect to start your program with a thorough assessment of your rehabilitation needs. With the information that our practitioners collect, they are able to formulate an ideal, personalized treatment plan that has all of the elements that a particular person may need to fully recover from an alcohol addiction. 

Alcohol rehab always begins with a medically-assisted detoxification. This is a crucial step because the effects that quitting alcohol has on the body can be severe, requiring around-the-clock medical care, which we can provide. Along with this attention to the wellbeing of the patient, we can provide medication that has been approved by the FDA in an effort to reduce and manage the symptoms of withdrawal. 

After a medically-assisted detox, we then put the focus of treatment on the areas that are responsible for their addiction, such as poor coping skills and behaviors that led them to abuse substances, the mental and physical wellbeing of the patient, community engagement, and the skills needed to prevent future substance abuse.

The types of clinical therapies that we often use include holistic therapy, process therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, psychodynamic therapy, family systems, solution-focused therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. These are among the best evidence-based methods of treating an addiction to alcohol to promote long-term sobriety. 

By the end of rehab, our clients are prepared to meet their responsibilities and possible adversities head on with the confidence needed to know that alcohol abuse is not what they want in their life anymore. To further promote their long-term abstinence, we encourage our clients to participate in the many fun and informative events in our alumni program, as well as to take part in alcohol support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Are you looking for a rehab center that is capable of providing you or a loved one with effective treatments for an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Legacy Healing Center’s Boynton Beach location is perhaps the best place to find the supportive, loving care coupled with evidence-based addiction treatments that are more than capable of helping an individual surmount the obstacles of addiction and reach a new, happy way of life. 

At our luxury rehab facility, people from the Boynton Beach or the Palm Beach County area can find an ideal therapeutic environment with structured daily treatment programs that address all of the issues surrounding an addiction in an effort to create significant positive change in the addict’s and their family’s life. 

Our rehab has programs that can accommodate people in all types of situations. We provide outpatient services to allow people from Palm Beach County to come to our facility only when they have scheduled treatments, allowing them to continue to see to the various responsibilities they may have while still having access to quality clinical care that we provide for substance use disorder.

Legacy Healing Center’s rehab also provides clients with residential rehab programs that delivers the most intensive form of addiction treatment there is. Our residential facilities are equipped with all the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and gives you access to many other services such as our on-site chef’s nutritional food and personal trainers among other things.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation at an accredited luxury rehab facility such as Legacy Healing Center can vary greatly based on several factors. The factors that can have an influence on the cost of rehab include the type of treatments that the rehab provides inpatient programs generally being more costly, the specific types of therapies that are part of a rehab program such as a medical detox and behavioral therapies, the amenities that the rehab has, where the rehab is situated, and how long the treatment program lasts for.

Addiction treatment must be personalized to truly be effective for each addict. As such, there is no general treatment method that one can count on receiving. Each person has different needs and those needs can alter the specific treatment methods that are used throughout their rehab program. One person may find that a 30-day outpatient program together with aftercare services is enough to beat their addiction while another person has more severe problems with substance abuse that may require months in a residential treatment program with aftercare services afterwards in order to fully recover. 

If you would like to get a better understanding of just how much rehab will cost you, then feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation with our team to allow us to give you a better estimate on what rehab might cost. Treatment will not commence until all of your payment options and costs of rehab are discussed with you in detail. 

How Does Drug Detox Work?

Drug dependence is a term used to describe a physical dependence to drugs. But what does a physical reliance on a substance mean exactly? If, for example, a person has become physically addicted to opioids, then when they don’t use the substance, their body struggles to cope because its systems have become reliant on the drug being present. The effects that many drugs have on the reward centers of the brain also reinforce this substance-abusing behavior regardless of the negative consequences that it has on their life. 

Drug dependence essentially causes a person to experience withdrawal symptoms when they make an attempt to stop using the drug. Symptoms vary depending on exactly what drug was abused, how much of it was abused, and how long the abuse carried on for. However, the symptoms are always very uncomfortable and can lead to drastic mood changes, insomnia, nausea, and intense cravings that are hard to ignore. 

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A drug detox is a way to professionally manage the withdrawal symptoms so that a favorable outcome can be achieved. A drug detox program is generally referred to as a medical detox. A favorable outcome in a medical detox is one where the patient safely recovers from their physical drug dependence, which is supported by the around-the-clock care we provide, and the uncomfortable symptoms are managed by using medications that can counteract specific or general symptoms that they experience, such as insomnia, anxiety, and cravings. 

The safe and comfortable recovery from a physical dependence to drugs is the main goal of a medical detox, which then opens the door to the core of the treatment program at rehab that tackles the problems that may have contributed to their substance abuse. 

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

It is crucial for someone with an alcohol dependence to seek medical care before stopping their drinking habit. This is important because if there is not medical supervision, then there is a risk that dangerous complications during detox may lead to potentially-deadly outcomes. 

Alcohol is a substance that affects one of the most abundant chemical messengers in the brain: GABA. Due to the increase in GABA production that is caused by drinking alcohol, especially in heavy amounts on a regular basis, the body produces high levels of glutamate, which is essentially the partner of GABA. GABA reduces neuron activity, creating a calming, depressant effect, which glutamate increases neuron activity. 

A person who is addicted to alcohol has high levels of glutamate being produced in their brain. When they attempt to suddenly upset this new chemical balance that the brain has created due to constant drinking, then they are left with high levels of glutamate, which can be dangerous. 

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is the end result of an alcohol dependence when the user tries to stop drinking. A medical detox, however, can help to tackle the often-dangerous AWS symptoms, assisting with the safe and comfortable detox from alcohol.

In our medical detox program for alcohol, the medications that we give our patients going through AWS are all FDA-approved and include both prescription medication and over-the-counter medication to alleviate the most severe symptoms of withdrawal. Some of the most common medications used include clorazepate, diazepam, oxazepam, and barbiturates. 

Around-the-clock medical care is also important because not only can symptoms such as delirium tremens be life-threatening, but prior medical conditions can cause further complications in the detox process.

How Long is Rehab?

Our rehab programs range from 30 to 90 days. This gives sufficient time for an addict to reap the full benefits that clinical, evidence-based treatments can give a person with a substance use disorder. These programs include both residential and outpatient options.

According to various research into the optimal treatment length, 90 days spent in rehab and aftercare services is generally seen to be the most optimal treatment length for most people with substance use disorder. 

After rehab, we provide our clients with aftercare programs that can help them to further their recovery as well as a sober coach that they will have access to for the rest of their life. Our goal is to not only help our patients overcome their immediate addiction problems, but also to reinforce the continual maintenance needed to be able to reach a long-term drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Most private health insurance plans have ample coverage for addiction treatment services that can benefit an individual suffering from the disease of addiction. Major providers of health insurance such as Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare will cover all or most of the costs you may incur through rehab treatment. 

However, it’s important not to assume that you are fully covered. Understanding exactly what your insurance plan covers with regards to substance abuse rehab is important. For example, you may have full coverage for outpatient rehab and medical detox program, but only partial cover for residential rehab. 

To find out the specifics of your health insurance plan, it is best to contact your provider and ask them about your coverage for rehab, such as the types of programs they provide cover for (inpatient or outpatient), how they decide what is covered, and your additional costs and copays. 

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If you would like assistance to discover your range of rehab coverage, then contact Legacy Healing Center to allow us to assist you in gathering the information needed.

Attractions Near Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County, FL, is an idyllic location to find the loving, clinical care that is required to fully beat an addiction. The area, including the greater Palm Beach County area, is a place where famous people such as Tami Haog, Howard Stern, and Tiger Woods have made their home. 

The beaches are perhaps the most popular attractions in the area with picturesque beaches such as Lake Worth Beach, Delray Municipal Beach, Oceanfront Pack Beach, and Seagate Beach among others. 

Reconnecting with nature can be done by visiting locations such as the Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands, Mangrove Park, Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, or the Seacrest Scrub Natural Area. 

Enjoy sober activities such as the restaurants that are a favorite among locals including Chris’ Taverna, Banana Boat Restaurant, Copenhagen Restaurant, and Mamma Mia. 

Alcohol or drug addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, especially those who are prone to addictions. You can get professional, accredited care for an addiction at Legacy Healing Center. Simply call us today at (888) 534-2295 to speak to our supporting and caring staff that are ready to help you or a loved one start the journey to a healthy and happy way of life.

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