How Long Does Rehab Near Near Boca Raton

What Types of Durations are There?

Have you been considering rehab and want to learn more about program lengths? Here at Legacy Healing Center, we offer various levels of care depending on the unique needs of the individual. Our levels of care are determined by an individual’s physical, psychological and social examination and assessment. Each level of care is deemed appropriate for that individual’s successful recovery from addiction.

Our levels of care are based on 30, 60, and 90-day inpatient treatment programs. As individuals advance through their treatment program, they are reassessed and their program is modified accordingly. Once an individual successfully completes their treatment program they can continue receiving care and support as an outpatient.

Our intensive outpatient treatment program supports the individual as he continues to make the transition back into society. This is a crucial time for the individual to slowly integrate toward independent living, and it can easily cause a relapse if the individual is not ready for the next step in his recovery.

Our outpatient treatment program provides the necessary checks and balances that a person needs to maintain their sobriety and cope with life’s situations in an effective, rational way without succumbing to substance abuse. Outpatients can also opt for our sober-living community housing where they can live in a positive environment that continues to support and prepare them to live a sober life once they are out on their own.

Outpatients continue to receive individual and group therapy, attend 12-step meetings, enjoy sober social activities and develop relationships with their peers. The curriculum includes a minimum of nine hours of clinical treatment per week, with a flexible schedule based on the responsibilities of the individual, such as parenting, work, school, etc.

Our professional staff is available day or night to assist and support every outpatient throughout their recovery journey. We provide a valuable support system that enhances the addiction recovery process and empowers individuals to succeed in living a sober and productive life.

Here at Legacy Healing Center we also provide a family program that is designed to heal and strengthen the family dynamic. This program gives attention to healing each family member that has been affected by a loved one’s addiction. The family receives educational instruction about addiction and training on how to support their loved one’s recovery without using enabling behaviors.

Issues that affect family members individually and the family as a whole are also discussed with solutions in mind. The family learns how to effectively work as a unit to the betterment of all, and as the primary support system for their recovering loved one.

Benefits of 30,60,90 Day Rehabs

Anyone seeking help in overcoming drug or alcohol addiction will find it in our 30, 60, or 90-day inpatient rehab treatment program. We provide evidence-based comprehensive care that is proven effective in reversing addiction.

Legacy Healing Center opioid rehab offers individuals a safe haven where they can focus on their recovery undisturbed by outside interference. We provide a variety of treatment options that can meet the unique needs and challenges of each individual, and prepare for a future life of sober living.

Our professional staff of doctors, nurses, and clinicians provide medical care, counseling, guidance, and education that is needed to motivate individuals to reach a successful recovery. We provide each individual with the continuous care, support and encouragement they need to get well.

Individuals who are in our 30-day rehab program will begin treatment with a medically supervised detox that removes offending substances from the body. Our medical team will monitor the individual 24/7 throughout the detox process to assure that he is kept stable and safe. Any withdrawal symptoms that the individual may experience will be treated with medications, and our team will keep him as comfortable as possible during and after the detox.

Once the detox procedure is completed, the individual will begin other treatment modalities to address his addiction and other issues.

We offer a variety of treatment modalities that include:

      • -Individual and group therapy
      • -Cognitive-behavioral therapy
      • -Medication-assisted therapy
      • -Dual-diagnosis therapy
      • -Psychodynamic therapy
      • -Family therapy
      • -Motivation enhancement therapy
      • -Relapse prevention
      • -Aftercare programs

Our 60 and 90-day rehab programs are an extension of the 30-day program that affords someone the extra time necessary to overcome obstacles and learn a new, effective way of thinking and behaving. Individual therapy helps to address deep-seated issues that affect how we view life and react to it. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, destructive thought and behavior patterns are brought to the forefront and replaced by positive, constructive ones that support sobriety.

Relapse prevention helps the person in recovery identify how they respond to triggers, cravings, temptations, stress, toxic people and situations. These situations often prompt the individual to use drugs or alcohol to help cope with their overwhelming feelings. This program teaches the individual how to cope safely and effectively by providing them with tools that will ease the tension and prevent a relapse back into addiction.

Medication-assisted therapy provides medications that give the individual a sense of normalcy while their body adjusts to the lack of drugs or alcohol, without giving them the high associated with those substances. It gives the individual a chance to proceed with treatment while their body re-balances itself.

What Happens After Rehab?

When the required rehab treatment program has been completed, the individual can attend outpatient services, or join an aftercare program. Aftercare programs are designed to help the individual remain focused on their recovery and avoid a relapse.

Some of the types of aftercare programs include:

      • -Sober living facility
      • -Individual or group counseling
      • -12-step program
      • -Support groups

Sober Friendly Attractions Located in Boca Raton

Staying active and engaged in your recovery after completing any treatment program is an important part of maintaining sobriety. For Boca Raton residents, there are many options when it comes to finding sober-friendly places to go and things to do. The long list of sober-friendly options in Boca Raton includes:

Let Legacy Healing Center be the place you take the first step towards a new life of recovery. Speak with one of our staff members today about which program length might be right for you.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

Avi S.

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